Carpet Cleaning Is Essential For A Healthy Home

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Carpet Cleaning Is Essential For A Healthy Home

Carpet Cleaning Is Essential For A Healthy Home

Given that people spend an average of 90% of time indoors – either at home at home or at the workplace, the cleanliness, or lack thereof, of the indoor space has a direct impact on their health. Focusing on homes, how often does one get the carpet cleaned? Sure, the vacuuming is done routinely – such as weekly, but this is not enough to remove the mounds of grime that are building up in the unit. The carpet, plus the furniture and upholstery, accumulate pathogens and allergens that put the persons in the premises at risk. 

The carpet in particular is a giant filter, trapping particles from the surrounding environment. Dust particles in the air settling on the fibres, pet fur and dander for those with cats and dogs, the soiling that is tracked into the house and gets transferred into the lush carpet, smoke particles for those residences where there are individuals who use cigarettes, all through to issues like pollen and fungal spores that are blown into the rooms through the open windows, eventually settling on the carpet – it all gets collected. Initially this filtering role actually helps in improving the indoor air quality. However, this is not perpetual. As the carpet gets “full”, it becomes easier for the particles to get kicked back into the airspace, such as happens when people walk on it. This leads to there being a higher concentration of pollutants and allergens in the home, putting the rest of the household members at risk. Remember that the organic residue in the carpet also attracts pests. These can range from the annoying ants and cockroaches that send your guests into fright mode, to the larger rodents like mice scurrying around the home looking for a quick snack. These come with their additional risks, especially the pathogens carried on the bodies of the pests, and in the faecal residue that they leave behind. Getting rid of the organic residue that attracts them in the first place is key to prevent them from getting comfortable in your home. 

Is It Time To Get Your Carpet Cleaned?

It’s recommended that you have a regular carpet cleaning program in place, to protect both the household members and the carpet itself. Waiting until it is noticeably stained and discoloured, or sections of it wearing out before you have it professionally cleaned, means you will have put it off for too long. The carpet can load up multiple times its own weight in dirt and grime. Waiting for it to get all dull and dilapidated first before you schedule a professional carpet cleaning session will have resulted in more allergens, bacteria, and contaminants being trapped all over the home. What’s more, those abrasive dirt particles that are in the carpet lead to it wearing down fast, especially with all the footfall that is grinding the particles against the carpet’s fibres. You want your carpet to serve you for long, and not have its lifespan cut shot by skipping out on the cleaning. While a professional deep cleaning is recommended for every 6 to 12 months, households with kids and pets will need to have it done more frequently, even 3 to 4 times a year. 

Call In The Pros To Clean Your Carpet

You want the job done right. The carpet was expensive to purchase and mistakes made during DIY cleaning processes can irrevocably damage your unit. From too much cleaning solution being used that it leads to shrinkage of the fibres or delamination of the carpet, where it separates from its backing, cases of the wrong chemicals being applied such that it causes the stains to set more permanently into the carpet or actually corrode the fibres themselves, all though to residue remaining it in the carpet and causing dirt to build up at a faster rate – these can be frustrating. There are also those DIY carpet cleaning cases where the unit is left too wet such that it takes days to dry. This can be as a result of soaking in too much solution in the first place, or not having powerful extraction gear to move the bulk of the moisture content from the material. The longer that the carpet takes to dry, the higher the chances that mould and mildew will be growing in the unit. Now, in addition to the inconvenience of the carpet being out of commission for days, you will have the additional issue of a fungal infestation to deal with. The fungi produce spores – and some species also mycotoxins, which ruin the indoor air quality and come with varying health effects. These are not outcomes you want for the carpet cleaning process.

Carpet manufacturers insist on the buyers hiring professionals to do the cleaning due to such reasons. The risk of damaging the carpet due to insufficient skill level or low-capacity machinery simply cannot be ignored. In fact, many of the manufacturers include the requirement for routine professional carpet cleaning as one of the terms of the warranties of their products. 

Dealing with the pros also offers you peace of mind. After all, you don’t want your weekends and free days from work spent scrubbing the carpet for hours. It can be a taxing chore, with so much room for error. On the other hand, outsourcing the task to a qualified carpet cleaning company means that you will get a team that has been trained and is fully equipped to handle the job. That way, the carpet will be worked on in a fraction of the time that it would have taken you had you gone the DIY cleaning route. 

For you to enjoy the benefits of professional carpet cleaning, you need to pick the right company or the task in the first place. This means going through its reviews and track record, checking out what previous clients have to say about the services they received from the firm, and also having clear conversations with the company representatives about the scope of the job, and what to expect. Speaking of which, it is recommended that you get a written quotation beforehand, so that you can know exactly what you’re paying for.

Carpet Cleaning Is Essential For A Healthy Home

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