When Did You Last Get Your Sofa Cleaned?

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When Did You Last Get Your Sofa Cleaned?

When Did You Last Get Your Sofa Cleaned?

During the normal household chores, different surfaces are worked on – from the countertops, to shelves and floors. However, the furniture often gets overlooked, yet it is heavily used. That luxurious sofa where you spend your evenings relaxing after work and napping on those lazy Sunday afternoons, the setting where you host friends and family that drop by for visits, all through the couch where steamy couples get at it during those raunchy moments – the furniture sees it all. Kids playing around on the cosy cushions, the pets sleeping on the sofa arms – it is bound to accumulate loads of dirt and grime. When was the last time that you had a thorough sofa cleaning carried out? 

Over the months of its usage, grime accumulates in the sofa’s cushions and upholstery. The particles range from food crumbs and allergens, to pollutants and VOCs. Add the occasional stains from drink spills to this, where the unsightly spots clash with the rest of the colours and patterns of the furniture. Given the sofa’s large and imposing size, it has a huge impact on the decor, where its state reflects on the rest of the surrounding space.

Residential Sofa Cleaning Services To Bring Back The Charm to your Home

You want to have a relaxing environment in your home, and to enjoy the vibrant décor that you desired when you purchased that furniture set. A deep sofa cleaning is needed for this to be achieved. Here, after a thorough vacuuming, processes like extraction cleaning are used where the gunk is flushed out of the cushions and upholstery, and high-powered suction then follows to remove the bulk of the moisture. The little that remains dries off in a few hours, so fast that you can resume using the furniture on the same day that it has been cleaned. 

Whether it is dirt spots that are defying your scrubbing techniques, stains that have set into the upholstery, or odours that are emanating from the cushions – we deal with them all. The sofa cleaning products that are used are eco-friendly, with no toxic fumes being generated in the process. Our skilled team works with formulations that are tough on the dirt and grime, but gentle on the sofa material being worked on. They break down those stubborn spots, and these are then washed out of the furniture with the rest of the particulate matter that is spread out with the fibres and padding. The rinsing and extraction that are carried out ensure that there is no residue that remains within the material, preventing issues of rapid resoiling. 

Why Businesses Need Professional Sofa Cleaning Services

Commercial establishments are not immune to the wear effects and health concerns that come from the dirt and grime accumulating in the furnishings. Here are ways in which they benefit from hiring quality sofa cleaning services:

  • Extend the life of the furniture

Without proper maintenance, the costs that will go into the repair and replacement of the damaged items will quickly rack up your business expenses. This takes a huge chunk out of your profit margins, which is not a path you want things to take. Protect the furnishings by scheduling regular sofa cleaning services, to keep the sets in your establishment in mint condition for longer. 

How many employees call in sick over the year? A dirty environment at the workplace – from the desktop surfaces, sink faucet handles in the breakroom, floors, microwave door handles, computer keyboards, the carpeting and refrigerator door handles, to the upholstered sofas and furnishings items – it will put the health of your staff at risk. The soiled sofas in particular trap dirt and debris and the upholstery itself provides a conducive habitat for pathogens. Allergens also exacerbate the situation. A spike in the number of sick days being taken by the employees in your office is a pointer to things being amiss in their working environment, and a thorough cleaning program needs to be put in place.

The employees are the engine that drives the business. Their health and wellness is directly tied to their productivity. A clean and well-maintained workspace encourages them to concentrate on their tasks and serve clients better, while a soiled workspace will have them counting down the minutes to the end of the business day. Your employees are also particularly perceptive about the level of care that you are placing in their environment. The soiled furnishings will be a morale killer, while investing in quality sofa cleaning services will motivate your staff by showing that you are invested in their wellbeing. 

When customers are accessing your facility to purchase your products and services, what kind of setting greets them? Does the state of the business premises inspire confidence, or will it have them doubting your claim to professionalism? Impressing your clients is a make-or-break factor when it comes to winning them over. According to Forbes, it will only take 7 seconds for clients walking into the premises to form an impression, whether positive or negative. From the moment they step into the office lobby, they will glance around, taking everything in – from the walls and carpets, to the furniture that is set out of them to sit on. You have already invested in getting elegant furnishing items that will give you a professional image. Next is ensuring that the units are well maintained, with services such as sofa cleaning that keep those sets in pristine condition.

We have structured out sofa cleaning services to minimise disruptions in your business premises. With fast cleaning systems that cut down the amount of time spent, to drying machinery that suctions out the moisture from the upholstered furniture to speed up the drying process, it ensures that the sofas receive a thorough clean while reducing the downtime. We also put in place the required safety measures to protect the employees and customers in the premises while the cleaning task is being done. Get in touch with us today to book your commercial sofa cleaning session, protecting your furnishings and restoring the elegance to your workspace.

When Did You Last Get Your Sofa Cleaned?

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