Keeping Upholstery Looking New

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Keeping Upholstery Looking New

Keeping Upholstery Looking New

With its large size, the sofa will be the centre of attention in the room that it is placed in. As such, its condition – whether good or bad, will impact the rest of the surrounding space. This even factors in when it comes to hosting guests in your home. How does the state of your living room reflect on your personality? You don’t want your friends and relatives being turned off by a soiled sofa, or feeling uncomfortable because of the odours that are emanating from it. From that brunch that you’ve been looking forward to, a party that you’ve organised for your kids, or even date night with your significant other – these will be affected by the condition on the sofa. 

Health Impact Of A Soiled Sofa

When your loved ones are using a dirty sofa, it exposes them to a wide range of health risks. The immediate concern will be the allergens that are in the upholstery. These particles, from pollen, dust, pet fur and dander, all through to the faecal pellets left behind by dust mites, will trigger reactions once inhaled. These will resemble flu symptoms, and those with conditions like asthma are at a greater risk. 

Pathogens too can be residing in the sofa. For starters, when a person is ill, they will be more likely to spend time on the cosy sofa to rest and recuperate. All that coughing and sneezing while on the sofa will inevitably lead to viral loads being deposited onto the upholstery. Then there are those germs that are feeding on the decaying organic residue, and those that are brought over by insects and pests coming to feed on the food crumbs that are in the furnishings. These need to get rid of to protect the persons on the premises from infections spreading. For those with pets, there is also the likelihood of the furry little guys bringing in pests like fleas and mites from the outdoors and starting an all-out infestation in your home. A deep sofa cleaning that flushes out these pests from the future is key. 

How You Stand To Benefit From The Sofa Cleaning Specialists


  • Safe cleaning methods


You can’t just slosh a detergent on the sofa and start scrubbing away. Different factors have to be considered. What is the material of the upholstery? What kind of stain is being worked on? Will the solution break down the stain without corroding the fabric? One of the common mistakes that DIYers and rookies make during sofa cleaning is working with incompatible formulations. Just because a particular chemical was effective when removing the coffee and tea stains on your carpet doesn’t mean that it can be used for the same type of stain on your furniture. Even water itself – commonly called the “universal cleaning solvent” because of its wide applications, is not always suitable when cleaning the furniture. For instance, with leather upholsteries, it causes stains to spread further in the material, and even contributes to the breaking down of the bonds of the oils that the leather has been treated with. Ensuring that the right products are used is key – and the professionals have the training and skills needed to work on the wide range of sofas. This, coupled with an expertise that has been developed over years of offering the residential and commercial sofa cleaning services, puts them in a better position to handle the task compared to an individual who has simply read a couple of blogs and watched a video tutorial. What’s more, the pros put in place safety measures to protect the family members while the task is being carried out, and also use extraction systems that remove the bulk of the moisture from the sofa, enabling it to dry completely in as little as three hours. 


  • For the looks


Professional sofa cleaning services enable you to ensure that the furniture retains an elegant aesthetic appeal. Those stains that are riddling the upholstery, the dirt spots that are making it look old and forlorn – these are all got rid of, bringing back that fresh and vibrant look. Additional treatment methods, such as applying moisturising formulations on the leather sofas to make them more soft and supple, aid in enhancing the final result. This has a positive effect on the ambience and your mental health. After all, you will now stop dreading to have guests over. In fact, you will look forward to the visits, given that your friends and family dropping by will be comfortable in your home, even making you compliments about the way it has been properly maintained. Outsourcing the task to the professional sofa cleaning contractors also means that you will avoid burdening yourself with the taxing chore, and get quality results at the end of the process. 



Just as with every other item in your possession, the better your care for it, the longer it will last. By scheduling a regular sofa cleaning session, you get to ward off the effects that came with the abrasive soiling, which is responsible for the wearing down the material. Those stains that ruin the upholstery, making it unsightly to a point that you contemplate replacing the entire set are got rid of. You also get to avoid having to make costly repairs. You’ll be in a position to make more pleasant memories on that sofa – which is one of the reasons why people have difficulty in giving way the sets of furniture that have been with them for years. A well taken care of sofa that has seen the family use it for decades, kids being raised on, laughter and tears, the reunions, parties and brunches, to those intimate nights with your significant other – that sofa carries sentimental value. Enable it to remain elegant for years by ensuring that the deep cleaning is carried out routinely. What’s more, should you decide to sell it later on in life, like through a yard sale, you will get more money from it than you would have it been in a dull and deteriorated state. 

Keeping Upholstery Looking New

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