Increase The Lifespan Of Your Furniture

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Increase The Lifespan Of Your Furniture

Increase The Lifespan Of Your Furniture

The better the care you show to your belongings, the longer they will last. This is true across the board, where you’re talking about cars, clothes, or the furniture. The sofa handles a lot during its daily usage. The cosy cushions make it the go-to furniture set when relaxing, hosting guests, curling up with a book, watching those late-night shows, and even your pet has probably picked a spot on the sofa where it takes its afternoon naps. Food and drink spills from those meals that one was snacking on while rested on the sofa, vomit incidences and urine stains, inkblots that are caused by defective pens, issues like the kids drawing all over the upholstery, everyday dust that settled on the sofa, body soil and sweat that gets rubbed of people’s skin and onto the cushions- these lead to an accumulation of the grime. As the soiling builds up, the risks to the upholstery increase. The dirt particles are abrasive, and are ground against the upholstery each time someone uses the sofa, wearing down the fibres. The spills that seep deep into the material can affect the fabric, and the stronger the chemical the higher the chances of structural defects in the internal parts of the sofa. Even moisture itself is an issue. When loads of water are absorbed by the sofa, component parts- like the wood making up the frame can be affected. Those food particles that are left strewn all over the cushions are, in turn, a magnet for insects and rodents. These will accelerate the damage to your unit.  Add to this aspects such as sunlight, where the UV radiation bathing the sofas- especially those positioned next to the windows, can cause them to fade. In the case of leather units, the heat from the sunlight hitting it directly affects the natural oils in it, and also cause it to lose moisture. The drying and cracking that results ruins the upholstery. Proper care and maintenance are needed to keep your unit in optimal condition, and this involves investing in routine sofa cleaning services. 

The sofa cleaning also comes in handy in improving the indoor air quality. After all, the furniture upholstery is one of the items in the room that accumulates loads of allergens. Dust clinging onto the furniture, pollen grains that latch onto the material, pet fur and dander- especially on those sections that Fluffy keeps napping on, all through to the faecal pellets that are left behind by the microscopic dust mites calling your sofa their home. These affect the persons who use the furniture the most. Sitting back to relax and suddenly erupting into a bout of coughs, the incessant sneezing that results from the respiratory system getting triggered by the allergens being inhaled, all through to increased incidences of asthma attacks, conditions like eczema getting worsened- getting rid of the allergens themselves is important to protect the health of your loved ones. Even in commercial establishments, you don’t want allergic reactions affecting the customers who are waiting to be served in the reception area, the staff on their break in the employee lounge, or even those who are in your office having their queries addressed. It would make them uncomfortable, which also negatively affects your business operations. With routine sofa cleaning services, you get to have a healthier indoor living and working environment. 

Get in touch with our upholstery cleaning crew to work on your unit. We have invested heavily in modern systems that enable our Pernell to carry out a thorough job fast, delivering the required results in a fraction of the time that it would have taken an individual going the DIY route. The skill and experience that our crew have enables them to work on the diverse types of material without putting their structure at risk. Your property is treated with care and respect. Speaking of which, our personnel have undergone a thorough background vetting, and you can trust them while in your home or business premises. They are also keen on ensuring that you have a pleasant experience all through, addressing any concerns or queries that you raise about the processes being undertaken. The safety measures put in place go further to prevent accidents from occurring, and we have also been insured. All this is provided at affordable rates, with our pricing being structured to meet your particular needs. 

Don’t allow liquids to sit on your upholstery

Since the upholstery is absorbent, it will soak up the contents, worsening your troubles. Whether it is a drink spill or you’ve just caught your pet peeing on the upholstery, it should be attended to immediately. The longer that the liquids are allowed to dwell on the upholstery the deeper the stain will get, and it will chemically bond with the fibres- becoming frustrating to remove. For cases such as the urine stains, these produce odours that become more pungent with time due to the chemical breakdown on the substance, making for unconducive living or working conditions. Are there stubborn stians that are riddling your upholstery, and you want them to be got rid of? We’re here for you. Our personnel use tough-acting formulations that break down the components of the stain, and thorough scrubbing that removes the clients with the rest of the soiling, restoring the charm and appeal to your items. 

Keeping your upholstery clean

After the professionals have delivered on their mandate, how do you retain that clean look and feel of your upholstery for longer? Measures like regular vacuuming go a long way. The rate of accumulation of dry soil on the upholstery can be reduced by vacuuming- with the frequency of this being increased for residential and commercial spaces that witness higher levels of traffic. Dust busters, microfibre clothes-these will also aid in the process. For those wear-prone sections of the furniture, you can consider investing in covers- like the arm-rest and slip covers. These will bear the brunt of the oils, dirt and wear, protecting the upholstery underneath. 

Increase The Lifespan Of Your Furniture

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