Carpets or Wood Floors – which is easier to maintain?

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<h1>Carpets or Wood Floors – which is easier to maintain?</h1>

Carpets or Wood Floors – which is easier to maintain?


People will generally have a clear preference when it comes to carpets or wood floors. Some people love the cosiness and feeling of warmth that carpets can bring to their home. Others love the slick, stylish, clean feeling of solid wood floors. But which floor type is easier (and cheaper) to maintain?



Lets look at carpets, the pros and cons. Carpets can add a uniqueness to your home, you can pretty much find a carpet in any colour, style and pattern. Carpets feel warm and comfortable under your bare feet. Carpets can increase the energy efficiency of your home as they have been proven to insulate floors. Carpets can also help with noise as they absorb sound. Carpets are non-slip so the chance of having an accident is much lower. The downside of having carpets is that unless regularly cleaned and maintained they can harbour a lot of undesirables such as bacteria, allergens and mites and can stain quite easily. Carpets or Wood Floors – which is easier to maintain?

If you have carpets or are considering having carpets installed there are a few simple things which you need to know. Carpets need to be hoovered regularly, at least twice per week, daily if you have kids, pets or anyone suffering with asthma or allergies. Dirt, dust and debris can accumulate in the carpet fibres so to avoid any harmful bacteria or allergens developing regular hoovering is essential. Carpets can stain easily so you should arm yourself with an effective stain remover such as This is a very easy to use and highly effective product which you should definitely have in your cupboard if you have carpets. If stains are not dealt with quickly they can permanently discolour the carpet fibres and become impossible to remove, even by a professional. If you have pets then a Pet Stain and Odour removal product such as would be recommended. This will quickly and easily remove the stains left behind by your beloved pets on your carpets and sofas and remove nasty odours. Carpets or Wood Floors – which is easier to maintain?

You will also need to have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once per year. Even if you are hoovering regularly and treating your stains quickly with your stain removal product it is still recommend that you have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once per year. There may not be any visible stains on the carpet surface but there can be a lot of deep down dirt, dust and bacteria in the carpet fibres which cannot be removed with your hoover. Most, if not all, carpet manufacturers recommend the hot water extraction method. This is a very powerful and highly effective system which will deep clean the carpets and remove any nasties. Professional carpet cleaning will not only ensure your carpets stay clean and fresh but will also extend the life of your carpet. For professional carpet cleaning in Dublin and surrounding area you can contact

To sum up, carpets are relatively cheap and easy to maintain. If you want to keep your carpets clean and looking great hoover regularly, buy high quality stain removers to treat any accidental spillages quickly and easily and remember to book in a professional carpet cleaning service at least once per year. Carpets or Wood Floors – which is easier to maintain?

The downside of carpets is that if they are not properly maintained and are badly stained beyond repair they can make your home appear drab and will need to be replaced. Carpets or Wood Floors – which is easier to maintain?


Hardwood floors never go out of style, they are naturally beautiful and add a chicness and elegance to your home. There are a number of advantages to having wood floors apart from their stylish appearance. Wood floors do not accumulate dirt, dust and allergens in the same way that carpets do so they are the perfect option for anyone seeking to increase their indoor air quality. For people who suffer with allergies or asthmatics wood floors are the perfect choice. Hardwood floors are very durable and can withstand a lot of traffic, if properly cared for and maintained they can last for generations. There are many different styles and types of wood flooring so you can create a unique look in your home. Even after installation, wood floors can be stained to completely alter the look and colour, with a huge variety of different shades to choose from or you can even mix stains to create your own bespoke look. Wood floors never become tired or worn out, wood will always be naturally beautiful. Over time, the finish on wood floors can become dull, worn and scratched but with wood you do not need to completely replace the floor you can simply have the floor refinished i.e. stripped, sanded and varnished and the floor will be like new again. Carpets or Wood Floors – which is easier to maintain?

Wood floor maintenance – wood floors should be treated gently to avoid scratching, damaging or oversaturating. If you love your wood floors and want them to look great and last longer then you should be cleaning and maintaining them with high quality wood specific products. Carpets or Wood Floors – which is easier to maintain?

Wood floors will need regular cleaning. Hoover or dust mop to remove any dust, dirt and debris. Use a wood floor cleaner such as Bona Wood Floor Cleaner, Junckers Sylva Cleaner or Tover Pulito Parquet for daily/weekly cleaning, frequency of cleaning depends on traffic and how dirty the floors get. Bona and Tover also offer complete cleaning kits which include a spray mop, microfibre pad and cartridges of their award winning wood floor cleaning products for quick and easy cleaning. Avoid using harsh chemicals and oversaturating the floor as this will cause damage over time and the floor will appear dull and worn. Using incorrect products and too much moisture will cause the finish to wear off quicker and will result in you having to completely refinish the floor more often. Buy premium products to avoid this and save yourself money over time. Carpets or Wood Floors – which is easier to maintain?

When your wood floors appear dull you can use a Wood Floor Refresher product such as Bona Wood Floor Refresher to restore the shine and increase the protection. Wood Floor Refreshers can be used every couple of months. Wood Floors may need to be polished once per year to keep them shiny and protected. There is a fantastic range of Wood Floor Polishes available from which will enable you to do this yourself quickly and easily. If you use premium wood care products from high quality brands to properly clean, nourish and protect your floor you will reduce the number of times which you will need to refinish your floors. Carpets or Wood Floors – which is easier to maintain?

Every 5 to 10 years, depending on use and traffic, your wood floors will need to be refinished. Unless you are incredibly handy and know exactly what you are doing this is a project which should be done by professionals such as Put your wood floors into expert hands to avoid causing any damage and ensure you get an amazing finished result. Carpets or Wood Floors – which is easier to maintain?

So to sum up, wood floors are pretty low maintenance. To maintain the natural beauty and shine of wood floors they need to be hoovered regularly and cleaned with a wood floor cleaning product. Avoid harsh chemicals and too much moisture. Use a wood floor refresher every couple of months to restore shine and increase protection. Use a Wood Floor Polish once per year to offer continuous protection and consult a professional floor sanding company every 5-10 years to refinish the floor. In doing so, you will keep your floors looking beautiful and increase their longevity. Carpets or Wood Floors – which is easier to maintain?

Carpets or Wood Floors, both can look great in your home if property cared for and maintained. The large expense of having carpets or wood floors comes from having to repair damage or replace so treat them well with great products from


Carpets or Wood Floors – which is easier to maintain?

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