Why Business Owners Are Turning To Professional Sofa Cleaning Services

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Why Business Owners Are Turning To Professional Sofa Cleaning Services

Why Business Owners Are Turning To Professional Sofa Cleaning Services

The state of the furniture in your business premises is a reflection on your operations, and you want it to be in top shape. From the couches out in the lobbies and reception areas, to those in the offices and hotel rooms – their condition is an indication of the level of care and professionalism with which the company is run, and the last thing you want is your customers finding the sofas in a dilapidated condition. The high traffic nature of the commercial spaces means that the furniture will witness more usage compared to homes, thus they will have higher dirt build-ups. Kid-friendly and pet-friendly environments will witness more soiling on the furnishing and upholstery, due to the messes that the little ones keep making. Hiring a professional to routinely give the future a deep clean goes a long way in protecting the sofas and the image of the business. Let’s delve deeper into the reasons why business owners are increasingly going this route when it comes to the maintenance of their furnishings.


  • The health and wellbeing of the staff and clients


As your clients relax on the sofas in the lobbies waiting to be served, you don’t want them to keep sneezing or getting the sniffles. These flu-like symptoms are attributed to the allergens that are within the sofa. Those couches in the employee lounges where the staff enjoy their snacks are likely to be covered in loads of food crumbs, which are a magnet for insects and pests. Having rats, roaches – and in some cases mice, trooping around in the workplace is not exactly hygienic, especially with the wide range of pathogens that they bring about. The heavily used sofas, whether they are in the office or lounges, will also have high germ counts, due to the bacteria transferred to them by the persons resting on those cosy cushions. Add this to issues like colonies of dust mites that are sustained by the mounds of skin flakes that are produced by those using the sofas, plus pet fur and dander for establishments that allow clients to bring over their furry little friends. These expose the clientele and employees to health risks, and vacuuming alone is not enough to remove the substances from your sofas. A deep cleaning will be occasionally required, flushing out the contents that are within the unit. 


  • Getting it right with first impressions


For your potential customers, first impressions matter. From restaurants, hotel lobbies, consultancy offices to entertainment venues, having soiled furnishings can be off-putting. The stains and dirt spots will portray you in a negative light, resulting in the confidence that these potential clients would have about your business starting to dwindle. In fact, for establishments like restaurants this can send the clients right out of the premises, scouting for other areas that will be more “welcoming”. On the other hand, beautiful and well-maintained furniture will bolster their confidence about the products and service you hire, and be an indication of the level of care that you place in all the aspects of your operations. 


  • Higher proficiency compared to the in-house cleaning team


Dealing with sofas is not exactly as easy as wiping the grime off countertops or mopping floors. The different types of sofas have their unique cleaning requirements, from the natural and synthetic fabric upholsteries, to the leather sets that may be in the premises. There’s the additional aspect of the stains that are on the unit, where you want to use chemicals that will act on the stain while protecting the underlying material. Here, applying the wrong cleaning agents will mess up the sofa, and unless the in-house cleaning team has been trained in sofa care, it poses a risk to your sets. The equipment used also factors in. For a deep and thorough clean, high-capacity machinery like hot water extraction systems are used. The gear that the professionals rely on is of industrial-grade, and it wouldn’t be feasible to have it as part of your cleaning kit due to its high price tag, and the fact that the deep sofa cleaning is not a frequent activity. Adding this to your expenses will eat into your earnings, yet you can simply schedule a routine cleaning and have the issue resolved by the professional to high quality standards. 


  • Protecting your assets


No doubt the furniture in your business premises came with a hefty price tag. It was worth it too, given that it added to the décor, and provided areas for your staff and clientele to relax on. However, those cosy sofas are also at risk of wear and tear, especially for the areas where they are heavily used, like in the waiting lobbies of office buildings. Abrasive dirt particles in the upholstery that are grinded against the material whenever people use the furniture, chemical action from the spills that are soaked into the upholstery, sweat and body oil from the skin that rubs against the cushions which act as a dirt magnet – attracting more soiling on the affected spot – they all gradually lead to the sofa deteriorating. Pet focused businesses like vet offices and doggie daycares also witness issues like urine stains on the sofas, which can rapidly ruin the affected units. A deep clean that gets rid of these substances will be key to prolong the life of the sofa. Additional measures like applying stain-proofing treatments can also be carried out, as well as moisturising leather sofas to bring back their soft and supple feel. 



Properly maintaining the sofas in your business premises is far more affordable than having to frequently buy new sets. By hiring the services of a professional cleaning company, you also get to ensure that the right measures are taken for the particular types of upholstery in your establishment, and avoid the costs that would come with mistakes made by rookies taking on the task. The increased earnings that come due to enhanced productivity by your employees – who will see the amount of care that you’re putting in providing a healthy workspace, will be a welcome bonus. 

Why Business Owners Are Turning To Professional Sofa Cleaning Services

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