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Carpet Cleaning Leixlip

Carpet Cleaning Leixlip

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Hire Specialist Carpet Care Services – Carpet Cleaning Leixlip


The carpet is a hotbed of dirt and grime. From the food crumbs and skin flakes shed by the people in the building, to the faecal residue of the insects and dust mites that feed on them, body fragments from the little creatures, worn down fibres that stick to the material, pet fur and dander, all through to the soiling that’s tracked in from the outside- there’s plenty that the carpet holds. There are even pathogens. In your home, there can be over 200,000 bacteria per square inch of carpet. These include common faecal bacteria such as E. Coli, Salmonella and Shigella. They come with their bag of health risks once they get into the body system. There may even be aggressive strains such as the Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, which has nasty effects on those who are affected. It can be contracted by simply coming into contact with surfaces touched by infected persons, which includes the carpet that your kids love playing around on. Viruses too form part of the pathogen infestation in the carpet, including the Norovirus, Rotavirus, Hep A and Hep E. Some of the viruses retain their efficacy for long outside the human body, even weeks while on the carpet, increasing the chances of a person in the establishment contracting an infection. Allergens like pollen and the body waste of mites trigger asthma attacks, and exacerbate conditions such as bronchitis. Add to this the moulds that grow in damp carpets. These produce irritants, allergens and mycotoxins. From reactions such as sneezing and coughing, all through to spores that enter the bloodstream and cause shock and seizures, you don’t want your loved ones at home, or the persons in your business premises being exposed to these agents. Get rid of them using thorough carpet cleaning services. Carpet Cleaning Leixlip


Reasons To Hire Professional Carpet Care Services – Carpet Cleaning Leixlip


-A high -efficacy clean Hot water extraction processes are used for the carpet cleaning. Tough acting cleaning agents are mixed with water heated close to its boiling point, pressurised, and then injected into the carpet. This approach gets to the soiling that’s deep down within the carpet. In cases of excessive soiling and stubborn dirt spots, the carpet can first be pre-conditioned with the chemical reagents, which will liquefy the dirt in the affected spots, before the hot water is pumped into the carpet. Agitation can also be increased with an extraction wand. The solution in the carpet, composed of the cleaning agents, the water and the soiling that it’s mixed with, is then extracted with a vacuum system. In fact, the hot water extraction is the most recommended method by carpet manufacturers around the world, due to the thorough nature of the task. Our team takes this up a notch by using state-of-the-art equipment that comes with high power ratings to provide the pressure needed for the task, and get the water heated to optimal temperature, plus the suction for the extraction. They are truck mounted units, so you won’t have to worry about our team relying on your building’s power supply, or racking up your utility bills. The cleaning is fast and effective, leaving you with a fresh and elegant carpet. What’s more, the extraction removes most of the moisture from the carpet. The little that remains gets to dry off naturally at a fast rate. Carpet Cleaning Leixlip


-Preserve your warranty – Carpet Cleaning Leixlip


There are plenty of reasons why carpet manufacturers require purchasers to have their carpets professionally cleaned regularly. First, this is to protect the structure from the build up of soiling that will lead to it wearing down and weakening the fibres. There’s also plenty of emphasis on “professional”. You want a crew that knows what they are doing, and the measures to put in place to properly clean the carpet without damaging it- as is often the results with DIY and rookie carpet cleaning. For instance, getting products that are too acidic or too alkaline, can result in the material being corroded. Using abrasive tools, such as brushes with bristles that are too tough for the yarn, will cause it to wear down. Overly wetting the carpet, where the carpet is left damp for days, is a leading cause of mould and mildew growth in the structure. This results in stains of all sorts of colours, and that “damp fabric” smell that ruins the ambience. There are also the health risks as fungi release spores, that are allergens, which can induce asthma attacks and cause other reactions in persons who are sensitive, plus mycotoxins that lead to adverse conditions. Excessive moisture causes the dyes that are used in the carpet to leach out, which discolours it. There’s also the risk of shrinkage, with some carpets even tearing off from the floor. Getting professional carpet cleaning services will prevent things from taking this negative trajectory. Carpet Cleaning Leixlip


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