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Mattress Cleaning Services Dublin

Mattress Cleaning Services Dublin

Quality Mattress Cleaning Services For A Good Night’s Sleep

When did you last have your mattress cleaned? You could be rolling around with grime all through the night, causing you discomfort and taking away the pleasure of restful sleep. The mattress is a hotbed of grime, especially after daily use that sees it collect dirt from its immediate environment, and the person sleeping on it. Just because it is covered in bed sheets doesn’t make it immune. In fact, simply cleaning the bedding and leaving the mattress unattended to is counterproductive, as the mattress by itself contains the bulk of the dirt and grime in the bed. In homes to establishments like hotels, motels and boarding houses, proper mattress maintenance is key for the health of the persons involved. It has a direct impact on how comfortable your night gets and whether all those hours spent in bed will actually rejuvenate you for a new day, or leave you fatigued and irritable. Just what are you up against?

Sleeping With The Enemy

What’s lurking under the sheets? Here’s a look at the filth in the mattress:

  • Everyday dirt

This includes the dust swirling around the room that ends up in the sheets, to allergens like pollen that get blown into to the interior space by wind, and the skin flakes that you shed while you sleep. The dirt particles accumulate on the mattress due to gravity. The airborne particles floating around need some place to settle. The absorbent mattress makes for a favourable option, leading to the build up over time. You personally shed millions of skin flakes every night naturally. This adds to the grime. As you roll around at night, the particles get disturbed and released into the air that you breathe. Inhaling these particles leads to different reactions. You have people getting allergies and blaming all sorts of things, yet the issue may simply be they spent 8 hours of sleep inhaling all kinds of nasty particles. Add to this natural hair and body oils, plus those skin treatment products that you apply and still go to bed covered in them. These get onto the bed sheets and mattress, adding to the soiling. Moreover, their greasy nature makes them a dirt magnet, accelerating the rate at which grime accumulates in the mattress. There’s also the cocktail of saliva, genital fluids, and in some cases urine. The mattress soaks up these body fluids, leading to odours forming with time. Mattress Cleaning Services Dublin

  • Pet fur and dander

Do you have a cat or dog? Are you close with your furry friend? More importantly- does your pet occasionally hop onto your bed? There are also those who let the pet sleep on the bed. Whether it’s to join you in the evening as you curl up with a book from your favourite author, or it is to wake you up in the morning as soon as the day breaks, pets bring their dander and fur onto the bed as they hop around. These are allergens, increasing the health risk posed by the mattress. Even the saliva they leave behind on the sheets can get to the mattress underneath. Pets can carry pests like fleas too. When these get into the bedding, they pose adverse health risks. There are also those that spread pathogens like salmonella, parasites, tapeworms, roundworms and superbugs that are resistant to antibiotics. Mattress Cleaning Services Dublin

  • Fungi

The mattress sets up a nice culture medium for fungi to grow and thrive. On average, people produce about 26 gallons of sweat in bed annually. This, in addition to the heat from the sleeping body, enables fungi to grow in the mattress. Note that their spores are naturally floating about, and they simply need some place that is conducive for them to latch onto and flourish- and the conditions in your mattress make it a viable option. Different species, from Penicillium and Cladosporium, to Alternaria, and Aspergillus can be developing right under your sheets. They come with different effects. For starters, there are the spores they produce. An increased fungal infestation in your mattress means that more spores will end up in the immediate airspace- basically your bedroom will have a huge percentage of the microscopic particles. The spores are allergens by nature, and irritate the respiratory tract when inhaled. Fungal infections are at a higher risk of being contracted by persons with endocrine disorders, immune diseases, and conditions such as obesity and leukaemia, major burns, and diabetes mellitus . The invasive Aspergillosis fumigatus fungus can get to the lungs and sinuses, and it can spread to other organs such as the brain. Then there are those species of fungi that release mycotoxins. These are a direct threat to your body organs, affecting everything from the respiratory to the central nervous systems. In case your partner has a condition like Athlete’s foot, these fungi can easily be spread through the bedding and mattresses, lurking on them waiting to be picked by the healthy partner. Mattress Cleaning Services Dublin

