Carpet Cleaning Leopardstown

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Carpet Cleaning Leopardstown

Carpet Cleaning Leopardstown

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1 bedroom house carpet cleaning 100 euro

2 bedroom house carpet cleaning 120 euro

3 bedroom house carpet cleaning 140 euro

4 bedroom house carpet cleaning 160 euro

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How often should you wash your carpets? As often as needed is the easy answer, but we would recommend at least one professional carpet cleaning per year. Some dirt is not even visible to the naked eye. If you live in a house with huge traffic you should have your carpets cleaned each year even if the carpets do not look dirty. Small dirt and dust particles, the kind that aggravate allergies, are too small to be picked up by normal vacuum cleaners. All this dirt and bacteria is hiding at the bottom of your carpet. It will not have a huge impact on your life but it may block your nose and make you sneeze.

Dublin Carpet Cleaning has the best carpet cleaning technology and that combined with years of experience and know how means we can get rid of all those unwanted guests. A mix of high pressure steam and an anti bacterial carpet cleaning shampoo plus a very powerful twin motor extractor will do the job. Call us today and let us show you how we can transform your old dirty carpets.


Carpet Cleaning Leopardstown – our carpet cleaning system


We use a hot water extraction carpet cleaning system with high water lift technology to ensure maximum stain removal and fast drying time. This type of carpet cleaning system provides the deepest carpet cleaning you can get. It removes most types of stains and general dirt build ups and it removes the dirt and bacteria from deep inside your carpet. 800 Psi of steam will be injected into the carpet. The heat from the steam will soften up the dirt, the eco friendly anti bacterial shampoo will kill all the bacteria and then two very powerful extractors will extract all the waste and all the dirt. Your carpets will look like new and it will feel very soft. Most people will think that you have got new carpets. We can guarantee you 1 hour drying time. 98% of the water will be removed in one go and the other 2% will evaporate within 1 hour.


Carpet Cleaning Leopardstown – our services


Our speciality is carpet cleaning. Any type of carpet cleaning. We have a minimum order of 50€ but other than that we are interested in contracting any size job. We can complete huge commercial carpet cleaning jobs in one day. About half of our business comes from domestic regular carpet cleaning. If you have used our services once it is very likely that you will use us again. Affordable, reliable and great quality, what more could you want?


School carpet cleaning – each year we clean the carpets in many schools in Leopardstown and the Dublin area. We are capable of doing 10,000 sq meter of carpet per day. Call us today and book our carpet cleaning services for over the school holidays. You will be impressed. Please have a look at our latest projects list and see who our customers are.


Office carpet cleaning – if you have carpeted floors in your office there is a big chance that you or your landlord have used our services before. Dublin Carpet Cleaning completes hundreds of commercial carpet cleaning jobs each year. We price per square meter, we are open after hours so no disruption to your business and we will have your carpets dry in 1 hour. Book online or call us for free.


Retail carpet cleaning – Dublin Carpet Cleaning has the right price package for you. If you own a shop or a restaurant in Leopardstown we can do business together.


Affordable and high quality carpet cleaning services? Of course. Call Dublin Carpet Cleaning today.


Carpet Cleaning Leopardstown – our prices


We have invested in some of the most efficient carpet cleaning machines that money can buy. The work is being done faster, easier and cheaper. All those savings are being passed to our customers. Here is a pricelist for your information:

1 bedroom 30 euro

1 set of stairs & landing 45 euro

1 living room 45 euro

All our prices include vat and are for average sized houses and apartments. If your home is much bigger it will cost more. If you book room by room it will cost a bit extra. For 2+ properties we can provide special deals and discounts. Call our sales team and let them give you a deal that you can`t refuse.


Carpet Cleaning Leopardstown – our shampoo

Because we have very powerful carpet cleaning machines that use heat and power to get rid of the dirt, it has reduced the need for carpet cleaning shampoo. But if your carpet is heavily soiled a carpet softener will need to be used to get the best results. We usually use Evans Extract Carpet Cleaner, a cleaning product that was designed for tough jobs. All our spot treating products and carpet cleaning shampoos are eco friendly and present 0 risks for pregnant women, kids and pets. If you require more information or data sheet about our cleaning products please contact our sales team.


Carpet Cleaning Leopardstown – our machines


We use Airflex Storm Carpet Cleaner – some of the most powerful carpet cleaning machines available. 800 psi of power, twin extraction motor, 150 feet of hoses. 100 years of technology at your disposal.


Carpet Cleaning Leopardstown – furniture moving


If the room that you is full of furniture we can do half of the room once and then the other half. We can move furniture around the room. If you have very old furniture that is also very heavy we will just clean around it. We do not charge extra for moving furniture around.


Our website is easy to use and there are many features that will help you have a pleasant experience when you use it. Book online, pay online, request a callback, latest projects, free phone line etc. We are a very customer orientated carpet cleaning company and we will be there when agreed, we will complete the job as agreed and we will charge you the agreed fee. We are fully insured and highly recommended.  1800 848 700 (free)


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