Stain Problems On The Carpet

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Stain Problems On The Carpet

Stain Problems on the Carpet

Stains can really tick you off. These spots stick out of the carpet, seemingly taunting you. They clash with the rest of the colours and patterns on the carpet, making a mockery of the time and effort you had put into ensuring that you have an elegant décor. They are bound to happen at one time or another in spite of your efforts. After all, it’s not like you can predict when those spill accidents will occur. It can be a simple case of a coffee mug that was placed close to the edge of the table getting knocked over, or the kids spilling their milk or yoghurt. Perhaps you were having brunch with your friends, and some tea spilled on the carpet, or were applying nail polish before heading out to work, and some of the contents found their way onto those lush fibres. A slip of concentration while holding that wine glass can send it toppling over, and there are also those cases where there are vomit or bloodstains, especially when a family member or pet is ill or had been injured. Speaking of pests, households with cats and dogs occasionally have to deal with urine stains on the carpet. 

All these blemishes are unsightly, and you want them gone. They also lead to odours being produced, which further reek up the residence. Certainly, that’s not the kind of space that you want your loved ones living in. It’s also embarrassing when guests who have come over begin to question the health standards of your home, due to the stains that greet them the moment they walk into the room. A stained carpet does not exactly exude confidence, and they will be questioning just how the rest of the house is managed. A deep carpet cleaning that gets rid of the stains will restore order and normalcy to your home.

The Material Factor

When dealing with stains, one can’t just slosh some detergent onto the spot and attempt to scrub it away. The type of stain, and the carpet material, are a key consideration in the kind of approach that will be used. Chemicals that are used to get rid of those beverage stains and ink blots on hard surfaces are not automatically suitable for removing the same kind of stains on the carpet. When the particular chemical is too harsh it can end up corroding the fibres of the material, weakening the structural integrity of your carpet. 

Working with the wrong solutions also has the threat of causing the stain to embed itself more strongly into the carpet material, and this will be frustrating to remove. It’s actually one of the common occurrences during the DIY carpet cleaning jobs, and certainly not an issue that you want to find yourself going through. Getting professional help to deal with those pesky stains on your carpet will ensure that the task is done appropriately, removing the stains without posing a risk to your unit. 

Why There Are Reappearing Stains On The Carpet?

It can be frustrating when you spend hours cleaning the carpet, then after a while the same stains that you have worked so hard to remove start reappearing. In other cases, it’s a stain similar to the one that had been removed, forming right on the same spot. What causes it? Let’s delve int this. 

The first culprit is usually residue from the carpet cleaning. The soapy solutions that may have been used in the process may create stains, especially if they were not properly rinsed off. They leave behind a sticky and oily film, that attracts dirt. This causes the affected spot to build up more grime faster than the surrounding carpet, resulting in a new stain. 

Next is carpet wicking. Here’s a little background on carpet stains: The absorbent nature of the material often leads to the carpet soaking up the spills, which can reach down into the carpet backing and padding. When the cleaning is being carried out, moisture gets to these deep sections of the carpet as well. Afterwards as the carpet begins drying, this mixture of the stain and the cleaning solution begins to travel up the fibre of the carpet, “reappearing” in the surface. How often this happens depends on how much of the stain was left behind during the carpet cleaning, and the amount of solutions used over time. These reappearing stains can end up being exasperating. 

For the persistent odours, this depends on the particular type of stain. Take pet urine accidents for instance. The recurring odours here are primarily caused by the crystals formed as the urine breaks down and dries. When there is moisture in the carpet, this will get to the crystals and cause more ammonia to be released, which is why the stained spot actually smells worse whenever it gets wet. 

Turn To Our Qualified Team To Get Rid Of Those Stubborn Stains

We use green carpet cleaning methods that will get rid of the stains without putting the persons on the premises at risk. We emphasise on safe cleaning where you won’t have to be concerned about toxic chemical residue remaining in the carpet after the process has been carried out, or your carbon footprint being increased. 

Our carpet cleaning personnel utilise a wide range of methods, and will work with one that will suit your particular situation. This includes ensuring that the stain has been broken down with agents that are safe for the specific type of carpet being worked on. From enzyme-based cleaners to odour-neutralising agents that will make the smells inert at a molecular level, it all works together to achieve the desired results. 

You don’t have to worry about sticky residue being left behind in the carpet. A thorough rinsing is carried out, followed by extraction processes that have the welcome benefit of removing the bulk of the moisture from the material, cutting down the drying time to prevent issues of mould and mildew growth in the unit.

Stain Problems on the Carpet

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