Carpet Cleaning Costs

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Carpet Cleaning Costs

Carpet Cleaning Costs

All our commercial cleaning jobs will be priced per square meter. Bigger the floor area, cheaper the rate per square meter.

Domestic carpet cleaning prices:

1 bed carpet cleaning 35€

1 living room carpet cleaning 60€

1 set of stairs and landing carpet cleaning 60€


***our minimum charhe is 60 euro***


Carpet Cleaning Dublin Professionals You Can Trust – Carpet Cleaning Costs

Are you looking for carpet cleaning Dublin services? Perhaps you’re hosting a party in your home, a meeting in your office, or simply want to spruce up your living and working space. Tired of those traffic lanes forming on your carpet where people usually walk? The huge amount of traffic that a carpet receives makes it build up grime fast. It also catches anything that falls to the floor, and goes further to filter particulates from the air above. Is there a huge contrast between the colour of the carpet under the furniture, and that out in the open? Are you preparing for a family get together and want to charm your way into the hearts of your in-laws, or cleaning up after the end of year celebrations at the office? Stains from food and beverage spills make your elegant carpet to develop patches all over. They embarrass you in front of your guests at home, and turn away customers from your office building, hotel, mall, consultant service, and other commercial establishment. You also don’t want to find fungi mushrooming out of your stylish carpet. The carpet may even be in dire need of a clean due to being ignored for ages. Some persons put off the carpet cleaning for months, until the very colour of the carpet changes, and they forget how it used to look like. You deserve to be able to enjoy our carpet. After all, you spent loads of cash bringing it home from the store, or installing it in your office building. The dirt spots and stains that develop over time cause it to ruin the ambience of the rest of the premises. Get things back in line by hiring residential and commercial carpet cleaning Dublin professionals.  Carpet Cleaning Costs


You also want to enhance the life of your carpet. Dirt and grime are the bane of the fibres. This is because they’re gritty. Each time someone walks on the carpet, the particles get grinded against the fibres like sand paper, wearing them down. This reduces the strength of the carpet, and its efficacy in filtering the air, and bringing a warm, cosy feel to the establishment. You end up incurring huge costs in replacement. The dirt is not the only problem. There are also pests crawling around. The droppings they leave behind are corrosive, and can eat into the carpet’s material. Some pests like mice have sharp claws and teeth. They will use them to try and gouge out the food particles that are stuck in between the fibres, and in the process tear up your investment. You want to enjoy your carpet for long, not be forced to deal with gaping holes every couple of months. Prevent this from happening by calling in the carpet cleaning Dublin experts, who will fix the problem at the source. This has the added benefit of protecting the warranty of your carpet, as manufacturers insist on getting them cleaned by certified professionals. Carpet Cleaning Costs


The Soiling In Your Carpet

Your carpet has plenty of gunk. The soiling you see on the surface is just a fraction of the grime it carries. Over 85% of the dirt is buried deep within the fibres of the carpet. Here’s a look at what your carpet holds:


1. Dust

The everyday dust winds up in the carpet, all thanks to gravity. Some is filtered out of the air, while there’s the dust that gets scrapped off the shoes of people walking on the carpet. It gets held within the fibres, building up as time progresses. It causes the carpet to change its colour, and start looking all dull and forlorn. Get professional carpet cleaning Dublin services to reverse this downward trend. Carpet Cleaning Costs


2. Food residue

Food crumbs eventually end up on the carpet- whether they’re from your friends who are crashing in your house for the night, or your kid accidentally made a spill during one of the meals. Spaghetti, bread crumbs, smudges from pizza, greasy residue from fast foods, and even bits and pieces from the doggy biscuits being munched by your furry friend get trapped in the fibres. Crumbs building up is only the start of your troubles. The food particles are a magnet for insect and rodents. Cockroaches and mice come out at night to feed on them, and leave behind their droppings. This adds to the gunk in the carpet. Regular carpet cleaning will enable you to eliminate the problem. Carpet Cleaning Costs


