Are Things Spiralling Out Of Control? Get Help From The Carpet Cleaning Experts

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Are Things Spiralling Out Of Control? Get Help From The Carpet Cleaning Experts

Are Things Spiralling Out Of Control? Get Help From The Carpet Cleaning Experts

Life isn’t always a bed of roses – and carpet is not immune to the things that will be thrown its way. From spills and smears, to rips and tears, they can ruin your unit. That once-elegant carpet can easily transform into an unsightly furnishing that you’ll want to quickly get rid of. It doesn’t have to get to this point. Here are some of the cases in which calling in the professionals will enable you to salvage the situation:


  • When the kids spill juice and milk 


You tell your little one to finish their milk- some of it inadvertently ends up on the carpet. As they play with their siblings or friends who have come over and are enjoying some of that juice or sofa you’ve set aside for them, one of the first places that the drinks will wind up is on the lush carpet. Whether you’re distracted with your activities and have left them to their games, for you’re right in the room watching them get excited with their toys- it’s bound to happen. The carpet, being an absorbent material, will readily soak up the drinks, causing a stain. What’s worse is that this will not be a one-time event. With kids in the house, drink spills are actually the norm. Over time, that elegant colouration of the carpet is replaced by unsightly patches all over the unit, such that you can barely recall how the carpet originally looked like. Its fate is not sealed. Our carpet cleaning services will enable you to get rid of the stains, making it look fresh and vibrant again. 


  • Your pet tinkles on the carpet…and makes it a habit


Oh, the horror! The stain, the stench, the sheer discomfort that it brings to the house – pet stains are a nuisance. Sure, we get it. Cuddles couldn’t get to the litter box in time. Fluffy barely made it to the door and went ahead to relieve himself right on your carpet. Perhaps you’ve adopted a new dog, and the current one feels threatened and decides to mark its territory. It can be a case of puppies that are yet to have a firm grasp of their potty training. Your furry friend may even pick out a particular section of the carpet to be its go-to spot, which will worsen the situation. It may be a health issue- such as for cases of UTI, or behavioural problems like separation anxiety that causes the pet to keep peeing all over the house, and your carpet is not spared. In other cases, it’s all just about the age. Just like humans, as pets get older, the control over the bladder decreases. Incontinence amongst the older does is actually a common reason why people put down their pets. 

Pet stains are problematic in various ways. Let’s start with the odour. As the urine breaks down, ammonia gas is released. Water evaporating from the stain causes salt crystals to remain. When these absorb moisture from the environment, more ammonia gas is generated. These are some of the odours that will get worse over time. Thus, during the carpet cleaning these crystals need to be removed from the material. The acidic nature of the stain also corrodes the carpet’s fibres- reducing the life of the unit. Add to this the heavy scrubbing action that is involved if one does not have the appropriate products and machinery for the task. Protect your unit and get rid of these stains by having the professional carpet cleaning team come in and take care of it. 



Tight schedules, back-to-back commitments, balancing your work and social life – there’s barely enough time that’s left for an intensive chore like carpet cleaning. We understand. You’re already swamped with your responsibilities, and you also want to catch a breather and enjoy your hobbies. Having to spend those free days from work scrubbing the stubborn dirt spots and stains is not how you want things to go down. It’s more frustrating when one is working with low-capacity machinery, which drags out the task. The process of waiting in line at the dealership stores to rent the carpet cleaning equipment, researching on the products and processes to use for your particular situation – these all eat into your schedule, all while risking unsatisfactory results. You don’t have to strain yourself. Simply leave the task to a company which actually provides the carpet cleaning service as a core part of the business. A company that has invested in the machinery that is needed for the job, and has a skilled team of cleaners that actually love what they do. One whose personnel have the experience needed to apply the appropriate processes and systems for your carpet, getting rid of the grime without poising a risk to your installation. You can get that with our carpet cleaning operations, resting assured that your unit is in safe hands. Free yourself to engage in activities that you will enjoy, and get quality results at the end of the process. 

With our services, you get a quality job done without putting undue strain on your budget. Our carpet cleaning pricing structure has been developed to account for your particular needs. What size and number of carpets do you want worked on? Which material are they made of? Do you have particular stain issues that you want resolved? Are you scheduling routine sessions? Is it a once-off clean, such as when you’ve just had a party that left your carpet in a mess? Is it an emergency like when you’re dealing with water damage? Our friendly personnel will engage you while maintaining industry standards of professionalism, to get to your specific needs, and develop a package that will be suitable for you. The goal is to ensure that you will be satisfied with the entirety of our carpet cleaning services, and win your loyalty as our valued customer. 

Are Things Spiralling Out Of Control? Get Help From The Carpet Cleaning Experts

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