  • Dust mites

All those skin flakes are food for one little creature- the dust mite. Less than a millimetre long and not visible to the naked eyes, they can easily penetrate through the sheets and into the mattress, living out entire life cycles in your bed. It all starts with a couple of mites clinging onto your clothes or pet, and finding their way to the bed. The females begin laying eggs, and gradually you have an all-out infestation in your mattress. A female dust mite can lay approximately to 300 eggs during its short 80-day lifespan, exponentially growing the numbers crawling around in your mattress. They aren’t going anywhere, especially when your body is constantly nourishing them every night. Those millions of skin flakes that you shed sustain hordes of the mites, enabling them to grow their populations. Their mouths, resembling chopsticks, don’t open up far, hence they find those skin cells that are full of protein to be an ideal meal. What of the moisture? The same sweat that encourages the fungi to thrive is more than enough to sustain the dust mites. They don’t drink water, rather they have an apparatus that enables them to suck moisture right out of the air. By nature, the mattress is also warm, in addition to the body heat that you provide. All this means that the dust mites have all they could ever want. They don’t bite and are not parasitic, but they do bring one critical problem- their body waste. From the faecal residue they produce, to the carcasses of the dead mites, they all add to the grime in the bed. What’s more, the protein elements in the faecal waste of the mites is an allergen that affects particularly sensitive people, causing asthma attacks and worsening both respiratory and skin conditions. From sneezing, inflamed skin, wheezing, red eyes and a runny nose, they cause discomfort to the affected persons .At least 10% of the human population, and close to 80% of allergy sufferers, are allergic to the proteins that are found in the waste and decomposed body parts of dust mites. It’s a full-blown public health problem, and 60% to 80% of asthmatic children are sensitive to household dust mites. In a short life cycle of just a few weeks, a single dust mite can produce close to 2000 of the faecal pellets. The thought of sleeping with thousands of the invisible arachnids is enough to unsettle a person. Mattress Cleaning Services Dublin

  • Bacteria

Our own bodies are covered in all kinds of microbial life. Inadvertently, these bacteria will end up in the bed, and onto the mattress. Skin, oral, intestinal and faecal, even genital bacteria- you’d be surprised at what’s crawling under the sheets. Some, such as bacilli and gram-positive cocci, can be the source of nasty illnesses and can even lead to antibiotic resistance. Others, such as gram-positive rods, are more rare and thus less likely to affect you. However, you still want to keep things in check. The germs can range from Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus which could have been brought home from the gym and can easily enter the body through cuts on the skin, Campylobacter that’s the cause of campylobacteriosis, which can be dangerous to children and the elderly, and whose symptoms include cramping, bloody diarrhoea, abdominal pain and fever, to Micrococcus that causes issues like skin infections, meningitis and septic shock, and is particularly dangerous to persons with compromised immune systems. There can even be Enterococci, bacteria that normally live in the intestinal tract, but has some species that cause urinary tract infections, diverticulitis, bacteraemia, and bacterial endocarditis. The risk is heightened when your partner with whom you share the bed is ill. The bacteria can live in the bedding for days to weeks, increasing the chances of the infection spreading to the healthy partner. Mattress Cleaning Services Dublin

Dangers Of Going The DIY Route With Mattress Cleaning

Mattress cleaning isn’t a walk in the park, especially without the requisite skills and machinery to carry out the process. This has seen DIYers and rookie cleaners damaging the mattress, resulting in costly repairs, and even in many of the cases it gets written of, needing to be replaced. Mistakes made during the DIY mattress cleaning process include:

  1. Drenching the mattress in water

Mattress manufacturers are constantly warning consumers about wetting their mattresses. That urge to pounce of a spill with a pail of water and scrub away the stain with soap is not advisable for your mattress’s upholstery. Soaking the drink spills from that wine you were enjoying with your significant other in bed, to the soda that spilled over as your kids were playing in their rooms, and even urine accidents from the children or your furry friend, will damage the mattress. Specialised products and processes are needed to remove the stains while preserving the structural integrity of the mattress itself. Mattress Cleaning Services Dublin

  1. Using a beater

Beating the mattress is an invigorating exercise that gets the heart pumping and blood flowing- but it’s not really effective in getting rid of the dirt and grime that has been building up within the material. Sure, for many generations people have been beating and putting the mattress out in the sun as a means of “cleaning” it. This does not mean that it has been a successful means of dirt control. Instead of the dirt and dust particles being adequately removed, the beating simply throws them into the air, and as the mattress is being sunned, particles from the environment- ranging from allergens to toxins and pollutants, will settle back onto it. Mattress Cleaning Services Dublin

  1. Relying on a multi-purpose vacuum

You use it on your floors, ceiling and sofa- it should perform equally well on the mattress, right? Wrong. The mattress comes with a different set of conditions. For instance, with the workstations, floors and surfaces around the home or commercial space, the dust is on the surface. You simply need to however the vacuum over the area, and the suction will pull them into the system. However, with mattress, the dust, pollutants, and microorganisms are buried deep within the mattresses structure. There’s enough material between the dust mites in the inner layers of the mattress and the surface to keep them safe from the vacuum’s suction. This means you’ll end up spending loads of time and energy on the task, and barely make any headway. Mattresses and bed upholstery require systems that have specially designed attachments to provide the required performance for optimal results. Mattress Cleaning Services Dublin