3. Unsightly stains

They come in all sorts and strengths. First, there’s the common food and drink spills that set into the carpet. Everything from those coffee stains formed as you were preparing to dash off to work in the morning, or at the employee lounge in the office building during tea break, to the wine stains created during the party you were hosting in your residential or commercial establishment. Do you have a pet? Then you may have already encountered the urine stains they leave behind occasionally. Sometimes it’s stool, other times it’s a wet mess, but either way, they leave unsightly spots on your elegant carpet. Blood stains from cuts, vomit incidences on the carpet, or ink blots from faulty pens leads to patches forming, blemishing your carpet. When handled improperly, the stains spread further into the carpet, worsening the conditions. The stains set onto the fibres, becoming a hassle to remove. Sit back and relax- our carpet cleaning Dublin team has got you covered. Carpet Cleaning Costs


4. Mould and mildew

These are encouraged to grow on your carpet by high humidity levels- especially when the carpet remains wet for too long, or if you leave spills on it for extended periods. The fungal stains come in all sorts of colours, from black and green, to grey and even brown. They mess up the elegance of the carpet, and are an eyesore that will need to be eliminated. Just because the fungi is not visible on the carpet doesn’t mean that’s it’s not there. In fact, by the time the stains are visible, the fungi has been well established in the fibres. You want to prevent this from happening. Bringing in the carpet cleaning Dublin specialists will enable you to achieve exactly that. Carpet Cleaning Costs


5. Odours

Carpets are good at capturing and holding onto odours. Whether its cigarette smoke that got absorbed from the air, or a beverage spill that left behind a smell, it can cling onto it and reek up the entire premises. Even when you ask someone to smoke outside the building, the smoke can shift into the premises through open doors and stay there. You don’t want guests walking through the front door of your office to be greeted by a pungent smell, or to live in a house with an odour coming up from the carpet. Some like the pungent stenches from urine stains wreak havoc the moment the stain is formed, while others like food smudges slowly build up as the organic content gets decomposed by bacteria. You need the right carpet cleaning Dublin agents that can neutralise the odour without affecting the structural integrity of the fibres. Carpet Cleaning Costs


6. Dust mites

The little buggers are crawling in your carpet in millions- and they are multiplying rapidly. Why? The constant shower of skin flakes being shed by the persons in the building provides enough nourishment to sustain them and grow their numbers. They absorb water from the air, rather than drink it. The mites leave behind cast skin and faecal residue which adds to the pile up of organic matter in your carpet. In fact, you can find over 1000 dust mites and 250,000 faecal pellets in just a gram of dust. You want thorough carpet cleaning Dublin processes that can get rid of all this gunk, leaving your carpet fresh. That’s what we’re here for. Carpet Cleaning Costs


7. Pet fur and dander

Your furry friends also add to the dirt piling up in your carpet. This ranges from the flecks from skin to the fur that gets shed onto the fibres. It’s doesn’t stop there. The pets carry substances like grass pollen into the building from the outside, which ends up in the fibres. In addition, when your cat or dog plays around in the muddy yard, the dirt can be carried onto your carpet under their paws. Get rid of all these gunk with professional carpet cleaning Dublin services. Carpet Cleaning Costs


How A Dirty Carpet Affects Your Health

· Dust mites

One dust mite can defecate about 20 faecal pellets in a day. Each ball comes with protein digestive enzymes, which can end up being inhaled. This can trigger reactions like perennial allergic rhinitis or asthma, all year round. The effect on the skin can go over to worsening conditions like atopic dermatitis (allergic eczema). They also cause skin irritation. This may be the reason why your kids or pets keep scratching themselves incessantly after spending a couple of moments on the carpet. Carpet Cleaning Costs


· Pathogens

Your carpet is a wall-to-wall germ farm. There are numerous kinds of bacteria and viruses crawling all over it. Take the Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus for instance. It’s brought into the house under people’s feet, and ends up in the carpet. You can have picked it up from the school locker room, or brought it home from the gym. Campylobacter, responsible for campylobacteriosis, is a common feature in soiled carpets, and results in symptoms like abdominal pain, bloody diarrhoea and cramping. It is particularly dangerous to persons with compromised immune systems. The Norwalk virus, usually referred to as the Norovirus, can live on your carpet for over a month. Micrococcus, Enterococci, and numerous more kinds of pathogens can have made your carpet their home. The carpet can have over 4000 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. There are also those germs that get coughed into the air and wind up in the carpet, where they wait. After agitation, like when people are walking on the carpet or moving around furniture, they get raised into the atmosphere and inhaled, increasing the rate of infection. Carpet Cleaning Costs


