Freshening Up Your Upholstery

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Freshening Up Your Upholstery

Freshening Up Your Upholstery

Dirt and grime are a part of everyday life. The dust settling on the furnishings in your premises, the occasional spills on the cushions, sweat and body oils that get rubbed onto the furniture as people relax on it, pets napping on the sofa arm and leaving mounds of fur and dander on it, nail polish accidents- the upholstery is not immune to them. Focus shifts to how the various situations are handled. 


  • Sprucing up your home


The condition of your home has a profound impact on your wellbeing. No one likes coming home to a soiled interior, riddled with stains and odours which forces you to drop everything and track the source. You can barely relax on your favourite sofa when there are stenches emanating from the cushions, or the throw pillows keep releasing allergens each time you fluff them. A messy indoor space is chaotic, taking away your peace of mind. Even hosting becomes an issue. What will your guests perceive of you when you invite them to take a seat, yet the sofa is covered in dirt and stains? They will be worried about the grime getting transferred onto the clothes- and the questions that follow can be embarrassing. From neighbours to the in-laws, or even for that dashing date who you’ve invited over and are looking to impress, when the interior space is in a mess, it will make things jittery and put you on edge. On the other hand, a clean environment is relaxing and even boosts your productivity. You will be able to focus more on those activities that you enjoy, without the guilt of having a bucketload of chores pending. The upholstery, with its absorbent nature, picks up plenty of grime on a daily basis, hence requires routine cleaning. When it’s covered in stubborn stains and dirt spots that ruin its appeal, it can get on your nerves. However, this is not a permanent fate. With in-depth residential upholstery cleaning services, the elegance gets to be restored to your items, thus enhancing your living conditions. 


  • Improving the image of your commercial space


When running your business, you already have a lot on your plate. Quality control with your products and services, sales and marketing efforts, chasing leads and sealing deals, managing the workforce and attending to the different customer needs- cleaning processes that are required may tend to take a back burner in your mind. However, they are key for the normal operation of your business. After all, a soiled environment will negatively affect the productivity of your employees, and it will turn off the customers who have accessed your establishment seeking your products and services. On the other hand, with a well-maintained interior, it brightens up the décor, and sets an invigorating ambience that promotes productivity. This extends across the board- including the upholstery cleaning itself. The dirt, allergens and odours that ruin the workspace are got rid of, and the improved décor goes a long way in making your customers and employees comfortable. 

Our personnel are respectful of your working space, and understand the need for reducing disruption as they go about the cleaning. Precision cleaning methods are used, with the appropriate safety measures being put in place to protect both the property and the people in it. The cleaning process is carried out using high-performance, finely-tuned machinery, which- coupled with the experience of our crew- speeds up the operations. You can also choose to have the commercial upholstery cleaning services scheduled outside normal working hours- simply give us a call to have the suitable package arranged for you. 


  • Create a healthier environment


The fibrous nature of the sofa upholstery makes it collect allergens over time. From dust particles settling on it from the air above, to pet fur and dander from the pets sleeping and playing on the cushions, these accumulate in the furniture, triggering reactions from the persons using it. There are even hordes of dust mites crawling around the upholstery, feeding on the dead skin cells that are shed by people using the sofa. The dust mite waste is the allergen, with the faecal residue containing protein compounds causing the reactions. The allergens are released into the airspace when the cushions are disturbed- which occurs with actions as simple as sitting down. These irritate the nose, throat and eyes- an even the skin for sensitive persons. A routine cleaning gets rid of the source of the problem, so you won’t keep coughing, or sneezing whenever you use the sofa. 


  • Green upholstery cleaning


Getting your upholstery cleaned doesn’t mean that your carbon footprint must be increased in the process. Using harsh chemicals in a  bid to get rid of the stubborn stains, but in the process releasing toxic fumes into the indoor space that put the persons in the building at risk is not how you want things playing out. Chemical residue that remains within the upholstery material, endangering kids who go through the various items and keep putting their hands in the mouth can lead to different sorts of problems. Runoff that damages the surrounding water bodies, products whose manufacturing process comes with a huge impact on the environment- the effects are broad. With us, you don’t have to worry about this. Our personnel use products that are safe for the environment. We’re big on sustainable practices. After all, we each have a duty to protect the ecosystems around us, for our sake and that of generations to come after us. Safe processes that get rid of the dirt and grime and formulations that dissolve those stubborn stains without becoming a hazard for the occupants of the building are used. 

When done regularly the sofa cleaning will enable you to prolong the life of your set. After all, the primary cause of the deterioration of the unit is the dirt and grime that builds up on it. The abrasive soiling, spillages that seep into the structure and corrode the fibres, food residue that attracts insects and rodents which worsen the damage- these issues are all resolved, with an in-depth upholstery cleaning.  Get in touch with us today to book your session at affordable rates, tailored to your needs. 

Freshening Up Your Upholstery

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