Tired Of A Dirty, Stinky Carpet? Get The Professionals To Give It A Deep Clean

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Tired Of A Dirty, Stinky Carpet? Get The Professionals To Give It A Deep Clean

Tired Of A Dirty, Stinky Carpet? Get The Professionals To Give It A Deep Clean

Remember how excited everyone was when you first bought the carpet? The glamour that it brought to the home, and instantly made it feel warm and cosy? This is a core part of the furnishings and plays a critical role in the overall look and feel of the residence. However, things don’t remain as they initially were, due to the everyday abuse meted out onto the carpet. 

A Collection Of Gunk

People walking into the home can track dirt from the outdoors right onto the carpet. This is not limited to the dust picked up from the sidewalks. Debris from the roads, salt and snow during those winter months – they all contributed to the build-up. Do you have a pet? After your furry friend runs around in the dog park and backyard, they will dash into the house, bringing in gunk stuck to their paws, which gets rubbed onto the carpet’s fibres. Kids are also notorious for this, bringing in so much mud on their shoes, without a worry in the world as to the consequence of their actions. Then there is the dust the settles onto the carpet from the air above. Under the influence of gravity whichever particles are floating around will gradually accumulate on the lush carpeting – including pollen, smoke particles and oil splatters that went airborne during cooking activities, adding to your troubles.

Back to the pets. As Fluffy rolls around the cosy carpet- fur and dander get deposited on it. The more the pets in the household, the faster the rate of this build-up. In some cases, the pets will bring in pests like fleas from their interactions with other cats and dogs at parks and in the neighbourhood. These tiny creatures will find a warm and conducive home in your carpet, and when left unchecked, can result in an all-out infestation. Speaking of which, the carpet provides suitable habitat to a wide range of organisms. For instance, there is the infamous dust mite. This microscopic creature feeds on the numerous dead skin cells that are constantly shed by the household occupants, and extracts moisture right out of the air for survival – two factors that allow it to thrive in the conditions of the carpet. 

What of food and drink spills? From the occasional crumbs are dropped off the table, to those cases where family members snack while lying around on the floor, the messes left behind by kids, and the doggy treats that Fluffy crashes while resting on the lush pile – they provide fodder to a horde of bacteria, and the larger insects like ants and cockroaches. There are even cases where the food residue is so prevalent that rodents come calling, which is certainly not how you want things to play out in your home. These have the additional health risks involved, putting your family members in jeopardy. With the microorganisms, there will also be pathogens. These have different sources. They can have been brought over from the outdoors on peoples’ clothing or your pets’ fur, to those which ha been coughed and sneezed into the indoor space by persons who are ill. The flu virus affecting your spouse or kids, Parvo that strikes the dogs, the Norwalk virus that can live in the carpet for a month, to bacteria like E. coli, Campylobacter and even particularly worrisome strains like MRSA – these all need to be got rid of. Cases such as Athlete’s foot can easily be spread amongst the household members through the carpeting. This is why disinfecting needs to be incorporated into the carpet cleaning process. 

Truck-Mounted System For A Deep Carpet Cleaning

The conventional shampoo doesn’t quite give that desired deep clean. Sure, it can get rid of the surface soilng – but what of the gunk that is buried within the carpet fibres? In fact, there are cases where the shampooing processes used push the soiling further deeper into the pile. More powerful methods come into focus, such as hot water extraction. Here, cleaning solutions and heated water are pumped into the carpet at high pressures, loosening up the soiling and flushing out to the surface, from where it is then extracted and disposed of. The power needed for the pressures and temperatures that will be employed is provided by truck-mounted systems, which come packing industrial-grade capacities. This ensures that the carpet cleaning process is thorough. 

Coupled with powerful formulations, those stubborn stains and stubborn dirt spots are broken down with ease. With professional carpet cleaning services, you get to be sure that the appropriate methods are being used for your particular unit, taking into account the material being worked on. After all, the goal is to get rid of the grime while protecting the underlying carpeting, which is why it is important to steer clear of harsh chemicals that would corrode the material. So how often should you get your carpet cleaned professionally? While it is common to have this done every 6 months, for the households with kids and pets it will need to be more frequent.

Before settling on a particular carpet cleaning company, there are certain aspects that you should consider. Firstly, is it a licensed and insured firm? Does it have an online presence? Here, also check out its customer reviews. This is to give you an idea of the quality of services that the company provides. When it comes to the pricing, do not be quick to settle for the lowest prices available. Remember that the key thing here is getting value for your money. For a company to offer really cheap services, then there is something that is amiss- which can range from the quality of the machinery being used, the skill level of the personnel involved, all through to aspects like skipping on insurance, a situation that exposes you to liabilities in case an accident occurs while the carpet cleaning job is being undertaken. The quotation that is provided should give you a detailed breakdown of what exactly you’ll be paying for. Getting this clarified upfront will avoid scenarios like bait-and-switch antics that some dubious companies undertake. 

Tired Of A Dirty, Stinky Carpet? Get The Professionals To Give It A Deep Clean

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