Regular Mattress Care For More Comfortable Nights

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Regular Mattress Care For More Comfortable Nights

Regular Mattress Care For More Comfortable Nights

A clean indoor environment is crucial for healthy living, and this is especially critical in the bedroom where you spend nearly a third of each day. The quality of sleep you get will have a direct impact on your daily activities. Do you get restful nights that make you energetic for the new day, or do you keep tossing and turning on an uncomfortable mattress which makes you grumpy the following day? Do you easily drift off into slumber or are those initial hours you spend in bed consumed by allergies and itching? The differences can be attributed to the state of the bedding and the mattress itself. Let’s delve into why it is important for you to schedule routine mattress cleaning services.

Improving air quality

A soiled mattress is one of the leading contributors to pollutants in the bedroom. With all the dust that accumulates in it over time – from the particles settling on the bed to dead skin and the faecal residue of the dust mites feeding on it, to the decaying organic matter that produces musky odours, as well as the sweat and body oils that are on the unit – they all make the bed uncomfortable to use. After all, no one looks forward to going to bed only to be greeted by foul odours. In situations where there are urine using accidents on the bed, such as for the little kids who pee in their sleep, the resultant stench will be so pungent that it pervades the entire room. A deep mattress cleaning should focus on removing these agents that are riddling the unit, as well as incorporating odour neutralisers to deal directly with the stenches themselves. That way, you’re left with a fresh and vibrant mattress that will be pleasant to use.

Sleep without the sniffles and itching

Allergic reactions and a dirt mattress go hand in hand. It’s difficult to get a decent night’s rest when you’re constantly reaching for a tissue to blow your nose, or feeling tiny bugs crawling all over your skin. Watery eyes, nasal congestion, pimples and itchy skin – there are different reactions that can be had depending on the kinds of allergens and bugs that are calling your mattress their home. Call in the professionals to give your mattress a thorough wash, flushing out these allergens, allowing you to have a healthier and cosy mattress.

Professional mattress cleaning services enhance your mental health in multiple ways. For starters, with better sleep, your quality of life receives a boost. You want to wake up relaxed, not feeling like you’ve been in a marathon all night. There’s also the peace of mind that comes with having the mattress cleaning being handled by a team that is trained for the task, as opposed to navigating the hurdles that come with a DIY job. Researching and sourcing for the appropriate cleaning agents to use all through to operating the machinery needed for the job brings plenty of room for error, and it’s common for DIYers to end up ruining the mattress. From soaking the mattress in too much solution, using harsh chemicals especially when you’re dealing with stubborn stains which ends up damaging the mattress material, all through leaving residue behind in the mattress or failing to sufficiently extract moisture from the unit thus causing it to take days to dry – these are not outcomes want from the mattress cleaning. The inconvenience caused by the mattresses remaining unusable for longer than had been planned, risks of mould and mildew growing and infesting the mattress, colour bleeding, or a deteriorated memory foam or padding are not issues that you want to find yourself facing. Leaving the mattress cleaning to the pros enables you to avoid it all, and still end up with quality results.

Give your mattress a longer life

Just like any other furnishing item in the household, its longevity is tied to how well it is taken care of. The dirt that is getting grinded against the material each night that the mattress is used, the stains that make it an eyesore, to the food crumbs that are a magnet for insects – they all need to be got rid of.

Getting the right mattress for your personal situation definitely costs a pretty penny, and you don’t want to watch that investment get wasted. Having regular mattress cleaning sessions will keep it in top shape.

Measures To Take To Keep Your Mattress In Shape For Longer

In addition to the vacuuming and mattress cleaning, here are extra steps you should take that will protect your unit:

Get a mattress cover, which is important for reducing the amount of moisture, dander, dead skin, sweat and body oils that get to the mattress itself. It also protects from dust and spills, contributing to prolonging the life of your mattress. In case there are kids or pets at home, then it’s recommended that you use a waterproof pad for the mattress.

Turn the mattress regularly, in order to prevent uneven wear. For instance, you can turn it every three months.

Ensure that the bed frame is sturdy. This is to provide proper support for the mattress.

Discourage behaviour like sitting on the corner of the mattress, or the kids jumping up and down the unit. Such actions contribute to wearing the mattress down.

When moving the mattress, do not drag or fold it, as this will affect the fabric, foam or cotton that’s inside the unit. Also don’t go pulling the mattress. Lift and carry it to its destination.

Liquids that are spilled on the mattress should be cleaned up as soon as possible. Allowing them to remain on the mattress gives them more time to soak into the structure. The stain removal products that are used should be compatible with the particular material in question, to avoid a situation where the chemical formulation results in corrosion of the fabric or foam of the mattress, or other scenarios where the detergent used actually causes the stain to set deeper into the mattress.

Regular Mattress Care For More Comfortable Nights

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