Bringing In Pros To Work On Your Sofa

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Bringing In Pros To Work On Your Sofa

Bringing In Pros To Work On Your Sofa

The furniture is key to the overall look and feel of the home- no wonder lots of time, money and careful analysis go into the process of selecting the right sofa for your home. However, over time, it is bound to collect dirt and stains, which will make it look all tired and deteriorated. Soiling that accumulates over time as people use the furniture, the stains from the occasional spills that wind up on your unit and end up being absorbed by the upholstery- these take away the appeal of the set. Odours, on the other hand, make the furniture uncomfortable to use. After all, you’ll barely be able to lounge back and relax when your nostrils are being assaulted by foul stenches emanating from the cushions. Getting professional sofa cleaning services gets rid of these problems, restoring the fresh look and feel to your unit. 

Why Expert Sofa Cleaning Is Recommended

To keep the future in top condition, routine cleaning is essential. Performing the task as a DIY project can lead to a wide range of risks. A common one is the cases where too much water is used for the task. Here, perhaps in an effort to flush out the soiling, the DIYer drenches the sofa in loads of water- without the adequate machinery to extract it. Overwetting leads to issues like fabric shrinkage and colour bleeding. You wouldn’t want your elegant sofa losing its charm because of a DIY cleaning job gone wrong. What’s more, with overwetting, this leads to increased drying time. This is more than just an inconvenience to the household members. The longer that the furniture remains wet, the higher the chances that mould and mildew will develop on it. The fungi will bring additional problems of allergic reactions, and there are species that also release mycotoxins, which affect different body organs, such as the liver. This affects the quality of the indoor air space. Another common blunder witnessed during the DIY jobs is overshampooing of the upholstery. This leads to residue remaining in the unit. The residue is, in turn, a dirt magnet. Basically, the furniture gets soiled at a much faster rate, forcing you to repeat the cleaning process much sooner- hence more resources are utilised for the task. Such cases can be avoided by getting the professionals to work on your unit right from the word go, and ensure the right procedures are used. 

Working on the different types of fabrics

The skills and experiences that come with the personnel in the professional sofa cleaning companies allows them to deal with the wide range of upholstery. From the natural and synthetic fabric sofas, to the leather units, these each require their specific mode of approach. Compatibility of the detergents used with the upholstery, issues like the pH that is permitted for the formulations, those that can only be worked on with water-based products, and others that require solvent-based formulations, all through to cases where water is completely prohibited- the measures that are required for dealing with the various sofas differ from one unit to the next. Handling the delicate fabric requires care, which extends to the pressures and temperatures of the extraction systems used. With a DIY process, it is easy to make an error here. Using common detergents around the house to attempt to remove these stains on the sofa can wreak havoc on your unit. Just because a particular chemical is useful for removing a coffee stain on the floor doesn’t mean that it should be used to remove a similar coffee stain on the sofa arm. The material of the upholstery is a key determinant in the cleaning methods that can be applied. 

A safer process

Safety extends beyond the sofa itself. You don’t want to be in a situation where toxic products are being used, which release fumes into the indoor air space and put the family members at risk.  The selection of the products and processes used by the professional sofa cleaning company factor in safety of the building’s occupants. Hazard solutions are avoided. In fact, there are companies that go a step further to strictly use eco-friendly formulations, that have been certified to be safe for the environment.  


It’s frustrating when you’re unable to use your favourite sofa for says because of it being wet. This is taken care of with professional sofa cleaning. High powered extraction and drying processes are utilised, getting rid of the bulk of the moisture after the sofa has been washed and rinsed. It’s left just slightly damp, and the rest of the moisture dries off in as little as 3 hours. This means that your sofa can be worked on and used within the same day. That way you won’t have to cordon off your living room, entertainment room or bedroom for days on end waiting for the upholstery to dry. This is also beneficial in preventing the growth of dangerous fungi, further enhancing the safety of the entire process. 

Protecting your upholstery

By getting rid of the grime that is accumulating on your upholstery, it wards off wear and tear, enabling your sofa to retain its beauty for longer. Additional treatment measures that are put in place- such as conditioning the leather sofas, aid in further protecting the unit. As there is no residue left in the sofa, you won’t have to worry about rapid resoiling. This keeps that fresh look and feel of the newly cleaned sofa for longer, enhancing the ambience of your home. 

When hiring a sofa cleaning company, aspects that you should consider include: the track record of the business- how long it has been in operation and its reviews from the previous clients who have hired their services; professionalism of the company’s employees- including how they engage you when answering your queries, the site visit that is conducted, to how the crew that is sent to your property treat your home; plus the costs themselves, where you should be provided with a detailed quotation that describes exactly what you’ll be paying for- to ensure that you’re getting a value return for your money’s worth. 


Bringing In Pros To Work On Your Sofa

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