When Your Sofa Is All Soiled Up

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When Your Sofa Is All Soiled Up

When Your Sofa Is All Soiled Up

The sofa is the household’s favourite set of furniture. Everyone uses it at one point or another. From simply lounging back to relax after a long day at work, those lazy Sunday afternoons spent napping on the cosy cushions, it’s where you host your guests from, and the kids hop up and down the unit during their games. Steamy nights with your significant other where the action goes down on the sofa, pets that have likely picked out the sofa arm as their go-to napping spot – the sofa sees it all. During this usage, it is bound to pick up dirt and grime. 

Just what exactly accumulates in the sofa? For starters, there’s the dust settling on the upholstery from the airspace. This accumulates round the clock – which is why you’re advised to cover up the units when you’re leaving the house for extended periods, like during those vacation months. Then there’s the soiling that is brought over on people’s clothes. handbags, and other items that were in the outdoors, and come into contact with the sofa. For those with particularly wild kids, it’s not surprising to occasionally find them jumping onto their sofa with their shoes. Do you have a pet? Cats and dogs can have picked up dirt and grime on their fur while on their outdoor escapades, and these also wind up on the upholstery. Add this to substances like sweat and body oil that is rubbed onto the sofa. These greasy spots become dirt magnets trapping dust particles from the airspace. 

Stains are an issue too. This ranges from the occasional slip of the wrist when holding a wine glass, which hurls its contents all over the cushions, that coffee or the mug that was resting in the hand while you were deeply engrossed in a TV show, and accidentally lot its balance, which ended up messing the sofa. Kids with their milk and yoghurt spills, accidental inkblots, all through to nail polish that drips on the sofa during that morning rush to prepare yourself for work – accidents happen. The absorbent nature of the sofa makes it readily absorb the liquids, creating stains that clash with the colour pattern of the rest of the furniture. Depending on the sensitivity of the fabric upholstery to moisture, some of these spills can lead to damage of the upholstery itself – which is why it’s usually recommended for some materials like linen sofa to only be set up in rooms that have minimal traffic and risks of messes. 

Get The Professionals To Clean Your Sofa

Are you frustrated by a dirty sofa? You don’t have to endure the dilapidated conditions. Calling in the sofa cleaning professionals to work on your until will enable you to restore its charm. Here are benefits if that come with going the professional route:

Restore a pleasant fragrance to the space

The mounds of gunk that are accumulating in the sofa causes it to produce odours, which reek up the space. Depending on the concentration of the odours, these can even spread to the adjacent rooms, making those in the household uncomfortable. Definitely, a smelly sofa is not pleasant to sit on in the first place. You can barely relax when having your nostrils assaulted by the stench reeking up from the upholstery. Through a deep sofa cleaning , the source of the smell will be removed, and odour neutralizers are also used in the process. These leave behind a pleasant fragrance, that accentuates the interior space. 

Give your sofa longer life

That build-up of dirt and grime is detrimental for the longevity of the sofa. The abrasive soiling wears down the upholstery. Spills on the hand result in stains that, if ignored for long, can set permanently into the fabric. This will put you in a position where you’re forced to replace the sofa much earlier than you had anticipated. It is depressing to see sofas that had so much potential in landfills and dumping sites. A well-taken care of unit can last with you for years. There are families that have seen the same furniture being with them over the decades, making plenty of memories on them, such that letting them go becomes difficult. Prevent dirt and grime from ruining your elegant by scheduling routine sofa cleaning sessions. What’s more, you can score a higher value for it should you decide to sell the furniture later on in life. 

Spruce up your home

There is doubt that dirty sofa ruins the interior decor. You may have elegant carpeting, and state of the art electronics, artwork on the walls and suitably positioned windows that let in as much natural light as possible – but when the sofa is in a sorry state, it will drag it all down. This is especially due to the large size of this set of furniture, meaning that its state will set the tone for the rest of the household. Scheduling a deep sofa cleaning will enable you to get rid of the stains and dirt spots that are making the place appear chaotic, enhancing the ambience of the home. The odour neutralizers that are used additionally gives a fresh and relaxing scent in the room.

Safe sofa cleaning processes

One of the concerns by home owners is the safety of the chemicals being used when the cleaning is being carried out. This is understandable, since no one wants to expose their family members to toxic solutions. It’s worse when the chemicals residue is left behind on the upholstery after the cleaning because of the rinsing not being carried out appropriately. Coming into contact with the chemicals agents will put those using the sofa at risk. These dangers can be avoided by turning to green cleaning methods. Here, products that have been certified to be eco-friendly are used. These enable the dirt spots and stains to be broken down without putting the surrounding biodiversity – including the family members and pets, at risk.

When Your Sofa Is All Soiled Up

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