Restore The Glamour to your Upholstery

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Restore The Glamour to your Upholstery

Restore the Glamour to your Upholstery

Furniture care and the health and comfort of your household members are directly linked. After all, most of the time indoors is spent relaxing on these sets, from that luxurious sofa out in the living room, to the cosy mattress for those nights of rest. Ensuring that the upholstery is clean will go a long way in protecting the health of the family members. Then there is the aesthetic appeal of the space. With soiled upholstery, it drags down the décor. What sight greets you as you walk into the living room? Is it an elegant set of furniture, or are the sofas covered in dirt spots and stains? As more grime accumulates in the upholstery over time, it begins looking old and dilapidated. Stains, on the other hand, are a stark contrast to the rest of the colours and patterns of the upholstery. They are glaring anomalies that capture one’s attention – which is also why homeowners with stained furnishings tend to get edgy when there are guests about to arrive. After all, who wouldn’t be worried about how the state of the future reflects on them as individuals? Then there are those nagging thoughts that keep coming to you about the chores that are demanding your attention, yet you barely have enough time to cover them all. Upholstery cleaning can take hours, with the time and resources needed increasing depending on how much soiling is involved. This is not really how you picture spending your free time. You don’t have to take on the hassle. Get the pro upholstery cleaning team to come in and take care of the task for you. That way the job can be completed much faster, and you get the desired results. 

Signs That The Furnishing Need a Thorough Clean

Many homeowners confess to staying even over a year before having the upholstery cleaned, despite knowing of its importance. From procrastination to belittling its significance – it all puts the structural integrity of your unit, as well as the comfort of the household members at risk. Is your set due for a wash? Here are some of the signs that indicate that it is time for an upholstery cleaning to be scheduled:

– Foul odours

The organic matter that is decomposing in the upholstery gradually emits musky smells. With the upholstery cleaning being procrastinated, the strength of this stench grows stronger as the months go by. Sweat that is absorbed by the material, body oils rubbed from the skin onto the furniture by those using it, food crumbs and the faecal residue of the insects and rodents that come to feed on them – it all contributes to the unsavoury smell being emitted by the unit. With urine stains, the smell is pungent and immediate – and grows stronger over time. With a professional upholstery cleaning service, the source of the smell is removed as the material is given a thorough wash. Odour neutralisers incorporated into the process react with the odours at a molecular level, rendering them inert. All this contributes to ensuring that the smells won’t recur. 

– Spike in allergic reactions

With more allergens piling up in the furniture, the reactions will increase. Those coughs whenever you rest your head on the cushions, the sneezes when you invite your guests to take a seat, itchy skin and watery eyes, to all-out asthma attacks for those with the condition – it is all a pointer to a higher concentration of allergens in the interior space, with the soiled upholstery being a major contributor. You don’t want to keep exposing yourself and your loved ones to these substances. Schedule an upholstery cleaning session to get rid of the grime and breathe easier. 

– Stain patches on the furniture

Spills are an inevitable part of life, and sometimes they happen right on the furniture. Coffee, tea, wine, juice – it all makes a mess. Despite one’s best efforts to prevent them, there are usually a couple of mishaps that end up leaving unsightly blots of the upholstery. All it takes is a turn of the wrist of the hand holding a mug of coffee as you want some TV or read a novel for the contents to be sent all over the furniture. A wine glass slipping off the hand during date night as things get heated up, the nail polish that drips onto the cushions during the morning rush to prepare for work, or even the kids leaving their milk and yoghurt on the sofa despite having been warned repeatedly not to – whichever the case, the resultant stain is a blemish that clashes with the rest of the colours and patterns of the sofa. It’s imperative to deal with spills the moment they are formed. Blot up the excess liquid, and use a stain removal product that will chemically break down the contents for them to be wiped off. Note that this agent needs to be safe for the particular upholstery being used, since you don’t want a situation where you end up corroding the upholstery or causing the stain to be set deeper into the material. Over time, there will be multiple patches on the furniture. To restore the vibrance to the set, book a professional upholstery cleaning session. 

– The furniture looks dull and drabby

Regular use, dirt build-up, and continued exposure to sunlight cause the furniture to appear old. Sure, reversing the ageing process of the furnishings is impossible, but a deep and thorough upholstery cleaning will revitalise it, making it look new again. That way, you won’t be frustrated with the decor of the household getting worn down. You get to enjoy that fresh look and feel of the newly cleaned sofa for longer, with regular sessions further boosting its lifespan. 

– Before you take the next step to reupholster

Don’t like the state of your furnishings because of the dirt and stains? Changing the entire look of the sofa will be quite pricy, and it’s usually the last result. Before you jump to this, having the upholstery cleaned professionally can bring back the aesthetic appeal to the set, and save you lots of funds in the process.

Restore the Glamour to your Upholstery

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