Reasons To Have Your Sofa Cleaned After The Holidays

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Reasons To Have Your Sofa Cleaned After The Holidays

Reasons To Have Your Sofa Cleaned After The Holidays

With the holidays coming to a close and families gearing up for the new season of school and work, how are the conditions of your home? With all the glam of the festivities, the upholstery and carpets bear the brunt of dirt and grime. That favourite sofa that everyone in the household uses at one point or another, the spills from those beverages and snacks that were being enjoyed by the family members and guests who had come over – they all lead to messes that need to be got rid of. All those people and pets in the household lead to higher rates of grime build-up over the holidays, all of which poses a risk to your furnishings, and your comfort going forward. Sure, it was all merry making and memorable – but now you want the premises restored to a clean and sane space that can allow you to focus on your goals of the year. Giving the sofas a thorough wash can be a daunting task. Fortunately, you can outsource it to a professional crew. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider this: 

Get rid of stains

Those unsightly spots on the furniture ruin its appeal, and definitely you don’t want them remaining on your sets. After those busy days at work that are to come, you don’t want to be getting home in the evening and finding your elegant sofa riddled with stains that it acquired over the holidays. This will be a constant reminder of chores that are pending, and a distraction whenever you want to focus on your activities. Those stains are also a nuisance whenever you’re hosting guests. Imagine having to explain to your friends and family that those screaming stains that they see on the furniture were the result of a drinking game that was held over a month ago? They create awkward situations, especially when the guests you have over ask you whether the stains that are on the upholstery will transfer onto their clothes. Turning to the professionals who are well versed with the different kinds of stains and upholsteries, and the most appropriate methods to remove them, will ensure that the issue is resolved. The techniques used will vary, based on the upholstery being worked on, and the particular type of stain, from those wine and juice spots, cases of coffee and tea that spilled onto the couch, all through to the pet stains for those with cats and dogs that may have messed up the furniture. 

Eliminate lingering odours

From the decaying organic residue that creates musky odours, the sweat and body oils that were rubbed onto the upholstery contributing to that unpleasant smell, to issues like pet urine accidents that resulted in pungent stenches that reek up the place – they all need to be got rid of. A deep cleaning that moves the source of the foul smells, to odour neutralisers that make them inert at a molecular level, will restore the indoor air quality to the space. You can choose to have fragranced products being used, in which case a pleasant scent will be left on the upholstery, further accentuating the interior decor. 

Alleviating allergens

Watery eyes, runny noses or itchy skin whenever you use the furniture is a pointer to there being allergens within the unit. This is from dust, pet fur and dander, pollen, dust mite faecal residue, and body waste from insects and other pests that come to feed on the crumbs of food that are strewn all over the furnishings. They take away the comfort of you and your family members, preventing you from sitting back and relaxing on that cosy sofa. You also don’t want your guests complaining of the sniffles due to the allergens that that are within the upholstery. Running the vacuum repeatedly on the furniture – while important, will not get rid of all the grime, especially the ground-in allergens within the unit. A deep clean will flush out the substances from the couch, allowing you to breathe easier whenever you kick back and relax on that elegant set. 

More than sofas

A sofa cleaning company that’s well-resourced does more than just stick to the dining chairs, loveseats, armchairs, and multi-seater sets. In addition to working on the upholstery, they also handle carpet cleaning tasks, with larger companies having the capacity to provide a top-to-bottom clean of the entire house, including appliances like the oven. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all that greasy residue that remained in the oven after those baked meals over the festivities removed? Engaging with a professional cleaning company with a variant of services under its banner gives you more room to add to items to the cleaning package, and get it all done in one go, enabling you to revitalise the entire premises. All this will depend on your particular needs and budget, which will dictate just how many areas you want covered during the cleaning sessions. 

Hire Our Team For That After-Holiday Sofa Cleaning

With us, you get a reliable contractor to handle your sofa cleaning needs. We use our own in-house team, and they have been thoroughly trained on the different aspects of the job, and come with years of experience under their belt. What’s more, we invest heavily in their professional development in order to keep them abreast with the latest advancements in sofa cleaning technologies, that way they can apply the most appropriate products and systems for your particular situation. We put in place safety measures to protect your sofa and household members while the cleaning is being carried out, also incorporate powerful drying systems into the process, which ensure that the bulk of the moisture is extracted from the upholstery. This cuts down the sofa’s drying time to under 3 hours, meaning that you can get your units worked on and resume using them within the day. Give us a call and book your appointment today.

Reasons To Have Your Sofa Cleaned After The Holidays

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