All You Need To Know About Commercial Sofa Cleaning

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All You Need To Know About Commercial Sofa Cleaning

All You Need To Know About Commercial Sofa Cleaning


Getting your sofa cleaned in a commercial setup is in a whole different ballpark compared to residential sofa cleaning. It is therefore very important for you as the business owner to understand how the commercial sofa cleaning service works. That way, you will be able to find and work with the very best crews out there for squeaky clean sofas that you, your employees and clients can enjoy. Below is all the information you need on commercial sofa cleaning. All the details should come in handy whether you are a first time business owner or you are simply in the market for a new cleaning crew to work with.


How Is It Different From Residential Sofa Cleaning?


The first very important thing that you need to understand is the implications of commercial sofa cleaning. Is it any different from getting your home sofa cleaned? After all, all sofas are the same right?


Commercial sofa cleaning has only one thing in common with residential sofa cleaning. This is the fact that both involve dirty sofas. Other than that, the materials, equipment, techniques and time taken in both cases are very different. With commercial sofas, one of the greatest challenges is the large number of sofas in need of cleaning. This includes lobby sofas for clients, break room sofas for your employees or sofas in the offices for the boss and their associates. With all this in need of cleaning, the manpower needed to get the job done increases significantly compared to that in residential sofa cleaning.


Another major challenge that causes contrast with residential sofa cleaning is the fact that sofas in the commercial setting tend to get dirtier a lot faster. With all the people moving in and out of the office and sitting on the sofas, it goes without saying that dirt and grime are bound to build up. As a result, commercial sofa cleaning is usually done more frequently and with more intense cleaning methods.


Benefits Of Working With Professional Services


  1. Adequate manpower

As earlier stated, the fact that businesses have multiple sofa sets makes it difficult to rely on the ordinary cleaning crew to get the job done right. With professional commercial sofa cleaners, you will have access to crews large enough to handle the task at hand. That way, you are assured fast and efficient cleaning allowing you to get back to business in no time.


  1. Standardized cleaning

Another reason why commercial sofa cleaning should be left to the pros is for the purpose of quality control. The fact that they know exactly what they are doing means that every single couch in your office or building will get the proper care it deserve. This will leave you with clean enough sofas to eat off from the front desk region to the boss’s office.


  1. Proper handling of the sofas

Professionals are also way better to work with as they will handle your sofas with the utmost care. This means that you do not have to worry about things like running fabric, bleach stains or any other kind of damage. In this case, it is very important to ensure that you find and only work with sofa cleaning businesses that actually specialize in sofa cleaning in commercial or industrial setups.


  1. Great value for your money in more ways than one

Finally, you might want to hire a professional commercial sofa cleaning crew if you want your time and monetary investment to pay off. One way these crews guarantee this is through their skill and experience levels. This ensures that you get the highest quality results possible for sparkling clean sofas. Another reason why you get full value for your money is the fact that they use the latest in terms of technology and techniques ensuring that no speck of dirt or clump of grime is spared during the thorough cleaning process. Finally, their efficient systems ensure that the entire project is completed in a speedy fashioned allowing you to have the sofas functional again Without Too Much Of A Wait.


Services Offered By Commercial Sofa Cleaning Crews


Professional commercial sofa cleaning crews have a lot to offer you as the business owner in terms of services. This extends beyond basic cleaning services. Below are a few other key services offered by most crews to businesses.


– Stain removal

When it comes to stains, different techniques and cleaning tools are employed. This service ensures that whether it is a coffee stain on your office sofa or an ink spill on the break room piece, the sofa will be left spotless.


– Fabric conditioning

This is a special service offered if you wish to splurge a little for the sake of aesthetics and comfort. Fabric conditioning leaves the sofas looking good, feeling great and smelling heavenly.


– Decontamination and elimination of microbes

When sofas are meant for public use, you can never be too safe. It therefore doesn’t hurt to invest not only in basic cleaning but in techniques effective against micro-organisms.


– Water removal services

These services come in especially handy if your business has a set of outdoor furniture constantly exposed to rain. It is also useful during clearance of spills. That way, your sofas are not only clean but also dry and comfortable.


– Upholstery and carpet cleaning

In some instances, the business you choose to work with might offer more than sofa cleaning services. In this case, upholstery and carpet cleaning are the most common accessory services.


Who Are The Services Meant For?


Having understood why you need professionals and what you can expect from them, next is to look at who stands to gain the most from the services. As a commercial setup service, it goes without saying that pretty much any business with sofas will at some point require this professional assistance. There are, however, some businesses that need it more and more often than others. These include schools, office suites from law firms to consultancy businesses, hotels, hospitals and health facilities like chiropractor and dental offices, nursing homes, and even supermarkets that sell sofas.


Bottom line


With all this information, you should be in a position to make the best decision in terms of sofa cleaning for your business. That way, you, your employees and your clients will have something not only comfortable but also clean and sanitary to relax on.


All You Need To Know About Commercial Sofa Cleaning

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