Is Your Sofa Due For A Clean? We’ll Do It For You

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Is Your Sofa Due For A Clean? We’ll Do It For You

Is Your Sofa Due For A Clean? We’ll Do It For You

The furniture is often overlooked during the routine house cleaning. However, with the children and pets, guests coming over, those occasional movie nights with your significant other, parties held in the household, all through to the daily dust that accumulates on the furniture- it is bound to get messy. Covering the coffee and juice stains that are on the cushions with throws and accent pillows doesn’t solve the problem. Turning to air fresheners to mask the odours that are emanating from the furnishings still means that they will recur after the freshener wears off. You don’t have to endure the frustration comes with dirty furnishings. Turn to our professional sofa cleaning services to have your furniture looking and smelling fresh again. 

Are There Stains On Your Sofa? We’ll Get Rid Of Them 

Spilling that mug of coffee on your favourite sofa can be frustrating. In horror, you watch the stain slowly spreading as the absorbent upholstery soaks it up. The blotch stands out from the rest of the colours and patterns of the sofa, as though mocking you for the accident. Tea spills, fruit juice, all through to red wine- they form unsightly spots, that ruin the appeal of your sofa. Accidents are bound to happen at one time or another, and there is really no way that you can predict them. Perhaps you were simply engrossed in a novel, and didn’t notice the wine glass slipping out of your grasp. It may have been a heated conversation with your friends as you discuss some politics or catch up on the going-ons in your different lives, and somehow a cup gets knocked over, spilling its convents all over the upholstery. Do you have kids? Then the chances of spills increase, be it milk winding up on the cushions, or a piece of chocolate that they were eating broke off and melted into the seat. The occasional inkblots that are caused by faulty pens, those situations where the kids grab crayons and go about crawling all over the furniture, plus the occasional nail polish accident, where some of the contents dripped into the sofa as you were doing your nails- the result is messy, and you want it to be got rid of. Pet stains also factor in, especially with the young puppies who go making diddles on the furniture. Cosmetic products, ketchup, soft drinks- stains can be caused by numerous substances. However, they don’t need to be permanent. Our sofa cleaning services are here to get rid of those stubborn stains that life has thrust on you. 

Our Services Are Available For The Wide Range Of Sofa Cleaning Needs


  • Modernized equipment for a quality job


The effectiveness of the sofa cleaning process is tied to the kind of equipment that is used. We have thus made heavy investments in acquiring state-of-the-art tools that enable our crew to deliver a thorough clean each time. From the application to the scrubbing gear, to the extraction units that flush out the gunk and cleaning solutions from the upholstery, they have high capacities, geared towards ensuring that an in-depth cleaning can be done, while reducing the amount of time that is spent on the task. Those heavy build-ups of grime that are buried within the sofa, the stains that are riddling the set- they are all got rid of. 

Sofas vary from one home to the next, and across the different business setups. From the mid-century sofa that has clean lines and a low prolife, being placed in the middle of the room or nestled up against the stairwell; slip-covered sofas that bring a cottage look to the interior space, leather sofas with their warmth and texture that adds glamour to the room- and when well taken care of actually look better with age; the streamlined Chippendale sofa with its high and curved back, plus the thin arms; camelback soda where the back is arched and features exposed legs;  Chesterfield set where it has a diamond-tufted back, a deep seat and a high back; the woven Rattan sofas with their causal and laid-back vibe; and upholstered settees which are especially popular for areas where space is limited; to the simple and modest Bridgewater that features a tailored skirt and a softly rolled back and arms; tuxedo sets that have an upright and boxy shape; the curvy cabriole sofas that have a chic look; the English roll arm sofa that encourages the occasional afternoon tea and curling up with a good book with its soft curves, deep seat and low-rolled arms, there are different furniture sets that are purchased. Our sofa cleaning crew will ensure that your set receives an in-depth wash on each session.


  • Odour removal


With gunk, there are odours, and they reek up the place. From the musty smells that are detected when lying down for a nap on the cushions, to the pungent stenches like those from pet urine stains that hit you the moment you enter the room- they are all got rid of, using powerful odour neutralizers. These formulations react with the molecules of the odour itself, making them inert. What’s more, they also come with invigorating fragrances, enabling you to have a fresh smell that enhances the ambience of the interior space. The products are safe for use around kids and pets, and you won’t have to worry about risks to the environment. 



While the professionals make the sofa cleaning look easy, taking it on as a DIY job can end up wreaking havoc on your unit. The training and experience garnered over the years, plus the high capacity machinery that the professionals use, is not the same as online video tutorials and DIY hacks. The chances of damaging your sofa are high. Mistakes that are usually made during the DIY sofa cleaning include:

  • Turning to the wring chemicals

Just because a specific stain was removed by vinegar, ammonia, or bleach, while working on the hard surface floors or countertops, does not mean that the same type of stain on the fabric or leather sofa should be removed with the same formulation. Here, there’s more to it than just dissolving the stain. The material of the upholstery comes into focus. Some chemicals will corrode the fibres, others will cause it to get discoloured. Your goal of removing the stain ends up leaving you in a worse off position, with patches on the sofa that may be permanent. 

