Why You Should Get Your Sofa Cleaned Professionally

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Why You Should Get Your Sofa Cleaned Professionally

Why You Should Get Your Sofa Cleaned Professionally

With the sofa being an integral part of your home, ensuring it is properly taken care of is key. It’s the most used set of furniture in the household, leading to it accumulating loads of grime. Simply relaxing on it after a long day at work, hosting friends and relatives who drop by, those occasional naps whether it is by family members or pets in the household, to food and drink spills as people enjoy their snacks while resting on the cosy cushions – there ends up being heavy dirt accumulation, which needs more than just the regular vacuuming to get rid of. There are plenty of reasons why you should consider getting the professionals to give your sofa a deep clean, including:


  • Protect the health of your family members


With everything from allergens to contaminants and pathogens residing in the sofa, you have lots of incentive to arrange for it to receive a deep cleaning. You don’t want your loved ones to keep erupting into a bout of coughs and sneezes whenever they use the furniture, or expose them to infections from germs that are within the upholstery. Speaking of which, when there has been a case where a household member is sick, they are more likely to rest and recuperate on the sofa. Amidst the coughing, running nose, sneezing, itchy skin, fungal infections and other issues, there will be a high chance that the disease-causing agents will have been transferred onto the furniture, increasing the risk of infecting those who use it later on. 

Even pests are an issue. For instance, for those with cats or dogs, the furry little friends may have brought in fleas from the outdoors, which will hide out in the warm upholstery. All this contributes to increasing the health risk that the family members are exposed to. A deep sofa cleaning, where the contents are flushed out of the unit, will enable you to restore optimal health standards in your household, and not have to worry about your loved ones being put in danger. 


  • Restore the charm to your set


Definitely, you want your sofa to look good. When it is all soiled and stained its aesthetic appeal is taken away, which also has a negative effect on the surrounding space. Coming home to furnishings that are in a dull and dilapidated condition can be frustrating, especially when you had worked so hard to set up the ideal decor that suits your style. There are also those concerns about how it will reflect on your personality, especially when you plan on having guests over. The routine sofa cleaning will prevent thigs from playing out like this, allowing you to maintain the elegance of your unit. 


  • Getting rid of odours


The soiled sofa emits musky odours that make it uncomfortable to use. This is from the decaying organic matter, to issues like sweat that got rubbed onto the upholstery from the skin. Pet odours that have been absorbed by the furniture, substances like cigarette smoke for those residences where there is someone who smokes – the absorbent upholstery will take in these smells, contributing to lowering the comfort of the sofa. A thorough sofa cleaning, where the source of the smells is removed, and odour neutralisers also used to render the stenches inert at a molecular level, will ensure that you won’t have to worry about the smells recurring. 


  • Prolong the life of your sofa


The dirt and grime that continues to build up within your sofa is a threat to its structural integrity. Those particles are abrasive, wearing down the fibres of the upholstery. This weakens the material, ruining the quality of the sofa and forcing you to fork out more money to make repairs, or outrightly replace the unit. Yet, these hefty maintenance costs can be avoided by simply arranging for routine sofa cleaning services.

When you hire professionals for the task, you get to ensure that the appropriate products are used for the process. One common mistake made by DIYers in an attempt to scrub out the dirt spots and stains on their sofas is to use harsh chemicals, which end up corroding the material, or forcing the stains to set more permanently into the upholstery. These are not outcomes you want for your elegant sofa. Bring in the pros, to ensure that your furniture will be in safe hands. 

Quick Guide To Hiring Sofa Cleaning Services

So, what should you look for when hiring a sofa cleaning company? You want to be sure that you’re dealing with a professional, who will deliver the results you desire, without putting your unit at risk. One of the key factors to consider is the track record of the company. This is broad, covering issues like how long the sofa cleaning company has been in operation, all through to the reviews that it has received from clients who have hired its services. Check out its social media pages and go through the comments, and even head to its listing on the local business directories if need be. Speaking of which, if the sofa cleaning doesn’t have an online presence, that is a red flag. In this day and age, the very least that a business meaning to connect with its clients should do is maintain an online presence. 

For how long the company has been in operation? Here the goal is to get a balance that you’re comfortable with. After all, even young start-ups have been known to get the work done, and everyone has to start somewhere, right? However, you will have more peace of mind when engaging a firm that has been providing the services for years – especially since they will have more resources to get it done within a shorter time, and will have built a verifiable record over the time. This is as opposed to risking it with a rookie who will come to learn the ropes on your furniture. Regarding the cost, compare rates from different companies, in order to determine what will be the suitable range for your particular situation. The final quotation given by the company you hire will account for factors such as the size and number of sofas to be worked on, to cases of stubborn stains that need to be dealt with, and aftercare like applying stain protectors on the fabric upholstery or moisturising the leather sofas.

Why You Should Get Your Sofa Cleaned Professionally

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