· Fungi

The fungi in your carpet exposes you to various health risks. First, the spores they release into the atmosphere are allergens, which can cause mild irritation, all through to triggering asthma attacks and worsening conditions such as bronchitis. Some species also produce substances known as mycotoxins, which pose a danger to organs like the liver, and even the central nervous system. Stachybotrys chartarum is a common species of mould that develops on wet carpets. It produces mycotoxins that cause dermatitis, mucosal irritation, and immunosuppression.


Why You Should Turn To The Carpet cleaning Dublin Professionals

1. State of the art equipment

You want a thorough job to be done on your carpet. We have the tools to make it happen. Our team comes on site with the latest in carpet cleaning Dublin technology, to get rid of the dirt and grime that has built up within the fibres. Everything is removed, from the dust and stains on the surface, to the food crumbs, insect droppings and body fragments, plus the cast skin of organisms like dust mites that are buried deep within the carpet. Heated water mixed with the optimum cleaning product for your carpet is pumped into the fibres, dislodging the soiling and dissolving the stains with ease. High-powered suction is used to extract the substances from the carpet, leaving it clean and fresh. The hot water extraction systems ensure that an effective job is done, eliminating both the organic and inorganic gunk in the carpet. Microbes and pests like bed bugs and fleas that had made their home in the carpet are eviscerated by the high temperatures of the procedure, and their bodies plus the waste is removed together with the gunk. You no longer have to worry about those dirt spots tracked onto your carpet by your cat or dog, or even the fur and dander that’s left strewn all over. The wine, tea, coffee, juice, and soda spills are cleaned up, all through to the urine stains from your furry friend. The elegant look and feel you desire of your carpet is restored. Carpet Cleaning Costs


2. Odour removal

Are there pungent smells in your carpet that are making the living space unbearable? You may have a lovely sideboard, an elegant foyer, and superb furnishing, but if your carpet is stinking your guests won’t notice anything else. Smell is so powerful that it overrides the remaining four senses, especially when something foul wafts up your nose. The same case will apply to the customers in your business premises when they are greeted by pungent smells and musky odours the moment they walk into the office building. Do you want to eliminate those pesky smells coming out of the carpets in your home or business premises? Whichever the case and cause, our carpet cleaning Dublin team has got you covered. They use solutions that get rid of the odours, leaving behind an invigorating scent in your establishment. It’s not just about masking the smell, only for it to return later when the product dissipates. You want the odours to be completely removed from the premises. The products used tackle the stenches at a molecular level, attacking and rendering them inert. You’ll see, feel, and smell the difference in your newly cleaned carpet. Carpet Cleaning Costs


3. Time conscious carpet cleaning Dublin services

You want things to go according to schedule. Whether you’re planning an event in your home or business premises, or simply want a quick fix after a party that went overboard, we’ve got you covered. Our carpet cleaning Dublin personnel will be on site in time, ready to cater to your needs. The equipment used has high efficacy and is well maintained, meaning that the carpet cleaning job will be completed in moments. This enables you to plan adequately, and reduces the amount of inconvenience in your residential or commercial property. After all, you don’t want to be forced to seal off rooms in your home or sections of your hotel and retail store for long, which creates discomfort and prevents easy flow of customers and employees. You want things to get back in order as fast as possible. Our personnel will make that happen. In addition, the drying time of the carpet is reduced. The powerful suction employed after the carpet cleaning removes the bulk of the moisture content, and the rest dries off in just 1 hour. This has the additional benefit of preventing mould and mildew from growing on the carpet. Carpet Cleaning Costs


4. Enhance the hygiene of your establishment

Carpet cleaning Dublin services enable you to protect the health of your loved ones at home, and that of the customers and employees in your business premises. Young children love crawling around and playing on the carpet, and you don’t want them picking up the germs that are in it. Pets also spend a lot of time on it, and can get sick just like humans do. In case there are insects, they also run the risk of getting bitten. Our deep carpet cleaning prevents this from happening. Carpet Cleaning Costs


