Use Expert Services To Give Your Sofa A Thorough Wash

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Use Expert Services To Give Your Sofa A Thorough Wash

Use Expert Services To Give Your Sofa A Thorough Wash



When you pause to really think about the kind of gunk that is accumulating on the sofa, you won’t look forward to sitting back and relaxing on those cosy cushions. The sofa is one of the most heavily used pieces of furniture in the house. From those moments where you’re hanging out with your friends, those evenings with family as you catch up on that day’s events, the occasional nap on the lazy afternoons, plus the numerous hours spent watching TV- it’s all on the sofa. Over time, loads of grime accumulate on it. These include:


  • Organic matter


Those snacks that you enjoy as you binge-watch the latest episodes of your favourite TV show, the crumbs that wind up in the cushions as you host guests, to the spills caused by kids and the doggy treats that your pet carried onto the seat- they are held by the fibres of the sofa, trapped by the pillows, and get into the nooks and crannies of the set. These particles, in turn, attract insects- and in extreme cases rodents. As they feed on the food crumbs, they deposit faecal residue, adding to the gunk. With the insects, they even leave behind their body husks. A thorough sofa cleaning will flush out this gunk from the upholstery, cushions and pillows.


  • Bacteria and viruses


From the bacteria feeding on the decaying organic matter, to the pathogens that are transferred onto the sofa through items like handbags, remote and gaming controllers, to persons who are actually sick and end up coughing and sneezing onto the seat- these add to the growing population of the microbes that you are exposed to. The warm conditions of the sofa enable these pathogens to survive. E. coli, the Norwalk virus, MRSA, and Salmonella- there can be numerous kinds of pathogens crawling around. You don’t want your family members being put at risk of contracting ailments. Whether it’s flu season where everyone seems to be coming down with an infection, or there are those in the household with immunologic conditions where the exposure could worsen the state of things, a key part of ensuring that you have a healthy environment to live in is ensuring that the sofa cleaning is thorough.


  • Allergens


These range from the dust mite faecal pellets left behind by the microscopic creatures, to the dust that settles onto the sofa from the surrounding air space, the pet fur and dander from cats and dogs that love napping on the sofa, to substances like mould spores and pollen grains. These trigger reactions once they are inhaled. Incessant coughing, watery eyes, asthma attacks- the reactions vary depending on the concentration of the allergens and the sensitivity of the persons affected. There are also those situations where the skin gets irritated, such as with dust mite waste. With an in-depth sofa cleaning, these allergens will be extracted from the furniture, allowing you to use it comfortably.


  • Grease and oily residue


Grease spots are troublesome since they increase the rate of soiling. They trap dust particles floating about, and make the sofa to look unsightly, with those dark spots strewn all over. Oils accumulating on the sofa is inevitable, since the skin naturally produces oils that get rubbed onto the furniture. Then there are the additional products used- lotions and cosmetic agents, that add to the soil build up. A regular sofa cleaning program will keep your set clean and fresh.

All-round sofa cleaning

Our crew are well skilled and equipped to handle the different types of sofas. Perhaps you have a sectional sofa- the multipiece that can be arranged in different configurations depending on the arrangement of the living room- usually they come in 3 or 5 pieces. You may also have a Chesterfield sofa, whose design has a history going way back to the 18th century, when it was commissioned by the 4th Earl of Chesterfield. Lawson-style sofas focus on comfort where the sets come with larger cushions. Mid-century modern sofas, on the other hand, have a minimalist design, from the practicality to the simplicity of the style. English roll arm sofas have a tight upholstery, and are known for their high backs and low arms. Though the back is tight, the seat cushions are loose, and this set blends well with modern living rooms, and can also be set up in the parlour. Bridgewater sofas have a more casual feel, and are typically meant to blend in rather than stand out. It’s a traditional set, characterised by its soft and padded cushions, legs that are hidden by a skirt, and arms that have been slightly rolled to the side. Camelback sofas are distinguished by their back, aptly named after the camel due to the arched design. It’s a classic addition to the living or working space, having been around since the late 1700s. With cabriole sofas, the back and arms have an equal height, with the arms tending to curve inwards. Their exposed wood trim and additional ornate elements enable them to have a huge impact on the decor. Routine sofa cleaning is required for all this.

Chaise lounges typically go into the master bedroom, but are also popular for the patio, especially around the pool. The sofa combines the features of a chair and a bed, and there are those sets that have arms, and others lack them. Sleeper sofas have been designed to serve the purpose they are named for, and come in options ranging from futons and pull-outs, to bunk-bed sofa combinations. You may even have a loveseat, which is basically a term referring to the sofas that have been designed for two people, and can feature styles like the cabriole and camelback with the construction. Other sofas don’t even have backs-such as the divan, which is placed up against the wall, after which pillows can be arranged in case you want a cushioned back. Settee sofas are basically wide chairs, but have a narrow build- and are usually installed at the foyer. Luxurious units like the reclining sofa are also common, ideal for the media rooms to watch some television, and for family rooms. Whichever kind of design that you have, it needs proper care, and our sofa cleaning team will see to it that it gets it.

Use Expert Services To Give Your Sofa A Thorough Wash

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