When Your Upholstery Is A Grime-Fest

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When Your Upholstery Is A Grime-Fest

When Your Upholstery Is A Grime-Fest

Over the course of their life, furnishings accumulate loads of grime. Take the sofa sets in the living room for instance. It’s where you hang out with your friends and family, spend afternoons napping on it, and rest during those evenings off from work. The kids enjoy playing with the cushions, and for those with pets no doubt the furry friends have picked out spots on the sofa to sleep on. There ends up being a cocktail of gunk that piles up in the cushions and upholstery. This includes:

  • Sweat and body oils

While using the sofas in the room, the skin inadvertently gets rubbed onto the upholstery. This sets greasy residue that is, in turn, a dirt magnet, trapping dust and other particulate matter from the surrounding space, and the most affected regions even change colour, becoming darker as the concentration of grime builds up. 

  • Gritty materials

This is the soiling that gets transferred into the upholstery – whether it is the dust that has been gradually building up in the fibres or pets hopping onto the furniture with muddy paws. The gritty matter abrades the upholstery whenever it is grinded against the material, such as when a person simply takes a seat. 

  • Fibres like lint from clothing

Lint latching onto the upholstery can be frustrating, especially without the tools needed to remove them. Vacuuming helps here, but there are fibres that will stubbornly cling to the material, and these are removed as part of the deep upholstery cleaning. 

  • Dead skin

Millions of skin flakes are shed on a daily basis. Definitely, the more people that use the furniture items in the household, the greater the mounds of dead skin that will be collecting in the upholstery. This adds to the pile of organic waste that is in your unit – and no one fancies the thought of resting surrounded by heaps of dead skin left behind by other users of the furniture.

  • Dust mites, fleas, and other insects

The organic waste that is in the furniture in turn attracts different organisms. For instance, the dust mite is nourished by the skin flakes that are produced.

  • Airborne carbon and automotive exhaust

For those in busy urban settings, the air pollution outdoors makes its way into the house, and this eventually gets to the upholstery. That smoke from that busy street next to the house will make its way through the open windows and doors, covering the surfaces in the premises. This has a direct impact on your quality of life, since it contributes to the increasing concentration of indoor pollutants that affect the household members. 

Do you enjoy taking snacks on the sofa? It’s normal. However, with this way of life there will inevitably be food and drink spills that wind up on the cushions and upholstery. Those food crumbs that fall off the plate as you concentrate on your favourite TV show, that loosened grip on the wine glass that causes it to topple over and spill its contents all over the seat, coffee and tea during those brunch dates with friends where in the middle of a heated discussion a mug gets kicked over, the kids playing whilst taking their yoghurt or milk – there are all kinds of messes that can be made. Due to its absorbent nature, the upholstery readily soaks up the liquids. Actually, it is vital to deal with the spills as soon as possible, since the earlier you get to them the higher the chances of completely removing the spot. Follow this with a stain removing agent that will break down the residual material, but ensure that it is a formulation that will be safe for the particular material being worked on. Are you troubled by different stains on your furnishings? Don’t fret. Simply turn to the upholstery cleaning pros who have the expertise and machinery needed for handling these tasks, to get rid of the unsightly patches and restore the aesthetic appeal to your unit.

We’ll Give Your Furniture An In-Depth Clean

Looking for local upholstery cleaning services? We’re here for you. Our team has been proficiently trained in the different aspects of the job, and come with years of experience under their belt. We offer upholstery cleaning services to residential and commercial clients. So, whether you want those stains got rid of from your household furniture, or you run a hotel or entertainment venue where your revellers left things in a mess, we’ve got you covered. Apartments, office spaces, showrooms, art galleries – we do them all. Our upholstery cleaning crew have the equipment needed to ensure that the grime that is buried deep within the set is removed. The products and processes used are tough on dirt, but gentle on the upholstery material. This keeps your units vibrant for longer. It’s all fast results without compromising on their quality. 

With us, you’re dealing with a team that has also been thoroughly vetted, being trained through the required background checks. That way you can trust them while on your property. In addition, the upholstery cleaning crew will keep an eye out for aspects in your premises that are putting your furnishings at risk, that way arrangements can be made to have them resolved and avert costly losses later on. 

Our booking is flexible, from the cost to the time at which you want the upholstery cleaning to be carried out. The costs are tailored to suit your particular situation – including the type and number of furnishing items that you want to be worked on, the level of soiling, to the frequency with which the upholstery cleaning services are being scheduled. You can choose to have the cleaning does during the regular hours, or have special arrangements for services to be delivered outside normal working hours. Whether you’re looking for routine care or it’s an emergency upholstery cleaning situation, we have the personnel and resources that will address your needs. 

Get in touch with us today to speak to our friendly staff and book your session.

When Your Upholstery Is A Grime-Fest

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