Sofa Dust Mites - Finding And Getting Rid Of The Nuisance

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Sofa Dust Mites - Finding And Getting Rid Of The Nuisance

Sofa Dust Mites – Finding And Getting Rid Of The Nuisance


Having dust mites on your sofa is the true definition of a proper nightmare. These annoying little creatures will cause you all kinds of trouble from asthma attacks to general stuffiness in your room. It therefore goes without saying that if you suspect that you have an infestation, you have to do everything you can to confirm their presence and get rid of them. Below is a comprehensive guide on all things dust mites-related. By the end of it all, you should be able not only to identify infested sofas and couches but also to deal with the problem and prevent a repeat of the scenario.


Do you have dust mites on your sofa?


First, you to identify whether or not your sofa actually has dust mites. This can be quite challenging for a number of reasons. For starters, there are many other allergens that can cause the same reactions that dust mites do. These include everything from animal fur to bedbugs on your sofa. The other challenge is the fact that dust mites are microscopic with translucent bodies. This means that you could have an entire colony of dust mites terrorizing you on your sofa without you ever spotting one. Despite these challenges, it is not impossible to confirm a dust mite infestation on your couch. Below are 3 ways to do this.


The first tell-tale sign of dust mite presence is allergic reactions. You will probably start sneezing or itching all over the moment you settle down on your couch. Other symptoms include wheezing, a runny nose, and itchy eyes. This might not be a confirmatory sign but it should definitely make you suspicious. Another sign that you might have dust mites on your sofa is the feeling that there is something crawling on your skin. Unlike with bedbugs, fleas and other furniture-related pests, you will not see anything the moment you inspect your skin or your sofa. So no, you aren’t hallucinating. You probably just have dust mites.


The best way to confirm the presence of dust mites on your sofa is by actually having it tested. In this case, strips and samples are collected from the furniture and tested under a microscope. There are also special test kits available that can identify the presence of these pests from their waste products.


However, you need not go through this expensive route. Dust mites are most definitely on your sofa, as long as it is being used. Just the people sitting on it shed mullions of skin flakes per day that will keep the little creatures satisfied.


5 things that could be attracting these creepy crawlies to your sofa


So why are there dust mites on your sofa? The key is to understand what it is they like as well as what encourages their survival and expansion of their colonies. Below are a few things your sofa might have that make it more attractive to dust mites.


– Moisture

Dust mites need moisture to survive. They absorb the water from the environment through glands located on their front legs. This means that if your sofa is in any way wet it might increase your chances of getting an infestation. In this case, it could be as a result of anything from spilt drinks to failure to properly dry the sofa after cleaning it.


– Pet fur

There is also a strong relation between pet fur and dust mites. The exact reason why is not properly documented but the relation is undeniable.


– Pet poop and pee

Dust mites feed on organic material with pet poop particles being a delicacy for them. This means that if you fail to train your kitty or pup to go potty then you might end up with a mite infestation. Pee on the other hand causes problems by making the sofa damp.


– Actual dust

There is a good reason why they are called dust mites and this is because they thrive in dirty and dusty environments. Skipping the routine dusting could therefore lead to your sofa being a home for these pests.


– Skin and hair particles

As with pet products, dust mites also feed on shed human skin and hair. There is not very much that you can do about the shedding but it is important to ensure that you vacuum and clean the sofa on a regular basis to get rid of these particles.


How to get rid of dust mites from your sofa


  1. Adequate room aeration with air filters

Before getting into more details about this route of mitigation, it is important to understand that dust mites are not actually airborne. However, keeping the air clean goes a long way towards preventing their survival. One way it does this is by preventing accumulation of dust and other particles on your sofa and other pieces of furniture. Air filters and proper aeration also prevents moisture buildup on the couch.


  1. Regular sofa dusting and vacuuming

This helps to keep the sofa clean and to rid it of particles that promote infestation. With the right vacuum machine, you might even catch many of these bugs and their tiny eggs.


  1. Keeping pets off the furniture

This helps minimize the risk of potty accidents on the cushions as well as excessive shedding that could attract the mites


  1. Professional sofa cleaning

Your safest bet as far as complete eradication and effective prevention is working with a professional sofa cleaning business. In this case, their different cleaning mechanisms including steam cleaning and high power vacuuming will ensure that the mites and their eggs are removed from your sofa. They also come in handy with advice on how best to take care of your sofa and other pieces of furniture in order to prevent re-infestation.

  1. Don’t forget the pillows and the rugs

When dealing with mites on sofas, it is important to remember that the infestation might not be limited. It is therefore very important to have the professional sofa cleaning crew you are working with have a go on the rugs and pillows.




It is safe to say that as a home

owner, you have all the information you need to get rid of dust mites and keep away any future colonies. The most important thing however big or small the infestation may be is to ensure that you get professionals involved. Professional sofa cleaning services in particular should come in pretty handy by ensuring that the dirty environment that supports their thriving is eliminated. That way, whether it is your outdoor sitting space or your bedroom couch, you don’t have to worry about sneezing fits and hives every time you want to relax.


Sofa Dust Mites – Finding And Getting Rid Of The Nuisance

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