5. Avoid strain and save energy

When a stain occurs on your carpet, whether it’s a wine spill, drop of blood, or your pet went ahead and made some diddles, you can go into panic mode. You reach for the nearest towel or water and brush, and try to get it off. However, instead of clearing the mess, it rubs it deeper into the carpet. You get frustrated. It’s ruining everything. So you decide to get carpet cleaning products. There are tonnes of them out there. Each has been designed to address different needs and tackle various stains. And they are all suited for various types of carpets. Now you have a long list of choices, and picking the most appropriate on for your carpet becomes a challenge. Going for the wrong product will cause your carpet to stain, or even colour bleed. Using harsh agents to try and clean the carpet can corrode right through the fibres. After selecting the product, then comes the carpet cleaning chore. Shifting furniture, preparing the solutions according to the required dilution ratios, applying the solution in the right amount, agitating it and scrubbing away at the stains, all through to extracting it from the carpet- it’s an involving process. Without the right equipment and application techniques, you can spend hours working on your carpet. That’s not how you’d planned spending your day-off from work, or the weekend. You don’t want to strain you back getting the work done. Carpet Cleaning Costs


There are also the risks involved on the carpet itself. Over-shampooing the carpet leaves it with too much residue. This increases the rate of resoiling- basically your carpet gets dirty much faster. Over-wetting the carpet will cause it to shrink, affect the strength of the fibres, and even separate it from the backing. Weakening the carpet’s fibres reduces its life. Over-wetting also increases the drying time. First, this is a major inconvenience, as you will be prevented from accessing different areas of your premises for too long. Secondly this increases the risk of mould and mildew growth, which cause unsightly stains, and increase the health risks to the persons in the residential or commercial property. Avoid all this risk and hassle by calling in the carpet leaning professionals. Our personnel will come on site and get the job done in a jiffy, leaving you free to do the things you love- whether it’s hanging out with your friends, spending quality time with your family, or even curling up with a novel from your favourite author. Carpet Cleaning Costs


6. Increase the comfort in your living or working space

You don’t want to be forced to endure odours in your home or office building. Dirt spots and stains are a constant visual and mental distraction, preventing you from carrying out your activities with peace of mind. They keep popping up at the corner of your eye as you tackle that project due to be presented in the boardroom meeting at work, or nag your mind as you try to catch a good night’s sleep. The conditions in your residential or commercial property become unconducive to rest or work in, ruining your quality of life and hampering service delivery. Things don’t have to be like this. You deserve better. Our carpet cleaning Dublin services will give it to you. They revitalise the carpet and breathe new life into the establishment, enhancing the cheer in your daily activities. Carpet Cleaning Costs


7. Get along with your loved ones

Dirt strains relationships. Your dashing date can walk out on you if the first thing seen when walking onto your house for dinner is stains on the carpet. If that’s how you maintain your hygiene standards, what of the other spheres of your life? Your relationship crashes out even before it gets a chance to launch. It’s not just new bonds that are affected. Living with a soiled carpet creates tension in the house, easily sparking off arguments between couples. In addition, those awkward questions you get from neighbours and relatives coming over for a visit are kindling for a fire. They start out embarrassing, but as you get on the defensive, it gradually build resentment. As you fight for your reputation, other issues in life like mistakes done by the others, tend to be dragged into the argument. All these tussles being brought into your life by the stains and dirt spots on your carpet are not healthy. Get rid of them by calling in the carpet cleaning Dublin professionals, to fix the problem at the source. Even in businesses, a similar situation plays out. Your working relationship- with your employees, clients and investors- is damaged by a soiled carpet. On the employees’ side, they will take it to be that you do not care about their working conditions, which causes them to be lacklustre in their duties, and over time boils over into disagreements and conflicts. Your clients will simply have a negative perception of you, which they can easily spread to their friends and associates, further damaging your brand. Convincing a potential investor to partner with you will be an uphill task if the moment they get into your office, odours from the carpet pervade their senses. Our professional carpet cleaning Dublin team will prevent this from happening. Carpet Cleaning Costs


