Remove Pet Odours With Professional Sofa Cleaning

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Remove Pet Odours With Professional Sofa Cleaning

Remove Pet Odours With Professional Sofa Cleaning

Sure, Kitty and Fluffy are adorable – but they can really make a mess on the sofa. With pets around, the cosy sofas will inevitably get soiled. From the puppies and kittens that are yet to grasp their house training and end up peeing on the furniture, pets that have turned the sofa arm into their favourite napping spot – leaving it concentrated with fur and dander, to those with behavioural problems and health concerns that affect their bowel movement – all this takes your furnishings into stinky territory. For the fur and dander, they will accumulate over time and develop a musky odour, while for the pet urine stains the resultant pungent smell will be immediate, and make the sofa uncomfortable to use. Can professional sofa cleaning services remove those pet odours? Yes. What’s more, going the professional route is far more effective compared to handling the task as a DIY. 

Can I Remove The Pet Stains?

Note that you are meant to treat the pet stains as soon as possible. The faster that you attend to the spot, the higher the chances of having it removed completely. How you do this though, can make things better or worsen the situation. A common route taken by DIYers is using baking soda and vinegar. This approach only deals with the surface stains. While it will make the residence smell a little cleaner, there will still be lingering odours from the spot. 

Working with commercial urine stain removers is recommended. These are products that have been specifically developed to break down the urine stain, and neutralising the odours. However, therein lies another risk to the sofa. Will the product be compatible with the upholstery material? One can’t just apply any pet stain remover on the unit. First, you need to ensure that it will be compatible with your particular type of sofa. 

A common frustration that is witnessed with the pet urine accidents on the furnishings is those odours that keep recurring. These are usually caused by not carrying out a deep and thorough clean of the affected area. Whenever those salt crystals that are left behind get moisture, more ammonia is released. Urine stains are actually some of the few stains that actually smell worse over time. Are you struggling with such a problem? Schedule a deep sofa cleaning appointment as soon as possible to have the issue addressed. 

How You Benefit From Professional Pet Stain Removal

When you bring in the aspects to work on your upholstery, they go beyond the stains that are on the surface, getting to the urine that has crystallised deep within the cushions, and flushing it out. Having been trained on handling the different types of sofas materials, you can rest assured that the products that will be used will be safe for your unit, getting rid of the stains without putting the structural integrity of your furnishings at risk. 

With the source of the odours having been removed, and the smells themselves neutralised at a molecular level, you won’t have to worry about them recurring. What’s more, you can choose to have fragranced products being used, which leave behind an invigorating scent in the space. 

While the cleaning is important to get rid of the satins and restore normalcy to your home, it’s also important to look into the case of the pet accidents in order to put in measures that will prevent them from happening in future. This can be attributed to a myriad of issues. For instance, behavioural problems like separation anxiety can cause your furry friend to pass urine whenever they are left alone. It can be a case of the resident dog not being amenable to a new pet being added to the family, thus the feeling of the need to assert their dominance in the space. In other cases it is simply because the pet has yet to receive the training needed on the right places to pee at, which will require you to invest time to get this done. While on it, it is recommended that you stick to positive reinforcement, where you encourage your pet to pee in the designated litter box or outside and award their success with treats or a show of appreciation, instead of negative reinforcement like hitting the cat or dog whenever they make a mess. Medical issues will need to be looked into, and this is often the case when there is a sudden surge of urine accidents even after the cat or dog has already been trained. Here, the causes can range from urinary tract infections to incontinence. A visit to the vet will enable you to get to the bottom of things, and provide you with recommendations on measures you should take that will be suited to your furry friend. 

What Of The Fur And Dander?

These add to the soiling build up in the upholstery, which is a threat to those relaxing on the sofa, and the sofa itself. For the family members, cases of allergic reactions increase, from the sneezing to the sniffles and other flu-like symptoms which are caused when they allergens get inhaled and irritate the respiratory tract. For the sofa, as more soiling builds up it increases the amount of wear witnessed, especially when the particles are grinded against the upholstery. This contributes to reducing the lifespan of your set.

As part of the upholstery cleaning, the fur and dander that has accumulated on your furnishings is got rid of, enhancing the health standards of the residence. Areas like the sofa arm where the pet dander is highly concentrated are given a thorough clean, restoring their fresh look and feel. A key benefit that you get from the professional sofa cleaning companies is the speed with which the task is carried out. Since they have powerful machinery, and have also received the training needed for handling the different units, they are able to put in place the ideal measures for your particular sofa, and achieve a faster turnaround during the cleaning as compared to the DIYer taking hours off their weekend to scrub out the dirt and grime. 

Remove Pet Odours With Professional Sofa Cleaning

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