5 Benefits You Get When Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

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5 Benefits You Get When Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

5 Benefits You Get When Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Being a core furnishing item in your household, you want your carpet to be well maintained. While carrying out a DIY carpet cleaning may seem like a good idea at the start, it usually ends up being more trouble than it’s worth – given the scope of the job, and the amount of skill and resources needed to ensure that it gets done right.  Here is a look at how you stand to benefit when you hire a professional company to handle the carpet cleaning task:



There are different factors that come into play when cleaning the carpet. It’s not just about sloshing cleaning chemicals onto the stains and dirt spots, and scrubbing them away. Different formulations available target the various kinds of carpet material, from those made with natural fibres to those with synthetic material. Even the cleaning systems used vary. For instance, while hot water extraction is a popular method for deep carpet cleaning, there are some delicate natural fibres where the use of copious amounts of moisture is prohibited. Mistakes like overwetting – a common occurrence during the DIY and rookie carpet cleaning, results in issues like fabric shrinkage, and there are carpets that will separate from the backing – what‘s referred to as delamination. What’s more, with inadequate drying procedures being implemented, then the carpet is left with too much moisture that it takes days to dry, which in turn increases the risks of mould and mildew growing. The fungi will produce spores and mycotoxins, and this increases the risks for the household occupants – which is definitely not how you want things playing out. Get things done the right way by hiring the professional carpet cleaning team. 



Due to the risks that come with failing to have the carpet cleaned, or using DIY processes, more manufacturers are increasingly including the professional care a part of their guarantee. Clauses in the warranty where you’re guaranteed your money back if unsatisfied with the product, or “Cover for X years” after purchase come with the added condition that the buyer must have the carpet cleaned by a professional after a set period of time. Failing to meet these terms invalidates the warranty, meaning you won’t have recourse when asking for your money back, or for a replacement to be made. This is also why it is important that you keep the carpet cleaning receipts with you, instead of tossing them out. 



These show up on the areas that are frequently walked on, and typically feature crushed piled and increased soiling build-ups. It makes the carpet look tired and worn out. A deep carpet cleaning flushes out the grime, and restores a fresh look and feel to your carpet. This has the welcome benefit of accentuating the ambience. 



There are two main reasons why professional carpet cleaning companies get the task done in a fraction the time that a rookie takes, or one going through the DIY process: skills and resources. Here, the cleaners themselves have been taken through training on the various kinds of carpet cleaning measures required, and come with loads of experience, having served both residential and commercial clients, taking care of the carpet cleaning needs. Secondly, professional companies invest heavily in quality machinery – usually industry-grade units, as opposed to the lower capacity rental units that are available from local dealerships. More power is needed for the efficiency of the task to be enhanced, and you will even have cases where the carpet cleaning crew come with truck-mounted gear, adding to their capacity. This speeds up the turnaround for the entire carpet cleaning and drying processes, reducing the disruption to your daily activities, and allowing normalcy to resume in your home much faster. This is as opposed to taking on the task as DIY project and spending your entire day off from work scrubbing at those stubborn spots on the carpet, and still winding up with unsatisfactory results that force you to repeat the process. Save yourself from the hassle involved by bringing in the carpet cleaning experts, and spend that time engaged in activities that you actually enjoy.



Note that this depends on the carpet cleaning method used – hence you need to get this clarified by the company that you’re hiring. Some carpet cleaning methods like shampooing remove the soiling that is on the upper layer of the carpet, with a significant chunk of it getting pushed deeper into the material.  On the other hand, with hot water extraction, the heated water is pumped deep into the carpet at high pressure, dislodging the grime and bringing it out to the surface, from where it is whisked off. Cleaning solutions are also incorporated into the process, to chemically break down those stubborn spots.  With a deep carpet cleaning, the ingrained soiling is got rid of, which prolongs the life of your unit, given that the grime is one of the reasons why the quality of the carpet deteriorates over time. 

What’s more, the stubborn stains that had formed on the carpet, be they from food or drink spills, are all removed, restoring the charm and appeal to your unit. The carpet cleaning accentuates the space, leaving it all fresh and vibrant. The odours that are emanating from the unit are also dealt with. This is a two-part process, that involves removing the source of the smell itself, then using odour neutraliser. Fragranced products can be used during the carpet cleaning, upon request, leaving the space with your preferred scent. You get a fresh and appealing carpet, that you and your family members will enjoy using. You can also choose to have stain protectors applied to the carpet. These add the resilience of the material to everyday spills, reducing your workload when it comes to the maintenance, and prolonging the life of your unit. 

5 Benefits You Get When Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

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