When Your Upholstery Needs To Be Cleaned, Call In The Professionals

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When Your Upholstery Needs To Be Cleaned, Call In The Professionals

When Your Upholstery Needs To Be Cleaned, Call In The Professionals

A clean space is needed for conducive living and working conditions, especially when it comes to the furniture. The dirt and grime that builds up on it take away one’s comfort. Take allergies for instance. The dust, pet fur and dander, mould spores, and mounds of dust mite waste that are in the cushions trigger reactions once inhaled. The spores float around in the airspace, slowly latching onto the upholstery. Sections of the sofa where your furry friend has picked out to be its napping spot can have such a high concentration of dander that one may be more severely affected by resting on the sections than going right ahead and burying your face in the pet’s fur. For the dust mites, these are sustained by the skin flakes shed by people using the furniture. As they gorge through the sink flakes, they produce faecal pellets, which are the main cause of allergic reactions. This is mixed up with the rest of the body waste, including the dead dust mites that are in your unit. Do you keep sneezing whenever you use the sofa? Perhaps your eyes get itchy, or you develop a running nose.  Skin irritation, coughing incessantly- these are all common reactions that are witnessed when soiled sofas are being used. Increased cases of asthma attacks, those with respiratory conditions such as bronchitis having their ailments worsening- these are not the conditions you want for your home or commercial space. If your sofa has bits of fur strewn all over it, it is overdue for a cleaning. Vacuuming doesn’t easily remove the fur. To set up a healthy environment, turn to the upholstery cleaning professionals. 

When stains ruin the appeal of your sofa

Staining is bound to happen. Despite one’s efforts at being extremely careful, all it takes is one minor spill to result in an unsightly patch on your favourite sofa. Perhaps it was during brunch with your friends, and in the heat of the conversation a cup that was loosely gripped ended up landing on the sofa.  Kids with their milk and soft drinks are notorious for making spills. It may even be during that steamy dinner date with your significant other, and as things got riled up, the wine glass that was held tipped over, spreading its contents all over the cushions. Ink stains from that pen that was in the pocket, those spots left behind by demin wear, to the nail polish accidents that create a blotch on the sofa arm- they clash with the colour scheme of the upholstery, negatively affecting the ambience. Do you have a pet? Then urine stains are a concern. Puppies that are yet to develop a firm grasp on their in-house training, cats and dogs with behavioural issues- such as separational anxiety, to those with medical conditions- like urinary tract infections, and even those that simply have incontinence due to old age- they can end up peeing on the furniture. The resultant stain is problematic in various ways. Firstly, the chemical reaction of the stain and the fabric of the upholstery causes it to weaken the fibres. As it soaks deeper into the material it also becomes difficult to clean. Then there is the resultant odour. As urine breaks down, the stench actually becomes worse with time. Powerful agents are needed to remove the pet urine stains. However, one can’t simply grab just any urine stain remover off the shelves. The product needs to be compatible with the particular type of upholstery fabric, otherwise you end up with a situation where you damage the fabric in the process of removing the urine stain. Are you battling such stain problems? Don’t feet. The situation can be salvaged with the proper upholstery cleaning processes, provided by a professional company where the crew have the experience needed to determine the right method of approach for your particular unit. 

Getting rid of odours

No one likes sitting on a smelly sofa. The odours can be from different sources. The decaying organic matter- which includes the food crumbs, insect and rodent residue from the creatures that came to feed on the food crumbs, sweat that was absorbed by the upholstery from the skin of people rubbing against it, and even body oils. Getting rid of the source of the odour is the first step- which is achieved during the in-depth sofa cleaning. Next is incorporating high-efficacy odour neutralisers into the process. These tackle the smell itself at a molecular level, neutralising it and even going further to leave behind a pleasant scent. This accentuates the interior space. You get to enjoy the look, feel, plus smell of the newly cleaned upholstery. 

Give your furniture a longer life

For your sofa sets to last for long, they need proper care. The gunk that accumulates in the material is a threat to its beauty and structural integrity, and when neglected the units can wear out fast. With all the efforts that went into selecting the right sofa for your home, the money spent purchasing it, and the impact that it has on the interior décor, you don’t want your furniture getting dilapidated. The gritty soiling that abrades the upholstery fibres, spills that soak into cushions and throw pillows, food particles that attract insects and rodents- which extend the damage to your unit- these are all got rid of.  With routine upholstery cleaning services, your unit gets to remain gleaming for longer, giving you more value from the amount spent on it. This is a job that should be tasked to personnel who have the skills needed to handle your unique needs- and a verifiable track record of delivering on their mandate with the previous clients. That way you can rest assured that your unit is in safe hands. The processes used by the professionals extract the gunk that is within your sofas, and additional protective treatments can also be applied to increase the ability of the upholstery to resist staining. 

When Your Upholstery Needs To Be Cleaned, Call In The Professionals

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