Is Your Favourite Couch A Grime Haven?

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Is Your Favourite Couch A Grime Haven?

Is Your Favourite Couch A Grime Haven?

When did you last have your furniture cleaned? Not just the routine vacuuming – a deep and thorough clean with the goal of flushing out the grime that is buried within the upholstery and cushions. The normal cleaning operations tend to cover everything else, scrubbing bathrooms and floors, wiping down kitchen counters and washing the windows. yet the sofas are left behind. This overlooks the aspect of these cosy furniture sets being some of the most used items in the house. Everyone admits to being a couch-potato at some point in their lives, right?

You lounge back on the sofa every day after you come home from work, it’s where you host your guests or kick back with a newspaper, watch some TV, and even take the occasional nap. The kids enjoy playing on the bouncy cushions, and if you have a pet no doubt your furry friend has already picked out a cosy spot on the sofa to sleep on. The sofa sees it all: dust settling on it from the airspace, dander from the pets snuggling on the sofa arm, sweat and bodily fluids from steamy couples going at it right on the sofa, food crumbs for those snacks you enjoy while binge-watching movies and TV shows – it’s bound to get soiled. Here is a look at the common kinds of grime that could be in your furniture:

Dust mites and allergens

Do you often find yourself with the sniffles whenever you use the sofa? Flu-like symptoms, from sneezing, watery eyes to nasal congestion are a pointer to allergens within those soft upholstery fibres. These are released into the air space whenever the cushions are disturbed, and trigger the reactions once inhaled. For those with respiratory conditions, the situation can get dire, such as asthma attacks being trigged.

The allergens that could be in the sofa range from substances like pollen and fungal spores that were floating around in the indoor airspace and landed on the sofa, pet fur and dander for those with cats and dogs in the household, all through to the faecal pellets left behind by the hordes of dust mites that are in the sofa. They irritate a person’s airways, triggering the respiratory issues. Having the sofa cleaning done regularly keeps these allergens under control, enabling you to improve the indoor air quality.


The high traffic sofas are bound to be a hotbed of bacteria and viruses. From the germs feeding on the decaying organic matter, to those that are coughed and sneezed onto the upholstery by persons who are ill, these contribute to ruining the health standards of the household. In fact, when someone is ill – such as a family member down with the flu, the likely resting spot will be the sofa. With all that coughing and sneezing, there’ll be viruses that will be spread on the cushions and upholstery, which can be later picked up by other household members. There are also cases of pets tracking in faecal matter under their paws, such as after Fluffy’s adventures at the dog park where he might have stepped on some dog poop, then come home and hopped onto the furniture. Such transfers of pathogens put the household members at risk, increases the need for thorough sofa cleaning and sanitisation, to prevent diseases from breaking out. This is especially the case when there has been a recent attack of illnesses like Parvo for dogs, where all surfaces within the residence will need a thorough wash to protect the animal from reinfection.


There are mould spores that will latch onto the upholstery fibres. All that’s needed now is moisture in the material to provide a suitable environment for the mould to start growing. This tends to occur when spills are allowed to soak into the furniture and remain unattended to for long, or during those DIY sofa cleaning projects where the furniture is left soaking wet such that it takes days to dry. The growing

mould releases more spores into the indoor air space, increasing the rate of allergic reactions. Some species of mould can also produce mycotoxins, which add to the health risks that the family members are exposed to.

Oily residue

Grease from food, oils from messy fingers, all through to body lotions that get transferred onto the upholstery when the skin is rubbed against the future – these are germ magnets. Basically, they trap dirt particles, creating localised areas with huge grime build-ups. These sections can be frustrating to clean up, calling for powerful formulations to break down the deposits and flush them out of the sofa.


What about tiny creatures like fleas? This is especially for those homes with pets. The cats and dogs may bring in home these troublesome little creatures, which will proceed to hide out in the nooks and crannies of the furniture. Not only are they frustrating to deal with, but some of the pets also come carrying pathogens, adding to the health risks involved.

We’re here for your sofa cleaning needs

Whether you’re looking for routine sofa cleaning services, or are dealing with the aftermath of a party in your home that left the residence in a mess, we’ve got you covered. Stain and odour removal, dealing with those mounds of dirt that built up for years, and getting rid of the allergens that are making the furniture uncomfortable to use – our team does it all. High-powered cleaning machinery is used to get to the grime buried within the sofa, and the formulations that are employed will be safe for the particular type of upholstery. After all, the goal is to get the sofa clean, not weaken its structural integrity in the process. Our team will arrive at your residence at the scheduled time, ready to hit the ground running. They are a friendly lot, and look forward to ensuring that you enjoy the entire service from the results of the process, to the interactions while the task is being carried out. Get in touch with us today to discuss your sofa cleaning needs.

Is Your Favourite Couch A Grime Haven?

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