Valuing Your Carpet With Professional Care Services

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Valuing Your Carpet With Professional Care Services

Valuing Your Carpet With Professional Care Services

While DIY projects are all the rage, with people challenging themselves to new tasks and experiences, some chores often end being a case of biting more than one can chew. From working with questionable cleaning formulations, hiring low-capacity machinery or units that are poorly maintained, to the mistakes made by the individual cleaning the carpet – like working with too much water or leaving behind too much residue – they all don’t bode well for your unit. It tends to end up with an incomplete job, where the professionals are called in to salvage the situation, meaning that the effort and resources spent with the DIY routine would have been essentially wasted. Cases of actually damaging the carpet are prevalent, causing one to dig deeper into their wallet to either repair the unit or have it replaced. The carpet manufacturers insist on the buyers getting their purchased units professionally cleaned – even adding this as one of the conditions for the warranty to be valid. This is to protect the carpet, and reduce the risks of damage to it. Here are the advantages that you get when you hire a professional carpet cleaning team:

The right equipment for the task

Take hot water extraction for instance. Here, a mixture of heated water and carpet cleaning solutions are pumped into the carpet at high pressure. The temperature and pressure involved dislodges the grime, enabling it to be easily flushed out of the carpet, from where it is then whisked away. The capacity of the machinery used here is key. The rental units usually have smaller pumps and motors compared to the industrial grade machinery that the professional carpet cleaning companies rely on. For the dealerships renting out the equipment, their priority is getting more people to hire the machines, and make them lighter and more portable. While this does make it easier to manoeuvre the carpet cleaning machinery, it compromises the effectiveness of the process, leading to low quality results. On the other hand, the professionals have invested heavily in high-capacity units, including truck mounted machinery to ensure that they have the power needed to carry out a thorough carpet cleaning in moments. 

There are also other carpet cleaning methods that come into focus, from foam cleaning to carbonation. Each has its pros and trade-offs, thus it is vital that you have an in-depth discussion with the particular carpet cleaning company to determine which approach will be used when working on your set. The professionals are also keen in minimising the disruption to your home, and put in place safety measures to prevent accidents occurring when the heavy gear is being used. 

Thorough cleaning

From DIYers getting exasperated by the slow progress of the task, to rookie companies looking to take shortcuts during the carpet cleaning, these usually leave soiling behind in the unit. Working on the carpet until it “just looks clean enough” will simply lead to more resources being required down the load, as the carpet cleaning will need to be repeated much sooner. Carpet cleaning methods where the dirt is simply pushed deeper into the fibres as opposed to actually flushing it out of the lush pile also end up being more expensive in the long run. Ensure a deep carpet cleaning is carried out by getting professionals who have the skills and are well-quipped for the process, to restore the vibrance to your carpet and get rid of the dirt and debris in the unit that is a risk to its structural integrity. 

Drying process

After the carpet cleaning, drying systems kick in to extract the bulk of the moisture from the carpet. With the rented machines having lower suction power, you can find yourself in a situation where they extract even under 50% of the water that had been used. The more water than remains in the carpet, the longer that it will take to dry, and the higher the chances that you will find yourself facing an infestation of mould and mildew. On the other hand, the carpet cleaning professionals come with industrial-grade wet vacuuming systems and air-movers which help in drying out the carpet. They remove so much moisture from the unit that the fibres are just left slightly damp- and this will have dried of within a short while – like 3 hours. Cranking up your household fan, and opening up the windows and doors, also helps in speeding up the process. 

Treatment options

Part of the follow-through processes can involve applying stain protectors and similar agents to your unit upon request. This helps in increasing the resistance of the unit to staining. For instance, the treatments prevent the carpet from readily absorbing the spills, buying you more time to soak up the liquids before it gets deep into the carpet. 

Bring back the charm to your space

With the soiled carpet ruining the decor, it can be frustrating. After all, you took your time and effort to set up the stylish interior, and spent lots of money getting the right carpet for the space. Dirt and grime piling up on the unit cause it to lose its charm, and this has a ripple effect on the rest of the room.  Getting the professionals to come in and provide a deep carpet cleaning gets rid of the source of the problem, and accentuates the interior space. Tough stain removal products that break down those stubborn spots, high-powered carpet cleaning gear that break through those stubborn build-ups and removes them from the carpet without affecting the structural integrity of the material, and odour neutralisers that deal with those foul smells emanating from the unit – this all comes into play in order to restore the elegance to your carpet. 

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Our carpet cleaning team comes with years of experience, having served both residential and commercial clients to keep their carpets all fresh and crisp. Get in touch with our personnel to schedule an appointment and experience these benefits of professional carpet care.

Valuing Your Carpet With Professional Care Services

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