Affordable Carpet Cleaning Dublin

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Affordable Carpet Cleaning Dublin

Affordable Carpet Cleaning Dublin

Carpet remains a popular choice in a lot of offices and businesses. Carpets at their best can look warm and luxurious and can be easy to clean. Stains and discolouration can occur however if carpets are not regularly cleaned. This can be unsightly and dirty carpets can pose a hazard for staff and customers. Affordable Carpet Cleaning Dublin

There are many types of carpeted floors, in different shapes and colours. They all have something in common, they absorb dirt. A lino floor when dirty can be easily mopped and the dirt will be removed instantly but a carpeted floor which may appear clean and stain free can actually be full of dirt and dust. As people walk on the floor this dust is released into the air and inhaled.  This can cause health issues for staff spending most of their waking hours within the office area. Affordable Carpet Cleaning Dublin

Ireland is a wet country and even if it does not rain daily, the air is quite moist. The moisture in the air combined with the dust from dirty carpets creates a great habitat for micro-organisms and bad bacteria. Carpet mites can also thrive in this environment and that can put your health at risk. Affordable Carpet Cleaning Dublin

Vacuuming. Your office carpet needs to be vacuumed daily. It is very important that you buy a high quality commercial vacuum. A professional commercial vacuum has powerful extraction which can remove dust from very deep within the carpet fibres.

Carpet Cleaning. Vacuuming your carpet can work well to keep your carpet dirt and dust free but eventually the carpet will stain and it will start looking very dirty and discoloured. The areas with a lot of traffic will look worse than the areas with less traffic. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company to deal with your carpets will be a good idea. Bactericidal deodorisers and disinfectants will be used to remove all the dust deposits from inside your carpets. A carpet cleaning machine has very powerful extraction motors that can absorb much more dust than a standard office vacuum. In one simple operation, you will have clean and disinfected carpets. Affordable Carpet Cleaning Dublin

How often should you wash your carpets? Well, it all depends on traffic. Very busy offices use the services of a professional carpet cleaning company 2 to 3 times per year while an office with little traffic will use the services of a carpet cleaning company much less. Either way, your carpets will need to be washed at least once per year. You should ask your carpet cleaning contractor to use powerful disinfectants while washing the carpet. Affordable Carpet Cleaning Dublin

There are two ways of cleaning a carpet. You can hire a “dry” carpet cleaning company or “wet” carpet cleaning company. Both systems have advantages and disadvantages. A wet carpet cleaning system will clean deeper but it will leave the carpet wet for a while. A dry carpet cleaning system will use a dry cleaning method but will use strong chemicals. Both systems work well and it is up to you to decide what way you need your carpets washed. Affordable Carpet Cleaning Dublin

Deodorising. After the carpet is cleaned, or during cleaning, a deodorising agent can be used to refresh the carpet. If you do not want any perfume added, simply ask the carpet cleaning contractor. There are long lasting deodorisers or deodorisers that only last a couple of hours. Again, it is the client’s preference.

Prices. You will be surprised to find out the difference that exists between the prices of carpet cleaning companies. For the same job, can pay 50€ or 250€. First of all, you need to understand that there are private carpet cleaning companies and franchises. A franchise brand is likely to use more complicated technology so they will charge a bit more. Using better technology doesn`t mean that they will achieve better results or that your carpets will look much better. Also, a franchise has a fee to pay at the end of the month so they need to charge a bit more. Most Irish carpet cleaning franchises use dry carpet cleaning systems while most local carpet cleaning companies use water extraction carpet cleaning systems. Ask for a free estimate and you will know what to expect. Affordable Carpet Cleaning Dublin

Eco-friendly. Another important thing to consider when planning to have your carpets professionally cleaned is the level of chemicals used to achieve good results. Again, if you pay little, you should expect little. Eco friendly or natural carpet cleaning shampoos cost much more than standard carpet cleaning agents. Dublin Carpet Cleaning can wash your carpet with 100% natural carpet cleaning shampoos or eco friendly shampoos. A cheap carpet cleaning shampoo can contain 10 times more chemicals than a natural shampoo. Affordable Carpet Cleaning Dublin

Carpet Mites. Have you noticed patches of carpet breaking apart in particular areas without any clear reason? You might have carpet mites. These minute insects live and thrive inside carpets, it is the perfect environment for them if carpets are not regularly vacuumed and cleaned. To get rid of them you need to cut off their food source. A good carpet cleaning operation with a strong disinfectant should do the job. Affordable Carpet Cleaning Dublin

Don`t wait any longer and don`t breath more dust than you need to. Call the carpet cleaning specialists and disinfect your carpet. Our prices are affordable and our work quality is sure to impress you. We can guarantee 1 hour drying time and a very reliable service. Affordable Carpet Cleaning Dublin

Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Professional carpet cleaning services for fair prices

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