Preparing For Professional Carpet Cleaning

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Preparing For Professional Carpet Cleaning

Preparing For Professional Carpet Cleaning

First thing’s first- congratulations for making the wise decision to turn to professional carpet cleaning services. You’ll get a thorough and deep clean, with the heavy soiling, stubborn stains, annoying odours all being eliminated from the carpet. All this done in minimal time, without compromising on the quality of the results, or putting the structural integrity of the carpet at risk. You also get to save yourself from the frustrations you’d have experienced had you taken the project all up by yourself. With the industrial grade equipment that will be used, plus the high skill level and broad experience that the professional crew come with, you can rest assured that your investment is in safe hands. They will arrive at your residential or commercial establishment on schedule, with the resources they need to hit the ground running. How do you ensure that things are ready for the cleaning to get started without complications? Which steps do you take on your part to ensure a seamless process is carried out? Here is a look at what to do before the carpet cleaners arrive. 


How To Prepare To Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned


  • Secure parking space


The carpet cleaning crew come with truck mounted systems. They will need to park as close as possible to the building’s entry point to run components like cables and hoses for the cleaning machinery whilst connected to the vehicle. Ensure that your family or company car is not in the way. Parking on your driveway also keeps the hoses and the rest of the equipment on your property, instead of the sidewalks or on your neighbour’s yard. Preparing For Professional Carpet Cleaning


  • Clear out the floor


Anything that shouldn’t be on the carpet should be moved out of the area. Waste baskets, books, your children’s toys, floor lamps, shoes left strewn all over, all through to clothing and other items that are dropped on the carpet should be got out of the way. Items like drapes and bed spreads, should be lifted and secured, that way they won’t keep getting in the way of the carpet cleaning equipment. Decluttering is also importance to prevent accidents. With the long and heavy hoses and cords that will be used, items such as boots left lying around can be a tripping hazard. Preparing For Professional Carpet Cleaning


  • Pet control


You don’t want your furry friend wreaking havoc during the cleaning process. The wet fibres will readily absorb the soiling that they truck in under their paws, plus the fur and dander they shed. Pets like dogs may also view the cleaners as intruders, and attack them. The loud noise from the carpet cleaning machinery can disturb the cats, dogs and birds, sending them on fight-or-flight mode. This can result in a messy affair, with all the sharp claws and talons involved. For safety of the crew, and to ensure that the integrity of the process is not affected, you should make proper arrangements for your pets before the cleaners arrive. Preparing For Professional Carpet Cleaning


  • Shift fragile and valuable items


Anything that’s fragile or can easily break should be removed from the cleaning area, and transferred to a location that’s safe and without lots of commotion. From your fine china, collectibles, all through to the porcelain knick-knacks, you want to alleviate any risk of damage. Jewellery and portable electronics shouldn’t be left out in the open. This is for your peace of mind. As an additional measure, professional carpet cleaners are taken through thorough screening and background checks, to ensure that only trusted and honest personnel are sent to your premises. Preparing For Professional Carpet Cleaning


  • Move furniture, if needed


It costs less and you get the results delivered faster when the carpet cleaners work on the room while it’s empty. Clearing out light pieces like dining chairs, ottomans, plant stands, and small tables will speed up the process. Remember that the furniture shouldn’t be returned onto the carpet until it is fully dry. Issues like dyes on the wood legs can cause staining on the damp fibres. Preparing For Professional Carpet Cleaning


  • Clean the baseboards of your HVAC registers


While it doesn’t have a direct impact of on the carpet cleaning task, getting rid of the dust that’s settled on the baseboards of your HVAC registers is vital. This is because it will prevent the dirt and debris from winding up on the carpet just after it has been cleaned. You don’t want your investment in quality cleaning services being followed by rapid resoiling. Preparing For Professional Carpet Cleaning


  • Wall protection


With the hoses being pulled through the building, there will be friction on the baseboards and corners. Unsightly black marks may end up developing as the cords and hoses rub against these sections, like at the base of stairways. You can protect them by applying painters tape. It does not leave marks, or damage the wall, and it is also easy to apply and remove. Preparing For Professional Carpet Cleaning


  • Vacuum, if necessary


Removing the loose particulate and dust from the carpet before the cleaning will enable the technicians to focus on the heavy soiling buried deep in the carpet. This isn’t necessary however, as the carpet cleaners will carry out their own vacuuming at the start of the process. However, it will save on time. Preparing For Professional Carpet Cleaning


  • Voice your concerns


Once the carpet cleaning crew arrive, point out issues that you are concerned about. High traffic areas that need more attention, spots and stains plus what caused them, and other aspects will help in ensure that they are properly addressed during the cleaning process. Specifically, in case you have a pet and there are urine stains on the carpet, notify the cleaners beforehand, as these spots require specialised systems and products to be applied. Even issues like previous cleaning treatment that had been used on the carpet, some history on the chemicals that may have ended up on sections of the material and affected the fibres, should be brought to light. Don’t shy away from pointing out anything that may seem relevant to the carpet cleaning and maintenance process. Preparing For Professional Carpet Cleaning


Finally, it’s highly recommended that you give the carpet cleaners space to do their work. Planning an activity for your family that will keep the children and pets occupied and entertained will keep them out of the way. Enquire how long the process will take, that way you won’t return too early and disrupt the cleaning, or too late and keep the cleaners waiting long after they are through. You can always drop by during the course of the cleaning to check up on how things are progressing. Preparing For Professional Carpet Cleaning


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