Then there are those who completely ignore the mattress. After washing the bed linens and mattress protector, they look over the mattress, and assume that it doesn’t need cleaning. After all, the most used fabrics have been washed- how much dirtier could have the mattress got? The answer? Very. In fact, the mattress could be the dirtiest component of the bed. It constantly accumulates soiling, soaking it all up like a giant sponge. The allergens and pollutants are trapped within the mattress, contributing to the health hazards and odours that result from it. As such, it is vital to give the mattress proper attention when carrying out the rest of the cleaning and maintenance program for the rest of the establishment. Mattress Cleaning Services Dublin

Why You Should Invest In Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

  1. State of the art equipment – Mattress Cleaning Services Dublin

Our personnel uses the latest in mattress cleaning technology to get rid of the allergens, pollutants, contaminants and pathogens that have riddled your mattress. The soiling and dust mites are removed, together with their excrement and all detritus from your mattress using high-efficacy equipment. From systems that use high frequency and pulsating waves and high intensity UVC light to kill pathogens, to specialised suction systems that get to the mites, fungal spores and sediments buried in the mattress, and treatment solutions that tackle the stubborn stains that have resulted from food spills and urine accidents, the processes ensure that the mattresses in your establishment are restored to their optimal condition. The mattress is also treated using specialised solutions to keep it cleaner for longer. Your mattress will be ready to use after our team is done with it, so you won’t have to worry about issues like wetness and extensive drying times. This has the additional benefit of protecting the structure from being attacked by fungi. The resources used by our personnel can handle multiple mattresses in limited time, enabling them to work through dozens of soiled mattresses within a single 8-hour business day. This ensures that even high occupancy hotels and institutions like campus halls of residence can get their mattresses cleaned up and ready to use in moments, without causing a hindrance to the normal daily routines of the affected individuals. Mattress Cleaning Services Dublin

  1. Protection from allergens – Mattress Cleaning Services Dublin

The impurities like dust, dander and faecal pellets from mites expose the person sleeping on the bed to irritations and allergic reactions, and a mattress cleaning will get rid of the source of the problem. You don’t want your family members getting eye irritations, nasal stuffiness, or dealing with allergy issues such as eczema, rhinitis and asthma attacks. These not only ruin the sleep, but they could also lead to serious health complications. It’s not just at home. The guests sleeping in your hotel, to the students who have taken up occupancy at the campus halls of residence – they all need to be protected from the allergens that are buried within the mattresses. Being exposed to these agents during all those hours of sleep is responsible for sustained allergy conditions for people all around the world. With the particles exacerbating conditions such as bronchitis, this adds to the medical bills. For your business premises, you’ll also be forced to deal with complaints from customers who had made their bookings, which will reflect poorly on your image. The high efficacy mattress cleaning measures that are put in place by our personnel ensure that the bed is made into a safe environment, for one to rest and sleep comfortably through the night. With even the particles that are buried deep within the mattress being removed, including the mould spores and microscopic debris, you can comfortably roll around the bed without worrying about inhaling the harmful agents. Mattress Cleaning Services Dublin

  1. Vast array of services – Mattress Cleaning Services Dublin

Do you want standard cleaning and maintenance for your mattress, stain removal, deodorising or anti-microbial treatment services? Does your mattress need water damage remediation or smoke odour removal? Perhaps you also have mattress storage bags you want cleaned, or you’ve just had an infestation of bed bugs and you want their remains removed. For residential and commercial mattress cleaning needs- we take care of them all. Deep cleaning to enhance the health of your mattresses in your family home and ensure that your kids get to sleep safely at night, removing of urine stains that are reeking up the bedroom, to high capacity mattress cleaning that is required in establishments like student hostels, hospitality centres and nursing homes that have a high occupancy-our team have been stringently trained and have the experience necessary to handle your project and deliver quality results. They are seamless operations, that ensure the workflow in your business premises is not interrupted or your business affected. The appropriate cleaning measures are taken for your particular type of mattress, to ensure that the dirt and grime is effectively removed without putting the structural integrity at risk. Mattress Cleaning Services Dublin

  1. Improve indoor air quality – Mattress Cleaning Services Dublin

Even with normal sleeping hours, you spend a lot of time in bed-nearly a third of your life. You don’t want your bedtime being ruined by pungent smells coming from the mattress. They are caused by the decaying organic matter within the upholstery, from the microorganisms like dust mites with their faecal residue and carcasses, body waste from any insects being harboured in the mattress, pet fur and dander, all through to food spills that winded up in the mattress. As they are broken down by bacteria, they emit odours that make it difficult to get some sleep. Sometimes the stench gets so powerful that it takes over the bedroom. This is especially when body fluids such as urine on the mattress, like in the kid’s room, or even when the mattress takes too long without being cleaned and it has absorbed loads of sweat over time. These are not the conditions you want to have in your bedroom, the one place that should fully enable you to relax. Using odour masking products is only a temporary fix. Once the chemicals wear off, the stench comes back with a bang. Professional mattress cleaning gives you a permanent fix. The source of the odours is removed-from the organic matter to the body fluids. The cleaning agents used during the process also neutralise the odour molecules, making them inert. In addition, fragranced products can be employed, whereby they add a fresh scent to the mattress, which spruces up the bedroom and makes you enjoy your bedtime. Mattress Cleaning Services Dublin

