Rug Cleaning Services In Dublin

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Rug Cleaning Services In Dublin

Rug Cleaning Services In Dublin

I believe we all had awful experiences with stains, be they on the table cloth, on the carpet, on our clothes, stains are never funny.

Today I thought I should give you some advice on rug cleaning, especially stains, but the result must be a clean rug, so dirty rugs count too. Rug Cleaning Services In Dublin

For example, any cotton mix fabric rug will be our perfect candidate, leaving silky, Egyptian, Persian carpets only for the certificated specialists since I strongly advise you not to try and clean that kind of rugs. Rug Cleaning Services In Dublin

Starting with the over popular red wine stain, you should know that quickly applying white wine over the stain and then cleaning it with cold water makes the stain go away. You can also try some ammonium, but this substance is better for other kinds of stains such as oil, grease, butter. Rug Cleaning Services In Dublin

So, whenever in this kinds of situations remember white wine or ammonium.  Also, a dirty, rugged… rug, can be cleaned gently with the help of a vacuum. After that all you need to do is brush gently over the surface, after you dipped the brush in a solution made of hair conditioner and water. This trick will make your carpets fluffy again – of course that means it also need to be fluffy to begin with. Rug Cleaning Services In Dublin

Rug cleaning isn’t all the hard, you just need the right products. Some that have too much chemical substance will most likely damage the fabric, while the ones with too little, will not clean it properly. So the only solution to this is either use homemade detergent with a little hair conditioner, some lemon juice and a bit of ammonium, either ask a sales advisor about the chemical level of the products you want to buy. You will see is not that hard. For more tips and tricks, click here.


Rug Cleaning Dublin

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