Don’t Believe These Sofa Cleaning Myths

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Don’t Believe These Sofa Cleaning Myths

Don’t Believe These Sofa Cleaning Myths

There are plenty of queries that come up within the sofa cleaning industry, especially relating to misconceptions that there are about the process. Here are the top fallacies that are doing rounds:


  • The sofa cleaning only removes the surface dirt


That only happens if it’s a rookie company or a DIY cleaning job. The professionals understand the need for a deep clean, since majority of the soiling is actually buried deep within the upholstery and cushions. These includes allergens and pollutants, plus the ecosystem of dust mites and other microscopic creatures that are calling your sofa their home. While they are too small to be seen by the naked eye, it doesn’t mean that they won’t affect the person using the sofa. As such, the professionals use highly effective systems that get to the gunk that is within the sofa, leaving it truly clean, fresh and healthy to use. 


  • The cleaning process will ruin the sofa upholstery


This only occurs when the wrong cleaning processes or equipment as used- as can happen with the DIY projects and when the services are provided by a rookie company. Take scrubbing for instance. Using a brush that has hard bristles will damage the upholstery fabric. However, with professional services, you won’t have to worry about that. The personnel have the right equipment that is needed for the task, and the personnel we come with the experience to determine the appropriate approach to use for your particular unit. 



How a company operates is unique to its client base, the customer support, amount of investment that goes into the training of its staff- including their personal and professional development, all through to issues like acquiring insurance for its services, and dealing with eco-friendly products and systems. These are factors to consider when selecting the company that will offer you the sofa cleaning services. After all, you don’t want to be in a situation where hazardous chemicals are used, which release toxic fumes into the interior  space, or be left with liabilities in case of an accident in the space. Low quality results from the cheapest company as a result of poor capacity machinery being used, or the staff are simply not well-trained for the task- these can all get on your nerves. It’s vital to check out the reviews and testimonials of the company, and not just contracting it because it offers services at prices that are below market rates. Just as is with every other industry, “Cheap is expensive”, and you don’t want to put your sanity, the beauty and structural integrity of your furniture on the line.

The Dirt Accumulating On Your Sofa

Food crumbs, sweaty socks, pet fur, spilled wine, dog paws, hairspray- the sofa sees it all. This is in addition to everyday dust that settles onto it, plus the skin flakes that are shed by anyone using the furniture. Body oils, lotions, grease residue like from fast foods that winded up on the cushions, the occasional coffee or tea mug that spills its contents on the seat- they all make a mess. Inkblots, vomit incidences like the guys hurling over the sofa after a wild night out, ketchup smudges, all through to couch sex- when you think about it, the set is the most used piece of furniture in the household. However, how often have you cleaned it? The chore is usually overlooked during the routine cleaning sessions. The floors, countertops, tables and even carpets are worked on, yet the sofa still winds up being skipped. What of the frequency? A home where one is living as a single individual is not comparable to a unit with a whole family, kids and pets rummaging about. How often the sofa is cleaned is largely dependent on the amount of traffic that is being handled. The busier the place, the more frequent the sofa cleaning should be. 

One of the reasons people dread the sofa cleaning is because of the sheer size of the furniture. It’s not like you can gloss over it with a cloth, or drag it into the shower to give it a good scrub. The cushions hoard loads of grime, and when removing the stains in the upholstery, not just any conventional cleaning product can be used. The formulations that were effective in getting rid of the beverage stains on the countertops can mess up your fabric or leather sofa. Here, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. In fact, the cleaning codes on the sofas are testament to this. For starters, there are the units that can only be worked on using solvent cleaners. Here, specialised dry-cleaning formulations or water-free solvents are required for the task, and using water for the cleaning can cause issues like fabric shrinkage or distortion. These have the “S” cleaning code. There are other upholsteries which can only be cleaned using water-based cleaners- they are usually labelled “W”. On the other hand, there are used that absolutely should not get wet, hence require advanced dry cleaning methods when getting rid of those dirt build-ups and stains- this is especially for those units with “X” on their cleaning code. Those units labelled “W/S” can be worked on using solvent-based or water-based cleaners. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. When applying the cleaning solution, the target stain or dirt spots also comes into consideration, plus the temperatures of the cleaning solutions that are to be used, and the pressures which they will be applied into the upholstery. Mistakes made during the DIY sofa cleaning can ruin your set, and end up costing you heavily when making the repairs, or if you’re forced to replace the whole set. This situation can be avoided by hiring the experts to take care of the job. 

