Oriental Rug Cleaning Needed?

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Oriental Rug Cleaning Needed?

Oriental Rug Cleaning Needed?

Oriental rugs are one of the most special kind of rugs there is and because of that, they need special care. If you happen to have such a valuable piece of flooring, you may want to consider professional cleaning, for it, because a regular vacuuming is not enough for this special carpet. Oriental Rug Cleaning Needed?

The intricate fabric need special cleaning techniques that are not mandatory for every rug cleaning company.  Therefore, you may have to search a bit before you find the company that has the knowledge.

But do not despair, there are plenty of companies out there that do it, even if they seem a bit harder to find. Also, a reason this is not common, is that Oriental rug cleaning requires a special certificate, so any cleaning certificate does not include Oriental carpet cleaning. Oriental Rug Cleaning Needed?

Mostly, this kind of carpets is made out of natural fibers, especially goat or camel hair, therefore, the cleaning products are not the same as in the regular rug cleaning techniques. Oriental Rug Cleaning Needed?

The woven fiber also need special attention, since brushing the carpets is out of the question.

Gentle movements, or no movement at all is necessary, as well as a low temperature and a very sensitive cleaning products.

Since this kind of detergents are less found on the open market, you have little to no chance of getting such a valuable carpet cleaned, at home. Also, you need to know the technique. My advice to you is to get it cleaned at a professional cleaner’s. You can find one here. Oriental Rug Cleaning Needed?

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Oriental Rug Cleaning

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