Is Mattress Cleaning Worth It?

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Is Mattress Cleaning Worth It?

Is Mattress Cleaning worth It?


People spend an average of 8 hours in bed on a daily basis. That’s plenty of time to leave loads of dirt behind. From dead skin cells, all through to sweat and body oils, the gunk accumulates over time, till it even becomes difficult to catch a good night’s sleep. You could be sleeping in a bed that’s swarming with germs and fungi. From E coli, Staphylococcus aureus bacterium to mould that releases spores and mycotoxins into the air space you breathe as you sleep, they put your health at risk. Skin infections, bacteria that increase antibiotic resistance, to allergens that exacerbate respiratory conditions like asthma and bronchitis- these are not the conditions that you want to sleep in. People tend to focus on cleaning the pillows and bed sheets, forgetting the mattress itself where the pathogens thrive. Warm conditions, humidity from moisture released by the sleeping body all enable them to thrive. Then there are the dust mites. There are hordes of them, surviving on the skin flakes shed as you sleep. Did you know that a 10-year old mattress has over 10 pounds of dead skin? That sustains a population of millions of dust mites, whose faecal residue trigger allergic reactions. You may also have a furry friend who loves taking the place of your alarm clock in the morning. That cat or dog hopping onto your bed to wake you up at sunrise will leave behind dander, which adds to the gunk. Get rid of these substances in your mattress by having it thoroughly cleaned by the professionals. Is Mattress Cleaning Worth It?


Why You Should Use Professional Mater Clearing Services – Is Mattress Cleaning Worth It?


First off, you want to regain the comfort of your bed. Sleeping time is meant to be a relaxing, not spending the night scratching your skin, coughing and sneezing, or having difficulty breathing due to a stuffy nose. Getting your bedding- including the mattress- cleaned is vital for this. Sometimes the gunk accumulates to levels where odours start developing from the mattress. You can barely catch a decent night’s sleep when your senses are being pervaded by foul smells coming from just under your pillow. Thorough mattress cleaning involves both actions of removing the source of the stench, and neutralising the odours to leave it feeling and smelling fresh. You also want to protect your family from allergic reactions and health issues that comes with all the muck that is in the bed. The impurities are especially an issue when the person has sensitive skin. The bugs crawling around in the mattress can result in rashes and inflame conditions such as eczema, leading to further complications. Scheduling regular mattress cleaning will enable you to ensure that your loved ones are safe. Is Mattress Cleaning Worth It?

The mattress itself is a costly investment. After all, you bought a cosy one that you would look forward to sleeping on for numerous nights in the foreseeable future. That is ruined when there are solids and liquids damaging its fibres. The rate of damage is further hastened when improper cleaning solutions are used, that go corroding the fibres. Calling in the professionals will enable you to avoid the risks and frustrations that are common with the DIY mattress cleaning jobs. What’s more, you get to save on costs involved, since the services are affordably priced. Is Mattress Cleaning Worth It?


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