Benefits Of Investing In Professional Sofa Cleaning Services


  • Modern tools for a thorough clean


We use the latest in sofa cleaning technology, to deliver quality results on each session. The machinery flushes out the gunk that has been accumulating in the sofa, dislodging it from the fibres and extracting it together with the rest of the cleaning solutions used. Speaking of which, the products that are incorporated into the process speed things up by loosening the grime, and dissolving the stains that are on the material. The equipment is of industrial-grade, having higher capacities compared to the rental units that are typically used for the DIY sofa cleaning jobs. This enables our crew to carry out the task faster and much more effectively. From the scrubbing to the rinsing and extraction, the systems are optimized. When it comes to the extraction, the bulk of the moisture content is also removed from the sofa. This cuts down the drying time from days to mere hours. In fact you can resume using the furniture within the same afternoon that it has been cleaned. The reduced drying time prevents cases of mould and mildew growing on the material, which would have otherwise brought about health risks due to the spores and mycotoxins that they produce.  


  • Restore the beauty to your set 


The gunk that is making the sofa look all dull and forlorn is got rid of, bringing back the aesthetic appeal to your unit. That way you won’t keep having your mood fouled the moment you walk through the front doors into your home. The charm of the set is brought back, enabling you to impress guests who are dropping by for a visit.  This is also beneficial for commercial establishments. In fact, here the state of the sofa has a direct impact on how your customers perceive you. You want them to trust your business, and that will be a tall order when they find the furnishings in a mess. On the other hand, with spick and span sofas, it portrays you as a business that is keen on detail, giving the customers more confidence to purchase your products and services. For landlords, property managers, all through to AirBnB hosts who rent out fully furnished spaces, ensuring that the units are in optimal condition is also key to attract guests to the place. Here, it has a direct impact on your revenue. What’s more, you don’t want to be faced with negative online reviews about guests who checked into the property and found dirt spots and stains riddling the upholstery. With our sofa cleaning services, you get to avoid these unfortunate incidences. 


  • Improve the indoor air quality


With the sofa being soiled, health risks abound.  The dust that it contains has allergens, pollutants and even toxins. Take dust mites for instance. This microscopic creature thrives in the warm sofa, feeding on the skin flakes that are produced by the persons sitting on it. While the mite itself is not the issue- perhaps only serving to gross you out at the thought of hundreds of thousands of tiny creatures crawling around you, the faecal pellets that it produces are the main threat. These cause reactions by sensitive persons, from respiratory issues to skin irritation. Coughing, watery eyes, nasal congestion, itchy skin, inflamed eczema- they make the normal usage of the sofa to be uncomfortable. Do you find yourself sneezing whenever you take seat? The faecal pellets from dust mites are likely to be the cause. Then there is the dust that settles onto the upholstery from the environment, a gradual process that happens around the clock. Pollen grains blown into the interior space from the outdoors, spores from mould, pet fur dander for households with cats or dogs- they accumulate within the furnishings, putting the health of the persons using it at risk. These substances are washed out of the upholstery during the cleaning, enabling you to sit back in comfort, without erupting into a bout of coughs. 

The indoor air quality also comes in when focusing on the cleaning agents that are used. For instance, during DIY sofa cleaning projects, it’s common to witness an individual utilising hazardous chemicals, that release toxic fumes into the room. When inhaled, they can result in a wide range of health complications. This will not be a concern with professional sofa cleaning. Our personnel employ products that have been proven to be safe, posing no risk to the building’s occupants. What’s more, they have met the EU regulations on biodegradability and environmental sustainability, making it a green sofa cleaning process. 


  • Handling all kinds of sofa cleaning jobs


Regardless of the type of furniture, our cleaning team will be up to the task. From the English rolled arm sofa that has been tightly upholstered and has loose seat cushions; a mid-century modern set with its minimalist design and has colours ranging from neutral hues to bold patterns; the Lawson sofa where the pillows of the back are separate from the frame, and it has been designed for enhanced comfort; Chesterfield sofas that were originally designed to enables individuals to be able to sit upright without their clothes getting wrinkled; sectional sets  that come in modules which can be arranged in different configurations based on the arrangement of the room; the casual Bridgewater sofas which have their arms being slightly rolled and set a casual look and feel; the cabriole that has its arms and back being of an equal height, and the arms usually curve inward; camelback sofas that feature one or more arches on the back- hence the name; to the chaise lounge that typically go in the master bedrooms, and are designed to combine the features of a chair and a daybed, enabling one to lounge back in comfort, whether it’s spreading or enjoying the occasional drink; sleeper sofas like futons and pull-outs, all through to the popular loveseats and even the divans, you can rest assured that our sofa cleaning crew will carry out a thorough job.

Our services are availed at pocket-friendly rates. The pricing will be tailored to address your particular needs, giving you value for the money you spend. This will include aspects like the size of the sofa, and the type of the material of the upholstery, all through to the frequency of the sofa cleaning sessions being scheduled. 

Don’t Believe These Sofa Cleaning Myths

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