Why You Should Have Your Sofa Cleaned Every Year

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<h1>Why You Should Have Your Sofa Cleaned Every Year</h1>

Why You Should Have Your Sofa Cleaned Every Year

As you go about the routine household chores, the sofas and chairs also need your attention. The dust settling on the electronics, countertops, cabinets and floors does not spare the upholstery either. Cases of accidental spills are not limited to hard surfaces and the lush carpets. The cosy sofa, no doubt one of the favourite sets of furniture in the household is bound to accumulate loads of grime over the course of its usage, and requires a deep clean in order to keep in in optimal condition. The frequency with which this is done varies from one household to the next. While it’s generally recommended to have the deep cleaning done at least twice per year, for the homes with kids and pets it will need to be more frequent, due to the higher cases of mishaps, spills, and soiling that is transferred onto the furniture. Here are reasons by you should schedule a routine sofa cleaning:

Maintain the appearance of your sofa

Picking the most elegant furniture from the store and bringing it home with you will be pointless if grime is allowed to build up on it. The gunk causes it to slowly lose its charm, becoming dull and dilapidated over time. Those bright colours and stylish patterns get covered in mounds of grime, and the sofa appears to age much faster – which will also negatively affect the decor of the room that the set has been placed in. You did not use all did those funds to get the perfect set of furniture, only to watch it go down the drain. An in-depth cleaning will enable you to protect your asset, and enable you to have an interior decor that you can be proud of.

Dirty furniture is more than just an eyesore. If the sofa is visibly soiled and stained, then guests will feel uncomfortable using it, and will also be questioning the overall hygiene of your home. There are cases where the situation gets so deplorable that the homeowner chooses not to have guests altogether. You don’t have to let things get this far out of hand. A routine cleaning schedule will keep your furniture in top shape.

Protect indoor air quality

The upholstery takes in dust, dander, spores and other allergens into its material, which continue accumulating over time, compromising the indoor air quality. Cases of allergic reactions increase the longer that this is allowed to continue unabated. Vacuuming is a vital part of the sofa care and maintenance, and helps in reducing the rate at which the particles build up. However, it still leaves the gunk that is ingrained the unit. As more of the dirt continues building up, the more easily the surface particles will be dislodged from the upholstery, and this will happen whenever anyone sits on the couch., raising a whiff of dust into the immediate air space, triggering a reaction from the persons who are nearby.

Odours too are a nuisance. As microbial action on the decaying organic residue within the furniture increases, the odours intensify and permeate through the room. For those who have pets, urine stains are a concern as well. Without a thorough cleaning, urea salt crystals remain within the upholstery, and whenever these get wet more ammonia is released. Actually, pet urine stains are some of those spots whose odours become worse over time. Smoke contamination is an issue as well. This can be as a result of a fire incident in the residence, or cases where a household member smokes. The absorbent nature of the upholstery will cause it to take in copious amounts of smoke, that will ruin the comfort of anyone using the sofa.

A deep sofa cleaning gets rid of cleaning the source of odours that are reeking up your set. Odour neutralizers that are used in the process also come in handy, reacting with the molecules of the odours themselves causing them to become inert. With this approach, you won’t have to worry about the smells

recurring. You can go a step further and have fragranced products being used, which will add a fresh and invigorating scent to the space.

Health benefits

Prolonged exposure to the allergen and contaminants in the sofa put the household members at risk. For instance, the dust mite waste that keeps on piling up within those cosy cushions can lead to the family members developing allergic rhinitis. Cases of mould spores and mycotoxins from the infestations of the fungi that this is the furniture add to the dangers involved. Carcinogens including the smoke and lead particles from recent renovation works that wound up on the upholstery, to a wide range of pathogens ranging from E. coli and campylobacter, to stubborn stains like MRSA will be a threat to your loved ones. There are situations where pets like dogs bring in fleas from their escapades in the outdoors. These pests will hide out in the upholstery material, breeding and growing their populations. All this will be to the detriment of your loved ones.

Save money

The deteriorating sofa will eventually need to be replaced. While each set of furniture has its ideal lifespan, neglecting the routine maintenance will drastically cut this short. This puts you in a position where you’re forced to dig deep into your pocket to source for another set of furnishings. On the other hand, proper maintenance will keep it looking elegant for longer, and allow you to enjoy it all through. By avoiding costly repairs and replacements, you get to save on funds and channel them to other aspects of your life, be it business or pleasure.

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Why You Should Have Your Sofa Cleaned Every Year

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