  • Using water when it’s not intended

There are fabric upholsteries where working with water is ill-advised. These range from those that are to be treated by solvent-based cleaners, all through to those where the manufacturers insist on one strictly using dry cleaning methods. Water, though being a universal cleaning solvent, can lead to the distortion of some fabrics, and cause shrinkage in others. When dealing with materials like linen and chenille, water can run your unit, hence the insistence on relying on professional sofa cleaning services, where the personnel will apply the appropriate approach for your particular unit. Even for leather upholstery, water tends to cause staining. It also contributes to the breakdown of the bonds of the oils that the leather has been treated with, increasing the chances of it becoming brittle and cracking. Turn to the expert sofa cleaning team to ensure that the right method is used to clean your unit. 

  • Working with abrasive tools

This is usually witnessed when the DIYer wants to scrub out those heavy build-ups of grime, or the stubborn stains. Turning to the hard bristles brushes that are used on other hard surfaces and using them to scrub the upholstery can cause the fibres to get frayed. While even the synthetic materials like olefin and polyester are durable, cleaning them with abrasive equipment will damage the material. 

  • Applying hazardous chemicals

The risk here is posed to the DIY enthusiast and the rest of the persons on the premises. Harsh chemicals that emit toxic fumes or increase concentrations of volatile organic compounds in the indoor air space pose serious health risks once inhaled. Chemicals that cause skin rashes, residue that is left behind in the upholstery putting the persons using the sofa in the long term at risks- this is not how you want things to go. Turn to the professional sofa cleaning crew, who utilize products that have passed stringent tests to ascertain their safety for usage. 

That’s not all. With DIY sofa cleaning, chances are high that you can spend hours working on the task, and wind up with unsatisfactory results. Here, it’s more frustrating due to the amount of time and energy spent, and the fact that the job will need to be redone. Those stains and dirt spots that refuse to come off, residue that remains in the upholstery, thus causing rapid resoiling- it can be unnerving. It’s not just as a result of applying the wrong techniques for the cleaning. One is already disadvantaged by the low capacity sofa cleaning machinery that is rented from the dealership stores. This means that aspects like the scrubbing, pressures involved for the cleaning, all through to the extraction at the end of the process are carried out with less power, which is why issues like residue crop up. The machinery that is used by the professional has a higher capacity compared to the rental equipment. After all, for efficient business operation, quality machinery is needed, hence the company invests in premium industrial grade equipment, that can deliver a thorough job in a fraction of the time that a DIY task could have taken. 

You also get to free your time. Those precious days off from work, the weekends where you should be spending time with your loved ones and making happy memories, should not be locked down by arduous chores like the sofa cleaning. That way, you get to engage in your heart’s desire, be it reading up on some novels, hanging out with your friends, going sightseeing, and picking up a new hobby or learning a new recipe, or even simply taking that much-needed rest after a gruelling week at work. Leave the sofa cleaning to us, and you get quality results at the end of the process. 


  • Extends the life of your units


When left unattended, the dirt and grime that is accumulating in the sofa gradually deteriorates the material. The particles are abrasive, wearing down the fibres whenever a person sits on the set. Then there are the stains that seep deeper into the cushions causing more extensive damage to the material. Food crumbs, on the other hand, are a magnet for pets. When you have ants, and cockroaches crawling around the sofa, there is bound to more be dilapidation of the material. In some cases, things can get so bad that rodents even show up for the free meals, and their sharp claws and teeth will tear the upholstery as they try to pry out the food particles that are embedded in the material. The in-depth sofa cleaning get rid of the source of the problem. In addition, protective treatments can be applied to the set if needed. These include stain protectors that ward off both water-based and oil-based stains- preventing the spill that will eventually occur from bonding with the material, thus making the furniture cleaning tasks easier, and preventing damage to the upholstery. For leather sofas, they are conditioned, the process through which the lost oils in the structure are replenished, which also serves to bring back the soft and supple feel that the leather sofas are popular for.


  • Prioritising customer service


We aim to please. After all, the long-term success of our operations is dependent on us earning your repeat business. As such, we ensure that each and every job is carried to industry standards of professionalism, to enable you to be satisfied with the results. In addition, we have a friendly crew and support staff, who will be sure to address any queries that you may have, walking you through the entire process to ensure that you are well versed with it. In addition, any issues in your establishment that may be putting your sofa at risk are brought to your attention, that way you can make early arrangements to have them resolved, and avoid hefty losses later on. 

Is Your Sofa Due For A Clean? We’ll Do It For You

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