Why The Carpet Cleaning Is Key To Minimise Allergies

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Why The Carpet Cleaning Is Key To Minimise Allergies

 Why The Carpet Cleaning Is Key To Minimise Allergies

Do you find sneezing increasingly often when indoors, having a clogged nose or watery eyes? For those with asthma, there could be more attacks occurring as well. These are a pointer to increased allergen concentration in the indoor space, and the carpet is usually a prime suspect – given that it hoards the materials within the lush fibres, releasing them into the indoor airspace when the carpet material is disturbed – like when a person walks on it. While vacuuming is important to keep the allergen level low, an in-depth carpet cleaning is still recommended to flush out the grime, since there will be more particles getting ingrained in the fibres of the carpet as time goes by.

Carpet Allergens

Here are some of the most common allergens that are in the carpet:


  • Dust mite waste


The microscopic mites are a top concern given that they are some of the leading causes of allergic rhinitis. The allergen here is the faecal material they produce, which has protein elements that trigger the allergic reactions. There are loads of mites in the carpet feeding on the skin cells that are produced by occupants in the building. You want a carpet cleaning process that destroys the colonies of mites residing within those lush fibres, and gets rid of the gunk, including the faecal pellets and the dead mites. 


  • Pet fur and dander


With cats and dogs in the household, there is bound to be loads of fur and dander accumulating in the carpet – especially since they enjoy napping and playing around on the cosy carpet. These particles add to the allergen concentration, and with Fluffy’s or Kitty’s napping spots being the most affected. An in-depth carpet cleaning like hot water extraction that removes this material will go a long way in enhancing the health standards of the space. 


  • Spores


They are naturally floating around in the air. Since the carpet is basically a large air filter they are bound to get trapped in the fibres. At the onset, this is beneficial, improving the indoor air quality. However, the carpets filtering functionality cannot last for long, since it is still accumulating more soiling. As the amount of particles in the carpet increases, its ability to hold onto them and retain them within the structure reduces, causing them to be easily dislodged and released into the air space – only this time you will be dealing with a higher concentration that puts the household occupants at risk. With vacuuming and routine carpet cleaning services, you will be in a position to keep these concentrations low, enabling you loved ones to breathe easier. 

Spores present another core problem: mould growth. Mistakes made during the DIY and rookie carpet cleaning, where the material is left with too much water and takes days to dry, increases the chances of mould growing. This brings about its own set of problems, from the stains that are formed which ruin the appeal of the carpet, to more spores and substances like mycotoxins being produced, leading to a deterioration of the indoor air quality. You want to deal with a carpet cleaning company that also focuses on the drying process, to remove as  much water as possible from the carpet and cut down the drying time from days to mere hours, in order to prevent mould growth and protect both your loved ones and your carpet. 



This includes the dust that settles onto the carpet from the surrounding airspace, to the soiling that is tracked into the building under the soles of people’s shoes. The particles are gradually broken down, becoming finer and lighter. As their quantities increase in the carpet, so does the health risk posed to your family members. A carpet cleaning process that focuses on actually removing the grime – instead of simply pushing it deeper into the material is key. This aids in improving the indoor air quality, and also prolonging the life of the carpet. 

The choice of carpet cleaning company is critical. There are lots of businesses providing the services, and each claims to be the best at what they do – so you’ll need to do a bit more on your part to weed out the rookies from the pros. For instance, you should check out the reviews of the company, such as going through its social media pages, and its listings on business directories that come with a review feature.  Look at factors such as the length of time that the carpet cleaning company has been in operation, and ask about its insurance coverage, since you also want to be sure that you’re protected in case of accidents during the carpet cleaning process. 

Extra Tips To Keep Those Allergies Under Control


  • Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter


In addition to vacuuming regularly, it is recommended that you work with units that have a HEPA filter. These vacuum systems drastically cut down the amount of particles that get released back into the air space, making the vacuuming more effective. 



As you open up the windows to let in the fresh air, there are allergens like dust spores and pollen grains that get blown in, landing on the curtains and dust blinds. The furniture too is one of the collection points for the allergens, contributing to decreasing the indoor air quality. Getting these units worked on as an add-on to the carpet cleaning services will further enhance the health standards of the household.



If there are increased cases of allergy flareups, one of the factors that could be causing it is high humidity levels, as they encourage the flourishing of microorganisms that produce the particle matter triggering the reactions. Keeping the indoor humidity at 35 – 50% levels will help in managing the situation. If the humidity is particularly high, it is recommended that you consider investing in a dehumidifier. 



This should be as often as is recommended by the manufacturer, or the air conditioning installers and repair technicians. The longer that the HVAC units are kept running the, dirtier the filters get. Changing them ensures that your system maintains optimal functionality. 

Why The Carpet Cleaning Is Key To Minimise Allergies

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