Sleep Soundly On A Clean Mattress

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Sleep Soundly On A Clean Mattress

Sleep Soundly On A Clean Mattress

The quality of your sleep is directly tied to the state of the mattress. If it is too thin, then it’s uncomfortable. If it’s worn out, you wake up feeling like you have been on a marathon all night. When it’s dirty, you can barely get a decent night of rest. While other surfaces and upholstery items in the household regularly get cleaned, the mattress is usually kicked to the back burner, yet its impact on one’s day-to-day life is profound. Its daily usage sees it build up loads of grime over time, which need to be got rid of through a thorough mattress cleaning.

Why It’s Imperative To Care For Your Mattress

Just think about the amount of gunk that it holds. Every night spent on it, there are body oils, sweat and dead skin that are deposited. The skin flakes alone sustain hordes of dust mites whose population grow exponentially the longer that the mattress cleaning is procrastinated. The sweat and body oils on the other hand are dirt magnets, causing the amount of gunk to accumulate by holding in more dust particles.

Then there are those cases where one enjoys taking meals on the bed. From the occasional surprise breakfast in bed delivered by your significant other, to those nights spent binge-watching shows under blankets while munching on snacks – these come with the risk of food crumbs winding up on the mattress. Accidentally spilling drinks on it will be disastrous, especially since the fabric that is used on mattresses isn’t usually designed to be stain resistant. The mattress thus readily soaks up the contents, and forms unsightly patches.

For households with young kids who are yet to get firm control over their bladder, then urine stains are common. As the little ones sleep away and make those occasional nightly messes on the bed, the mattress cleaning is more urgent. Leaving them unattended exacerbates health risks, and there’s also pungent odours to deal with.

Whichever the case, with the mattress cleaning, you want it to be done professionally. Mattresses don’t exactly come cheap, so you want the unit you’ve purchased to last for long. Taking on the mattress cleaning as a DIY task comes with risks. From harsh chemicals being used that corrode the material and accelerate the wearing down, to low-capacity machinery that leaves the mattress soaked and encourages mould and mildew to grow, and even situations where you spend hours cleaning the mattress and end up with low quality results, with grime remaining in the material which forces you to redo the task much sooner than had been anticipated, taking up more resources in the process. Avoid the hassle by leaving the task to the pros.

Benefits Of Professional Mattress Cleaning

Improve the indoor air quality

With the average adult spending 8 hours of the day asleep, you want your bedroom to have a healthy indoor air quality. With a dirty mattress, each time you toss and turn in bed, there will be a whiff of dust and allergens raised into the immediate air space, which you breathe in. This results in irritations to the respiratory tract, triggering reactions like coughs, sneezes, and nasal congestion. Throat and eye irritation can also occur. All these contribute to fatigue – which is the opposite of what you expect from a restful night.

Comfy nights

When you tuck in at night, you want to sleep soundly, not spend hours battling with allergies. Take the

infamous dust mite for instance. This microscopic creature is right at home in the heart of the mattress. It feeds on the mounds of skin flakes that are produced by the user of the bed. The thought of sleeping with millions of the mites around you can make your skin crawl – but that is just part of the problem. The dust mites produce faecal residue, which is a common allergen, triggering anything from eczema, rhinitis to all-out asthma attacks.

With deep mattress cleaning the gunk that is riddling the unit is got rid of, and those hordes of mites and their residue flushed out of the mattress. That way, you can enjoy those nights of rest, which will have a positive impact on your quality of life. You’ll have more peace of mind knowing that you’re not sleeping on a mattress that harbours armies of dust mites or kilograms of dead skin.

Retain your warranty

For many of the mattresses that come with a warranty, one of the terms included is that the buyer should get the unit professionally cleaned on a regular basis. This is primarily due to two reasons. Firstly, the mattress cleaning is needed to maintain the unit and reduce its rate of wear. Secondly, when the task is done by a trained crew, chances of the wrong products or systems being used are minimised, as opposed when the DIY route is taken.

Turn To Our Local Mattress Cleaning Team To Take Care Of Your Needs

Do you have a soiled mattress aching for a thorough wash? Are you tired of constantly being attacked by odours emanating from the mattress every night? Frustrated by stains that seem to be permanently stuck on the mattress material? Are you longing for nights that you can get deep, restful sleep, instead of tossing and turning in discomfort due to allergic reactions in bed? Our mattress cleaning services are here for you.

Our team has been comprehensively trained in the different aspects of mattress care, dealing with the vast array of types, from the memory foam units and smart gel mattresses, to pillow toppers, air beds and latex mattresses. Investing in their continued professional development enables us to ensure that our crew remain up to date with the advances in mattress cleaning technology, to deliver optimally on their mandate each time you schedule a session. Our costs are pocket friendly as well, since we understand that you want to get your mattresses cleaned without punching a hole through your wallet.

Get in touch with our friendly customer support to discuss your mattress cleaning needs today.

Sleep Soundly On A Clean Mattress

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