Carpet Cleaning - Watermarks

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Carpet Cleaning - Watermarks

Watermarks on carpets are a major issue for many carpet cleaning contractors and carpet owners. Watermarks can appear after a leak, floods, a spillage etc. The issue with watermark stains is the fact that these types of stains cannot be removed with standard stain removers or average carpet cleaning shampoos. In some rare cases, removing watermarks from carpet is impossible. The secret is in experience, technique and the right mixture of cleaning agents. Carpet Cleaning – Watermarks
What are watermarks? Well, the water comes from some source, wets the carpet and the base of the carpet. That base can be wood, concrete, aluminium, etc. After the moisture has nowhere else to go, it will start coming up. The water that created the initial leak is now full of concrete dust, wood residue, rust, chemicals and other things. While wet, it might look ok, but when it dries, stains will start appearing all over the carpets. Carpet Cleaning – Watermarks
There are some great watermark removing chemicals from Craftex & Prochem but the results are not guaranteed in all cases. From our experience, Prochem Browning Prescription works great on some watermarks and Craftex Multisolve works on others. Carpet Cleaning – Watermarks
Here is what we do to achieve outstanding carpet cleaning results and the full removal of all watermark stains. We create a pre-spray mixture formed from 20% Craftex Multisolv, 20% Prochem Browning Prescription, 20% Craftex Degreaser, 20% Craftex Traffic Lane Cleaner High PH and 20% Craftex Pro-Enzyme. This combination of traffic lane cleaners and spot removers works all the time. We will pre-spray your carpet about 20 min before the cleaning and we will agitate the carpet with a soft buffer brush. Outstanding results guaranteed. Carpet Cleaning – Watermarks
Dublin Carpet Cleaning is not your average carpet cleaning company. We understand how spot removers work and what works where. We deal with hundreds of commercial and domestic carpet cleaning projects each year and in 99% of the cases we remove all the stains. Give us a call and tell us more about your carpet cleaning project. We can help you out. Carpet Cleaning – Watermarks
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