8. Specialised carpet cleaning Dublin services

Our personnel come with the skills and experience necessary to handle your carpet cleaning Dublin needs. With proper training and years of service delivery, they can handle the different kinds of carpets in residential and commercial establishments alike, and know the exact products and modes of treatments to apply, to get rid of everything from general soiling to the most stubborn stains on your carpet. They do all this while maintaining the structural integrity of the fibres. You can rest assured that the products and systems used are tough on the dirt and grime, but gentle on the material of your carpet. Carpet Cleaning Costs


9. We’re insured

You don’t want to be held liable for any mishaps that occur while on your property. You won’t. Our carpet cleaning Dublin services are fully insured, catering to both your property and our employees, ensuring that you are protected in case of any eventuality. Carpet Cleaning Costs


10. Green cleaning

Green is everywhere- news, fashion, technology, politics- you name it. It’s a global push to provide a sustainable planet for future generations. Our carpet cleaning Dublin services contribute to these efforts. We employ eco-friendly processes to bring back the sparkle to your carpet and enable you to reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. The products used have passed the stringent EU regulations on environmental sustainability and biodegradability. They are safe for the indoor air space in your home or office building, and pose no risk to Mother Nature. Making a positive impact on the environment is a welcome bonus to getting rid of the dirt and grime in your carpet. Carpet Cleaning Costs


11. Quality services at competitive prices

You don’t want cheap services, which do a shoddy job that will need to be redone after a short while. Improper carpet cleaning increases the rate of resoiling, forcing you to book another cleaning session sooner than you had anticipated. It can also lead to the material of the carpet getting damaged, causing you to incur hefty costs in replacement or repair. Our professional carpet cleaning Dublin services enable you to avoid all that. They are delivered to a consistent high standard of quality. In addition, the pricing has been structured competitively, enabling you to get more bang for your buck. It also takes into account particular factors such as the type and size of the carpet that is to be cleaned. There are no hidden charges to worry about, and you’ll know the entire cost before-hand. Carpet Cleaning Costs


Tips For Maintaining Your Carpet Before The Next Cleaning Session

· Ensure there is proper ventilation in the establishment. Open up the windows and doors regularly, run the HVAC system, and similar practices to keep the air flowing. This is to assist in dissipating the odours, such as when there is a smoker in the building. It will also prevent too much moisture from building up in the home, which can result in the growth of mould and mildew. Carpet Cleaning Costs


· Vacuum the carpet regularly to prevent huge mounds of dirt from building up and getting embedded in the fibres. Pay particular attention to high traffic areas, such as hallways, stairs, and exterior entryways.


· Treat spills as soon as they happen. Don’t wait for the stain to set in. Blot, don’t rub, up the spill to prevent it from getting deeper into the fibres. In addition, avoid scrubbing the stain aggressively, to prevent the nylon or wool from fraying or twisting. Carpet Cleaning Costs


· Avoid pulling on sprouts and snags. You can use scissors to clip them off, to avoid damaging the rest of the carpet.


· Avoid pronged exposure to direct sunlight. This can be achieved by using blinds and shades.


· Rotate or reposition your carpet regularly, to prevent uneven wearing or fading, which will also enhance the life of the carpet. You can also move around the furniture, to prevent excessive pile-crushing on segments of the carpet. Note than when you’re moving furniture, especially heavy items such as sofas and pianos, you should protect the carpet using a barrier like cardboard. Never drag the furniture across the carpet. Lift and shift. Carpet Cleaning Costs


· Use carpet protectors under the legs of furniture such as tables, chairs, to help in distributing the weight to protect the underlying fibres of the carpet.


· It’s recommended that you invest in padding for your carpet, especially for those high foot traffic zones. They will help in absorbing the shocks that your carpet gets, hence further extending its life. Carpet Cleaning Costs


· Placing walk-off mats at the entry points of the building will reduce the amount of dirt getting tracked onto the carpet.


Carpet Cleaning Costs – Call us now and receive the best possible prices for carpet cleaning!

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