Why You Should Get A Professional To Work On Your Sofa

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Why You Should Get A Professional To Work On Your Sofa

Why You Should Get A Professional To Work On Your Sofa

With all those house chores that you already have on your to-do list, you don’t really look forward to sweating through hours scrubbing at stubborn stains and dirt spots on the sofa. Unlike other surfaces and items in the household, giving the sofa a thorough wash will require quite the effort to get rid of the deeply ingrained soiling that has been building up for months. Some homeowners even confess to not having had their sofas cleaned for years – which simply increases the amount of workload involved. Fortunately, you can dial up a specialised sofa cleaning company to come in and take this burden off your back. Here are ways you stand to benefit from this:


  • Set a healthier indoor air space


The amount of gunk that is accumulating in the sofa is one of the reasons where there is that musky smell in the house. Microbial action on the decaying organic particles, from the food crumbs to the body waste of the insects and rodents that come to feed on them, cause the odours to gradually increase. Add his to substances like sweat and body oil which have been rubbed onto the upholstery, plus the treatments that were on the clothes of people using the sofa, and this creates a concoction of smells that won’t be pleasant for your family members and guests. Smoke may also be an issue, where there has been a fire incident in the house, or one of the persons on the premises smokes cigarettes. The absorbent nature of the upholstery causes it to absorb the odours, and this will linger in the cushions for weeks. A deep cleaning to flush out the particles themselves, plus odour neutralisers to deal with the smells permeating through the space, will resolve the situation. 

The quality of the indoor space is not just about comfort. There are actual health risks from the dirt that is in the furniture. Allergens like pollen, dust particles, pet dander, all through to dust mite waste trigger reactions once inhaled. Do you find yourself coughing or sneezing whenever you sit back on the sofa? Do your eyes get watery or suffer from nasal congestion each time you use the furniture? This can be due to the allergens that get released into the immediate airspace once the cushions and upholstery are disturbed. For those with respiratory conditions, the situation is more dire. Here, you have the allergens exacerbating conditions like bronchitis, and triggering asthma attacks. Vacuuming alone is not enough o to maintain a healthy space. The occasional thorough sofa cleaning will be required to improve the air quality in your home, and set a healthier space for your loved ones. 


  • Give your sofa a longer life


Just as with all your other possessions, the better you take care of your sofa, the longer it will last. One of the main causes of deterioration of the furniture is the dirt that accumulates in it. The abrasive particles getting grinded against the upholstery whenever people use the furniture gradually wears down the fibres. Cases of food crumbs attracting insects and rodents lead to more damage. From the insects starting infestations in the sofa and feeding on the soft fabric, to cases of mice tearing through the upholstery as they try to pry out the food crumbs with their sharp claws and teeth – this will be detrimental to your unit. Proper care and maintenance, including frequent vacuuming and the occasional deep cleaning will keep things under control, enabling your sofa to last for longer. 

Greasy residue and sweat that is on the sofa trap more particles, which accelerate the rate of dirt build up. Stains too are a problem, since the patches on the upholstery make it unsightly, pushing you to a point where you need to replace the entire unit in order to preserve the décor of your home. Some substances can actually corrode the fibres of the upholstery, such as for the case of pet urine stains.


  • Improving the aesthetics


You also want your sofa to look good right? After all, one of the reasons you purchased that particular set is because of the colour and patterns, and the impact they had on the interior décor. Actually, the large size of the sofa sets easily makes them the focal point of the room, and their state will make or break your décor. You want a setting that you look forward to coming home to, and one where you can host your guests in confidence. You don’t want to keep getting frustrated whenever you walk through the front doors, or find yourself being asked embarrassing questions about the stains riddling the upholstery or odours coming from the cushions. It even has an impact on your peace of mind. Nagging thoughts about pending chores, worries about the image that the furniture is portraying of you to guests dropping by, increased stress levels by the apparent chaotic state of your home – this ruins your quality of life. Get back control by bringing in the sofa cleaning professionals to give your unit a thorough wash. 



Two key advantages that professionals have is skill and resources. Having been working on different sofa cleaning jobs for years, and investing heavily in industrial-grade cleaning machinery, they have what it takes to provide a deep clean in a fraction of the time that it would take one to handle it as a DIY project. What’s more, they can correctly determine the right products and system to use for the particular situation. This is a decision that needs to take into account the specific material being worked on, the types of stains to be removed, and sofa cleaning products that are available to work with. Even the amount of water that is required for the process matters. For some fabric upholsteries, the concern will be overwetting them and causing fabric shrinkage, while for others using water in itself will be a problem since it breaks down the bonds of the protective treatments that had been used on the upholstery. With a professional handling the job, you won’t have to worry about the intricacies involved, and will get quality results at the end of the process. 

Why You Should Get A Professional To Work On Your Sofa

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