Keeping Your Furniture In Top Shape

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Keeping Your Furniture In Top Shape

Keeping Your Furniture In Top Shape

The sofa in the living room is a focal point when it comes to decor. Its size and position make it the imposing feature in the room, with its state reflecting on everything else. From the loveseats to the multi-seater sofas, you want to ensure that they are kept in good condition. This goes beyond just fluffing the pillows and carrying out the weekly vacuuming. A professional sofa cleaning is needed to maintain its vibrant colours and structural integrity. 

Even when the furniture doesn’t look particularly dirty, there could already be loads of grime buried within those cushions and in the upholstery fabric. In fact, by the time the sofa is covered in dark spots and is looking aged, the sofa cleaning will have been long overdue. Due to its absorbent material, it readily takes up substances from its surroundings. Sweat from the skin coming into contact with the upholstery spills from those snacks that are being enjoyed while lounged back on the sofa, all through to issues like urine stains for those with young kittens and puppies that are yet to get a good grasp of their potty training – over time, the build-up of gunk will make the sofa uncomfortable to use. 

Stains come off as eyesores, ruining the appeal of the sofas. They can be caused by anything from food smudges and drink spills, cosmetic products like that nail polish that dripped onto the sofa while hurriedly doing the nails in the morning, the kids spilling their milk or yoghurt onto the seat, inkblots for that pen in the trouser pocket that leaks its contents out, all through beer during parties and vomit when a household member is ill. With the stains, immediate action is recommended. Allowing the liquids to dwell on the sofa gives them time to be absorbed deeper into the material, making removing them later on difficult. You should use an absorbent cloth or paper towels to blot out as much of the liquid as possible – taking care not to rub it deeper into the fabric. Then use the stain removal product that is safe for the upholstery material to clean off the residue. 

Pollutants too are an issue. Take cigarette smoke and kitchen grease for instance. People smoking indoors leads to the particles being absorbed by the upholstery, and grease splatters that get airborne and settle on the furniture items, contributing to the discolouration of the upholstery and odours emanating from the material. 

The Balancing Act

When faced with heavy dirt build-ups and stubborn stains, powerful cleaning agents are needed to break them down. However, working with harsh cleaners will damage the upholstery material. This is one of the areas where things usually go wrong during the DIY sofa cleaning. Formulations like vinegar, lemon juice or ammonia-based solutions may be handy hacks that are used for other surfaces around the household, but when they are used on the upholstery, they can end up damaging it. All -purpose cleaners, that laundry detergent that’s known for being a tough stain remover – they aren’t automatically safe for use on sofas. One needs to work with products that have been formulated for the specific upholstery being dealt with. Microfibre sofas, wool, cotton, linen, silk, nylon, olefin, rayon and even leather sets – they each have their requirements. The label on the sofa will be a pointer to the kind of products that can be used on them. “W” shows that the furniture can be cleaned with water-based solutions, “S” shows that only solvent-based cleaners should be used, while with “WS” either of the water-based or solvent-based solutions can be used for the sofa cleaning, and with the “X” only dry cleaning is permitted. Taking on a DIY sofa cleaning job can be a frustrating experience – and you don’t have to. Simply call in our expert team to deal with the job for you. 

Turn To Our Qualified Crew For Your Sofa Cleaning Needs

Our sofa cleaning crew have the knowledge and expertise needed to apply the right solutions and processes when working on your furniture. The procedures used will match the particular upholstery type being worked on, breaking down the dirt and grime without putting its structure at risk. Our personnel are well versed with the wide array of upholsteries, from natural to synthetic fabric sofas. They have been trained on working on the different materials, and we also invest in their professional development to keep them up to date with the technological advances being made in the sofa cleaning industry. 

With us, it is eco-friendly sofa cleaning. After all, you want your furniture items worked on without putting the surrounding biodiversity at risk. We utilise sofa cleaning agents that pack a punch, delivering on their mandate without releasing toxic fumes into the indoor space. They have been proven to be safe for use around kids and pets, complete with the certification from independent third parties to prove it. 

We understand that situations are unique. From houses with small kids to those where pets are involved, cases where you need sofa cleaning in readiness for an event that is to be held at your premises, stubborn stains like when there are urine spots on the upholstery courtesy of cats or dogs with UTI problems – we handle them all. From clients in condos and apartments where the situation calls for portable sofa cleaning equipment, to houses where truck-mounted systems can be used, it all comes under consideration. Our services are flexible, including offering emergency sofa cleaning services since accidents can happen at any time. 

The quotations provided will depend on your particular situation, including the type and size of the sofa in question, your location and frequency with which you want to schedule the sofa cleaning services. Due to the high-powered nature of the machinery that is used, coupled with the skill level of our personnel that ensures that quality results are delivered fast, we are able to provide competitive rates that will enable you to get your furniture worked on without putting a strain on your residence’s maintenance budget. 

Keeping Your Furniture In Top Shape

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