Carpet Allergies - The Reason Behind All The Sniffles And Sneezes

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Carpet Allergies - The Reason Behind All The Sniffles And Sneezes


Carpet Allergies- The Reason Behind All The Sniffles And Sneezes


There is probably nothing as frustrating as literally being allergic to your own house. Every moment spent in the living room or bedroom is like a sneezing and sniffling symphony. More often than not, the allergens responsible for this inconvenience are found on your carpet. Below is all the information you need to understand just why you have these reactions and how best to deal with the nuisance.


Allergens Commonly Found On Carpet


Carpets are great for many reasons. They feel amazing beneath your bare feet after a long day at work. They keep the floor warm during the winter. They complement furniture and other accessories for the perfect internal décor effect. However, if not taken care of properly, they could cause you a lot of trouble. In this case, allergies are your main concern. Below is a list of allergens and other aggravating particles commonly found in carpets.


– Dust mites


These are without a doubt the most common culprits when it comes to carpet-related allergies. Dust mites love to hide between fabric fibres and can be found everywhere from furniture upholstery to throw rugs. However, it is carpets that they are the most drawn to. More often than not, people experience allergic reactions after inhaling their faeces as well as other particulate matter from their bodies. These types of allergies can present mildly with simple sneezing and congestion and can have effects as serious as hive breakouts.


Particulate matter


Another common cause of allergies related to carpets is particulate matter. The most common in this case is dust particles. When inhaled, the body reacts to the allergen by inducing sneezing, coughing or even nasal congestion. Serious reactions are uncommon with this allergen but it doesn’t make it any less of a nuisance.


– Pet waste products


If you have a furry pet in your house, then it could be the reason why you are having allergic reactions. Carpets tend to harbour a lot in terms of pet products. In this case, fur is one of the most commonly found products on household carpeting. Other materials include poop particles and fumes from pee stains. All this can cause respiratory reactions when inhaled by unsuspecting homeowners or guests.




Pollen might not be as common as other allergens found on carpets but it is still a possible culprit if you are having problems. In most cases, the particles get trapped between the carpet’s fibres after floating in from the outdoors or from flowers inside your home. If someone around the carpet is allergic to pollen, they might have a very uncomfortable time.


– Mould pores


This occurs when the carpet suffers water damage that goes undetected and uncorrected for a while. Mould forms and spores are released into the air. When inhaled, they can and most likely will cause serious allergic reactions and sometimes fungal airway infections.


– Loose carpet fibres


This is commonly the case with low quality carpeting. Fibres may become detached and dislodged into the air. When small enough particles are inhaled, an allergic reaction might just be inevitable.


– Fumes from carpet cleaning detergent


Sometimes, a clean carpet can harbour allergens. In this case, the affected individual is most likely sensitive to perfumes found in carpet cleaning detergents.


The Risk Of Carpet Allergies


Now that you know what is causing you so much trouble, it is important to know what this could mean for your health. Below are 3 of the most common results of carpet-related allergies.


– Allergic reactions


These are usually simple and range from runny noses, watery eyes and sneeze fits to hives and general itchiness. For the most part, a dose of fresh air or an anti-allergen should help get rid of the symptoms.


– Respiratory tract infections


This is common with fungal allergens found in carpeting. There is a small however very significant risk of getting mild respiratory infections from inhaling their pores.


– Aggravated asthma


For people with underlying respiratory conditions like asthma, the carpet allergens could cause attacks or aggravate the condition.


How To Deal With Carpet Allergies


It goes without saying that carpet allergies are not to be taken lightly. The good news is that all these problems are very easy to fix. This means that you do not have to part from the luxury and comfort offered by your favourite rug or carpet. Below are 4 great solutions that should help you deal with carpet allergies.


– Invest in hypoallergenic carpeting


This helps in the event that it is low quality fibres that are responsible for the allergy. The special carpets are made from strong hypoallergenic material. The carpets are also very easy to clean and do not encourage accumulation of particulate matter.


– Use face masks while vacuuming


If your allergies flare up when you are cleaning the carpet, you might want to invest in a facemask. This is because as you work on the carpet, the particles causing your allergies are dislodged and released into the air for you to inhale. The facemask acts as a barrier protecting you and allowing you to clean without incident.


– Air filters

This help by preventing settling and build-up of allergens on the carpet particles. It also comes in handy by clearing the air while you vacuum the carpet.


– Invest in professional carpet cleaners


This is without a doubt your best weapon against carpet allergies. Working with professionals ensures that your carpet gets thoroughly cleaned leaving no particles behind. Their services when it comes to handling water damaged carpets also help save you the trouble of having to expose yourself to mould spores. Finally, they know the right cleaning techniques and detergents to use that will leave your carpet sparkling clean without any harmful fumes or residues.


Bottom line


Whether it is pollen or pet fur, there is no denying the fact that a dirty carpet can cause you a lot of health trouble. It is therefore important to ensure that it is always clean. One way to do this is by investing your time and money into working with the best carpet cleaning Dublin has to offer. With their skills and equipment, no stray hair, dust grain or fungus pore will be left behind to terrorize you.


Carpet Allergies– The Reason Behind All The Sniffles And Sneezes

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