Book a Mattress Cleaning Session

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Book a Mattress Cleaning Session

Book a Mattress Cleaning Session

The mattress harbours dust, dead skin, pollen, sweat, body oils and other contaminants that cause it to look and feel dirty, and even emit odours. The mattress needs to be cleaned often, just like other furnishing items like the carpets and upholstery. Its longevity, plus your peace of mind, are on the line. Here are three reasons why professional mattress cleaning is needed for your unit:

Extending the lifespan of the mattress

The higher the rate of grime build up within the mattress, the faster it deteriorates. Soiling in the unit is gritty, and abrases the material each night that one sleeps on it. Moreover, there are cases where organic residue within the mattress – such as food crumbs spilled during breakfast in bed, attract insects and rodents. These add to the strain faced by the mattress, breaking down the material as they look to pry out the contents from the mattress’ structure. The last thing you want is a pest infestation in your bed, as this can wreak havoc. Prevent things from going down this road by having your mattress cleaned by the professionals.

Manage allergies

Sneezing and coughing through the night can be frustrating. Getting nasal congestion each time you hit the sheets can even prevent you from falling asleep easily, forcing you to keep tossing and turning in bed. Itchy skin, asthma attacks – allergic reactions vary based on one’s sensitivity, and the particular allergen involved, and these can be numerous. One of the most common allergens in dirty mattresses is dust mite waste. This includes both the faecal residue produced by this microscopic creature, to the dead dust mites that remain in the mattress, turning it into a colossal graveyard for the infamous bug. The dust mite waste contains protein elements that cause allergic reactions when they get inhaled or onto the skin of sensitive persons. Dust that accumulates on the bedding over time, all through to fur and dander for those who allow their pets to hop onto the bed regularly – it all contributes to the allergen build-up, and this will affect your quality of sleep. Vacuuming, while important, is not enough to keep the allergen levels under control. The occasional deep mattress cleaning will be needed to flush out these substances from the unit and enable you to breathe easier at night.

Stain and odour removal

For those fond of bringing their wine and beverages with them to bed, then chances are there have been some spills that have seeped right through the bedding to the mattress, which readily soaks them up. Cosmetics like nail polish dripping onto the mattress to young kids having urine accidents in their sleep – these all cause messes in the mattress that needs thorough washing to get rid of. Odours too are a problem. They are caused by the decaying organic residue in the mattresses, sweat and body oils, to the urine stains, and they make it uncomfortable to use the mattress., With an in-depth mattress cleaning, the source of the problem is got rid of, and odour neutralisers are also used as part of the process. With a fresh and vibrant mattress, those nights will be a whole lot better for you and your loved ones.

Risks That Come With DIY Mattress Cleaning

Tackling the task yourself comes with a wide range of risks. One of the main hurdles that are usually seen with the DIY projects is lengthened drying time. This is due to issues like soaking the mattress in too much solution, or working with low capacity extraction machinery that leaves the mattress too wet. The longer that it takes to dry, the more mould growth is encouraged, exposing you to increased risk from the allergens and mycotoxins that are released by the fungi into the surrounding airspace.

Damage to the material is also a key factor to consider. The material of the mattress plays an integral role

in the section of the products that will be used on. Those stain removers that are effective when dealing with spills on other hard surfaces around the household do not become automatically suitable for removing the same kind of stains on the mattress. You can have a case where the chemical being used is harsh, such that it corrodes the mattress material, while others cause the stains to set deeper into the unit. Popular DIY solutions – like the ammonia-based solution or vinegar-water mixture that is quickly whipped up at home when working on countertops and floors can easily ruin the mattress when they are used on it. It’s imperative that the mattress cleaning products that are used be compatible with the particular unit, in order to avoid the costly ramifications that would ensue.

Risks to the individual carrying out the cleaning can also occur – such as when potent chemicals are used that release toxic fumes into the indoor air space. Your goal is to get the mattress cleaned up, not expose yourself to higher concentrations of VOCs and other chemical compounds that may end up being released into the indoor space. By hiring professionals for the mattress cleaning, you get to avoid these dangers, and still end up with quality results at the end of the process. Moreover, working with a company that has adopted eco-friendly mattress cleaning practices will deal with the grime while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint.

To enjoy the benefits that come with professional mattress cleaning, one has to pick the right company for the job. This involves going through their track record – from researching on how long the company has been in operation, to checking out its reviews and testimonials on social sites and amongst your friends and family especially when hiring a local mattress cleaning company. Remember to ask about the licencing as well as the insurance coverage of the company in question, since you need to ensure that you’re dealing with a legitimate business, and that you’re covered in case of any accident while the mattress cleaning is being carried out. In addition, get a written quotation before the job commences, to know exactly what you’re paying for and avoid disagreements later on.

Book a Mattress Cleaning Session

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