Why Replace Your Carpet When You Can Breathe New Life Into It?

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Why Replace Your Carpet When You Can Breathe New Life Into It?

Why Replace Your Carpet When You Can Breathe New Life Into It?


Carpets are an expensive investment. With the beauty and appeal they add to the interior space, every penny is worth it. They accentuate the establishment, which is why numerous hours go into poring over the different carpet choices, ensuring that the selection matches with the choices, and blends with the décor. Remember the pride and satisfaction that came when you surveyed the new space after the installation? It was time and money well spent. However, over time, the appeal begins to fade. As the carpet comes under the daily abuse of foot traffic, dirt building up, stains and smudges that cause unsightly patches, all through to odours that begin emanating from it, it can be frustrating. Mud is tracked into the building, coffee is spilled, grease dripped, and those with pets find themselves dealing with the occasional urine stains. The organic matter that has piled up in the fibres, from food crumbs to faecal residue left behind by the insects that come to feed on them, enables odour-causing bacteria to flourish. The carpet begins to look dull and forlorn, dragging down the décor. However, this is not a permanent sentence. You don’t have to start worrying about tossing out the carpet and spending loads of capital and time searching for a replacement. All that’s needed is professional carpet cleaning and maintenance services to bringing back the lost glamour. Why Replace Your Carpet When You Can Breathe New Life Into It?


Quality Care And Maintenance Systems To Revive Your Carpet


The professional crew give your carpet a thorough clean, getting rid of the matter trapped in your carpet. Dust, pet fur and dander, indoor pollutants from air systems and smoking, to everyday soiling and allergens, the hot water extraction systems reach deep into the carpet, flushing them out and eliminating of them. Highly effective machinery is used for the process, delivering the power, temperatures and pressures needed to ensure quality results are obtained. Truck mounted systems ensure that the processes are carried out at optimum efficiency. Tough acting cleaning agents are incorporated into the process. They dissolve the soiling, emulsify grease residue, and loosen the grime from the fibres, further increasing the efficacy of the process. Agitation by tools like wands gets the cleaning agents deeper into the carpet, and a couple of minutes of dwell time is allowed for them to break down the dirt. The heated water is then injected into the carpet, propelled under high pressure to bring the gunk to the surface, from where it is extracted using powerful vacuums. Why Replace Your Carpet When You Can Breathe New Life Into It?


By getting rid of the soiling, you get to protect the carpet’s fibres from the wear and tear caused by the abrasion effects of foot traffic. When the particles are grinded against the carpet, they cause the fibres to lose their strength, reducing its life. The deep cleaning fixes the problem at its source, thus you get to have a more durable and vibrant carpet. Those odours that are pervading the interior space are also neutralised. You can further opt for fragranced products to be used, which will leave behind an invigorating scent. Since the source of the odours- the decaying grime- will have been removed by the hot water extraction process, you won’t have to worry about them returning and wreaking havoc. Has your house or business premises began to resemble a minefield, with the numerous patches of stains strewn all over? Do you find yourself being forced to keep rearranging furniture and rugs to hide the stubborn dirt spots? Are their spills that have seeped deep into the carpet? Don’t fret. With a highly skilled team and state-of-the-art equipment, all sections are worked on, from the highly traffic areas that have developed lanes, stains that have seeped through deep into the carpet, stairways, and even getting rid of urine stains. Why Replace Your Carpet When You Can Breathe New Life Into It?


Value Of Using Professional Carpet Cleaning Services


  • Enhance the aesthetic appeal You no longer need to endure a stained and grubby carpet, get embarrassing questions when guests come over to visit you in your home, or watch customers in your business premises turning away due to the condition of the carpet. The thorough residential and commercial carpet cleaning services restore the vibrance to your installation, making the colours and design patterns of the carpet stand out. The products and systems used ensure that you will see, feel and even smell the difference in the newly cleaned carpet. The improved state of the carpet enhances your quality of life. You get to focus better on your tasks without being distracted by stains and odours, host guests with confidence, and get to shake off those nagging thoughts to replace your carpet. For business owners, you get to give your customers a positive image about your enterprise, which goes a long way in increasing their trust in your brand. Even your employees will have their morale increased when they see the level of care you’re putting in their working conditions, further increasing the productivity in your business.


  • Fast drying Moisture is a problem for the carpet. It encourages mould and mildew to grow, which results in staining. Some species literally feed on the carpet material, further breaking it down the fibres and reducing their strength. In addition to carrying out a thorough clean, the personnel also ensure that the carpet dries properly. This is by using high powered vacuum systems for the extraction, that take away the bulk of the moisture after rinsing. The carpet is left slightly damp to the touch, and will dry completely in 1-3 hours depending on the prevailing temperature and humidity conditions. This prevents the mould and mildew from getting an opportunity to grow, thus protecting your carpet. Why Replace Your Carpet When You Can Breathe New Life Into It?


  • Cost savings With all this, you get to avoid the financial burden and time constraints that come with installing a new carpet. What’s more, the carpet cleaning services are affordably priced, with the costs accounting for factors such as the size and type of the carpet. That way you get to carry out your buildings maintenance budget without straining your budget. The carpet is additionally treated with specialised products to increase stain resistance and even reduce the build up of static charges, further protecting it from dirt and grime, and prolonging its life. Why Replace Your Carpet When You Can Breathe New Life Into It?

Why Replace Your Carpet When You Can Breathe New Life Into It?

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