Why You Should Hire Professional Sofa Cleaning Services

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Why You Should Hire Professional Sofa Cleaning Services

Why You Should Hire Professional Sofa Cleaning Services

Given the value that the furniture brings to the interior decor, you want to be sure that its well taken care of. How much time and energy do you devote to keeping your sofas neat and clean? Most usually limit the care to the routine vacuuming, and wiping off the occasional spills. However, this does not stop the gradual deterioration of the furniture. After all, much more is needed to get rid of the growing amounts of grime that are in the sofa. You don’t want to be stuck with a dull and dingy set that is uncomfortable to use. Stained and soiled furnishings ruin the interior decor, and the additional odours that come with the decaying organic residue in the set only make things worse. Hiring a professional to give your sofa a deep clean comes with a wide range of benefits, including:


  • Avoiding DIY risks


The task is not as simple as it looks. You can’t just grab a random laundry detergent, slosh it onto the sofa and scrub away the grime. There are different types of sofas – natural and synthetic upholstery units, and each have their required mode of care and maintenance. The solutions used on wool and linen sofa are different from those that are used when cleaning polyester units. Even others like leather sofas shouldn’t be soaked with water, as it will do more harm than good. 

DIYers often tend to make blunders that lead to costly ramifications. For instance, working with a harsh cleaner – perhaps in an attempt to dissolve a particularly stubborn stain, can lead to the fibres of the upholstery getting corroded. There are also issues of colour bleeding, Whether the dyes that the upholstery had been treated with get leached out, situations where the product itself causes the stain to adhere more firmly to the material – all these can be frustrating. 

What about the equipment used? The industrial-grade machinery that the sofa cleaning professionals use comes with more power compared to the units that are available for the DIYer to rent from the local dealerships. This puts you at a disadvantage. For starters, it means that the task will end up taking far much longer. Reduced capacities with functionalities like the extraction power also have an impact on the final result. Here, more moisture remains in the sofa, meaning that the upholstery will take longer to dry, exposing it to risks of fungi growth – which is not what you want your family members getting exposed to. 


  • Freshen up the sofa


Your sofa may have been around for years, but it doesn’t have to smell like it. Over the course of its usage, the grime that’s accumulated in it is acted on by bacteria, and the process produces odours. The dander, cheese spills, to the sweat that was rubbed onto the upholstery contribute to the odours – and while and air freshener can mask the smell for a few hours, it doesn’t solve the cause of the problem. A deep sofa cleaning will be required, where the grime is flushed out of the unit, giving the furniture a fresh start. There are cases where the odours are instantaneous and pungent, such that they chase people out of the room – like when there are pet urine stains on the furniture. Here, the odour actually gets worse over time. The cleaning involved with the pet urine accidents needs to remove even the residue urine crystals. If they are allowed to remain, they will occasionally get moist like when there are spills or the spot or even when one is wiping the section in future, and will produce that pungent ammonia smell. The professionals will ensure that the situation has been summarily dealt with, so that you won’t have to worry about recurring odours. 


  • Enhance your decor


If it has been a while since the last round of sofa cleaning, the change will be drastic. Actually, others are cases where it has been so long such that the homeowner doesn’t recall the original look and feel of the sofa, and gets surprised once the task is completed. Those stains riddling the sofa, clashing with the colours and patterns of the unit need to be got rid of, as well as the dirt build up that is making the set look old and worn out. These are also some of the reasons contributing to making the space feeling all unkempt. With the décor of the house being on the line, you want to ensure that a thorough job is done. By outsourcing the job to a professional contractor, you end up with quality results that accentuate the interior space. Additional after-care measures can also be undertaken such as applying stain protectors on the upholstery to increase the resistance of the material, all through to moisturising as happens with the leather upholsteries. 

We’ll Give Your Sofa A Thorough Wash

Having been in the sofa cleaning industry for years, we are well versed with the different aspects of the job, and adopt the latest technologies to deliver quality results – from green cleaning practises where biodegradable solutions and certified products are used, methods like hot water extraction that flush out the grime on the upholsteries that can handle the pressures and temperatures involved, to gentle processes for the delicate fibre units like linen in order to get rid of the grime without putting the material at risk. Our trained crew will analyse the condition of the sofa, including the particular type of stains and the level of soiling involved, in order to ensure that the modes of cleaning they choose will be safe and effective.

With us, you also get the opportunity for all-round cleaning. We go beyond sofa cleaning, extending our services to carpet care, area rugs, working on the mattresses, and even giving the house a top-to-bottom clean. Get in touch with our friendly personnel to discuss your particular needs, and let us work up a package that will suit your situation.

Why You Should Hire Professional Sofa Cleaning Services

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