Pitfalls Of Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Machine

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Pitfalls Of Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Machine

Pitfalls Of Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Machine


DIY projects are increasingly popular nowadays, what with all the numerous tutorials and blog posts with dozens of tips, plus the cost savings and thrill of accomplishing projects on your own. They may be popular in other spheres of life, but when it comes to carpet cleaning, it is ill advised. There are plenty of reasons why carpet manufacturers insist on the buyer hiring professional services for the job. In fact, they tie it to the warranty of the purchase, in order to emphasise the importance. With the complexity of the task, and numerous factors such as the carpet material and risks to its structure when improper measures are put in place, it’s an involving juggling act that puts your investment at risk. Here, we’ll focus on the equipment itself, and the disadvantages of hiring carpet cleaning machinery for the DIY job. Pitfalls Of Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Machine


  • The quality of the equipment – Pitfalls Of Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Machine


“A farmer is as good as his tools”. That logic applies across the scope. When it comes to carpet cleaning, the equipment used by the professional companies, and that which is available for rent from dealerships, is leagues apart. For starters, in order to increase portability of the machinery, the size of its component parts are reduced. Aspects such as motors come with lower power ratings, which has a direct impact on the functionality desired. For the rental machinery, emphasis is on ease of use. Hauling around heavy gear can take a toll on the DIYer, and not to mention getting it to fit in the trunk of the family vehicle in the first place to transport it home. The smaller sizes may be easy to move around the house as you clean the carpet, but with the reduced efficiency, you’ll be doing it for longer. The professional crew, using industrial grade machinery, can achieve high quality results in a fraction of the time that it would take one on a DIY project. You end up spending hours sweating through the task, and barely achieving that deep clean you desire. Without the soiling that’s buried within the fibres of the carpets being removed, it doesn’t get truly clean, which means you’ll end up repeating the process sooner than you had anticipated. From the scrubbing to the vacuuming, the quality of the process is affected. For instance, since the vacuums have less suction power, the gunk is not sufficiently extracted from the carpet, and residue of the detergents and shampoos used is also left behind. These are a dirt magnet, increasing the rate of resoiling. High powered suction is also needed to remove the bulk of the moisture content and cut down the drying time, otherwise the carpet will be left too wet. Longer drying times result in more inconvenience to the persons in the premises, and bring forth the risk of mould and mildew growing. All this is assuming that the equipment actually works according to its specs. What of the cases where it is malfunctioning? This is as a result for poor maintenance by the dealers themselves, or the person who had rented it before you damaged some component parts. This leads to issues like improper delivery of the cleaning agents into the carpet, breakdown during the cleaning, vacuuming power is hampered, and even risks to the carpet itself. All this piles onto you as the DIYer, increasing the frustrations of the process. Pitfalls Of Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Machine


  • High costs and liabilities – Pitfalls Of Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Machine

The goal of the DIY job is to cut on costs, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be extra prices cropping up. Accessories, detergents and other cleaning materials also factor into the price, shoring up the costs that will be spent. This is in addition to the damage deposit. In case of actual damage to the equipment, you will have to incur the charges of repairing the machinery, or replacing component parts. Professional companies use well maintained equipment, hence the chances of damage occurring are low. Moreover, their machinery is insured, meaning that you are protected in case of any eventuality. Going the DIY route and hiring your own equipment means that you don’t have any cover, and any liabilities will have to be met within your budget. That’s to the equipment itself- what of your carpet? Poorly maintained machinery, or using the wrong cleaning approach, will result in issue such as tears, the carpet ripping from its backing, shrinkage, all through to colour bleeding. You want to get the dirt and grime off your carpet, not have watch your investment getting ruined. Why go through all this when you can have the issues taken care of by the professional carpet cleaning crew?


  • Lengthy ground work – Pitfalls Of Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Machine


When hiring carpet cleaning machines, the onus is upon you to determine the equipment that is suitable for your particular type of carpet. You want to be able to acquire machinery that will take care of the dirt and stain problems without damaging the underlying material. This also spans to the detergents and chemical reagents that are to be used. Just because a certain solution works wonders when getting rid of the stains on the countertops and floors in the building doesn’t mean that it will be able to do the same on the fibres of the carpet. From the natural to the synthetic material, they all have their specific cleaning requirements. You don’t want to use scrubbing gear that is too abrasive that it wears down the fibres of your carpet, or chemicals that corrode and discolour it. Hence, plenty of research will need to be carried out, which increases the amount of time needed for the cleaning. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. You also have to find the rental stores that have the equipment that you need, in its proper condition. Next, you’ll need to wait in line until the carpet cleaning machine is available for hire, further stretching out the project. Pitfalls Of Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Machine


  • Skills needed – Pitfalls Of Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Machine


When you finally get the equipment, using it is a whole different issue. The cleaning is not just about taking the scrubbing and vacuuming machinery, pointing it at the carpet and watching it suck away the grime. Proper measures need to be put in place, from the temperatures which the water will be heated to for the hot water extractions systems, the pressures with which the solutions will be propelled into the carpet, all through to scrubbing of the carpet to agitate the cleaning agents. Using excessive ratings may end up damaging the carpet, and on the other hand insufficient force means that there will be dirt and grime left in the material. Avoid the risks and frustrations involved by calling in the carpet cleaning professionals. Pitfalls Of Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Machine


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