Sofa Cleaning - Have Your Sofa Cleaned Professionally

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Sofa Cleaning - Have Your Sofa Cleaned Professionally

Sofa Cleaning – Have Your Sofa Cleaned Professionally


The sofa is one of the key pieces of furniture in the house. It’s where one sits back to relax after a busy day at work. It’s where you catch up on the day’s events as you watch TV. Those lazy Sunday afternoons are spent napping on it. It’s where you host guests whether it’s for the neighbourhood watch, a book club, or gaming night. Some friends will choose to crash on it after a wild night out. You enjoy snacking on the sofa, and also occasionally curling up with a book on it. The sofa moves with you as you shift residences, making one lifestyle change after another. It’s a loyal companion, one that sticks with you through thick and thin. For some, it is the one piece of furniture that they keep with them throughout their lifetime. In fact, people rarely let the old sofas go. It holds so many memories, having lived with you through the best and worst times- when you had achievements and marked major milestones in your life, and even those occasions when all you wanted was to shut out the world and have some alone time. With all that usage, when was the last time you had it washed? Sofa cleaning is not as easy as tossing laundry into the washing machine. Yet, it handles more traffic than the sheets in the bed, and picks up dirt faster than the curtains hung up at the windows. Yet these get washed far more frequently.

A thriving ecosystem

In most households, the furniture has only been taken for professional sofa cleaning once or twice throughout their years of ownership. In some, it has never been cleaned or sanitised. Everything gets washed- dishes, hard surfaces, bathroom areas get sanitised- yet the sofa is ignored. All through this while the grime continues to accumulate in it. Just what is lurking in the sofa? Take food crumbs for instance. Everyone eats on the sofa at one time or another. What happens to the crumbs that fall off? They wind up in the cushions. These, in turn, are a magnet for ants, cockroaches and other creepy crawlers. You wouldn’t want your furniture to play host to a horde of vermin. Scheduling routine sofa cleaning sessions will ensure things don’t go down this road.

Let’s be honest- sofa sex is popular. The soft cushions, the cosy setting, it’s great for impromptu sex. One moment you’re cuddling up with your significant other, the next your bodies are writhing together in ecstasy- it happens. All that sweat, bodily fluids- the sofa is bound to get covered in some of it. As the skin rubs against the upholstery, body oils get transferred onto it. The following day, life will revert to normal, but the gunk will remain on the sofa. With the grease and oils, they worsen things since they are a dirt magnet, trapping surrounding particles of dust, accelerating rate of soiling. What of bacteria? The average family couch carries more bacteria per square inch than a toilet seat. This basically means that those cushions where you enjoy taking a nap on have higher pathogen concentrations than the porcelain throne. That’s gross just thinking about it. Regular sofa cleaning is vital to ensure that you have a sanitised environment.

Avoid the risks of the DIY process

It may be tempting to attempt a DIY job, but the risks far outweigh the benefits. Without the requisite skills needed for the task, you may end up with anything from frustrating results, all through to causing permanent damage to your set. For example, one may try to remove a coffee stain from the fabric or leather sofa using the solution that was effective when getting rid of the same type of stain on the kitchen countertop or living room floor. However, the product can end up corroding the material of the sofa. There are situations where the products used cause the stains to get ingrained deeper into the fabric, making the spot worse. The different types of sofas each have their unique cleaning requirements, depending on the fibre, stains or dirt spots being dealt with, and the mix that is required. You don’t want to ruin the finishing treatments that had been used on your set in the process of cleaning it, which exposes it to risk of more damage. Then there is the issue of using too much water. Drenching the sofa with water in a bid to flush out the dirt can work against you, especially with the rented equipment not having the required suction power to extract the moisture. It will cause the sofa to remain wet for days, which encourages fungal growth. The last thing you want is mould and mildew sprouting all over your elegant sofa. No one also looks forward to the inconvenience caused by being prevented from using the sofa during the days in which it will be wet. You want normalcy restored as fast as possible. There are even risks to your own health, such as those occasioned by employing hazardous chemicals. These can cause skin rashes, eye irritation, and also produce toxic fumes which result in breathing difficulties, affecting the persons on the premises. There are also those situations where chemical elements are left behind in the upholstery at the end of the DIY sofa cleaning, resulting in continued exposure to anyone who uses the furniture.

Equipped to deliver quality results

We have made heavy investments in state-of-the-art sofa cleaning machinery. These units get to the gunk that is buried deep within the cushions, and tough-acting products are used to dissolve those stubborn stains and dirt spots. The gunk is flushed out, and a thorough scrub delivered. This is done using processes that are safe for the sofa. The highly efficient units, coupled with the skill level of our personnel, ensures that the task is performed expeditiously. We are strict on time, and our crew will be punctual, enabling you to plan out your activities accurately. The drying time of the sofa is also cut down, which prevents issues like fungal growth.

Sofa Cleaning – Have Your Sofa Cleaned Professionally

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