  1. Safe and natural cleaning processes – Mattress Cleaning Services Dublin

Whether it’s in your home or business premises, you don’t want toxic fumes in the bedroom where you sleep, or where the guests booking into your hotel will spend most of their private time. You also don’t want to spend hours at night inhaling carcinogens and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from products used on the mattress. With our mattress cleaning processes, you can rest assured the persons in your establishment are safe. Eco-friendly systems and products are used, that get the job done to quality results, without putting the persons who will use the mattresses at risk. They have been certified to be safe, having undergone EU regulatory tests on environmental sustainability. The cleaning agents do not contain pesticides, chemicals like VOCs and other hazardous ingredients, and they are also safe to use around individuals who suffer from asthma, allergens or chemical sensitivities. It’s “green mattress cleaning”, where you get to remove the dirt and grime, while reducing your carbon footprint at the same time. Mattress Cleaning Services Dublin

  1. Avoid the hustle – Mattress Cleaning Services Dublin

With the demands of everyday work and social life, you don’t want to add an arduous mattress cleaning job to the list of things to do. First it’s strenuous when done with low capacity equipment and cleaning products, then there are all the risks that go with the DIY job as had earlier been illustrated. Why put yourself through this when you’ve got plenty of other things to do during those weekends and rare days off from work? Avoid the hustle and free yourself by leaving the mattress cleaning job to the professionals. That way, you can rest assured that it will be carried out to quality standards, and with minimal time being spent on the task. For business premises, efficiency is key. You don’t want guests to your hotel getting inconvenienced, or the students in your dormitories missing out on a place to sleep because of disruptions and wet mattresses. In high occupancy establishments, damages can result in huge losses when you want to repair or replace the mattresses. Then there’s the workflow in your business premises, where activities get grinded to a halt when there is disorder. With our professional mattress cleaning services, that won’t be a cause for concern. With proper coordination and efficient processes, the tasks get carried out seamlessly, allowing you to make your plans accurately and keep the activities in your establishment flowing as they should be. By hiring professional services you also get to avoid the high costs you would have incurred hiring equipment for the job, and taking your employees through training to get them to apply the appropriate measures for the cleaning. Leave the task to our professional crew who already have all that they need to take care of your mattress cleaning needs. Mattress Cleaning Services Dublin

  1. Enhance your comfort – Mattress Cleaning Services Dublin

Quality sleep is vital for a healthy lifestyle. In order to set up that relaxing and comfortable sleep environment, optimal conditions need to be maintained. One of the key measures to ensure this is the case is by scheduling regular mattress cleaning sessions. A bed that is choke full off dirt and dust particles, odours and irritants, affects your eyes, skin and respiratory system, causing you to toss and turn all through the night. You can barely catch some decent shut-eye when there are pungent smells all around you. The mattress cleaning takes away the cause of your trouble- the agents that are disrupting your good night’s sleep. This has a ripple effect of your home and work life. Quality of sleep has a direct correlation with your health, productivity, memory, and ability to focus. Restless sleep for multiple weeks, will dampen your effectiveness when carrying out your tasks, and even make you snappy in social environments. Getting drunk and barely sleeping enough have the same impact on your performance. Showing up for work when your sleep-deprived puts you on a collision path with your bosses, and cripples your result delivery. The longer that your exposed to the deplorable conditions, the more your functionality will reduce, and you’ll barely be able to meet your business targets. Professional mattress cleaning comes in to prevent things from taking this negative trajectory. With a clean bed to sleep in, you get to wake up fresh and energized to tackle the issues the new day will bring. You will be more lively, and face life with a spring in your step. This overall cheer will reflect on the different facets of your life, from how you associate with your family members to how you deal with your colleagues and seniors at the workplace. For commercial set-ups such as motels, nursing homes and other accommodation facilities, the conditions of the sleeping areas have a direct impact on your ability to attract and satisfy customers, plus your overall business image. Negative reviews about the state of the mattress, from dirt and stains to odours emanating from it, will damage your credibility when it comes to marketing yourself to potential clients. Remember that bad news spreads like wildfire online, and you’ll have an uphill task winning the trust of your customers after word has gone out at the beds and mattresses are in a deplorable condition. Getting quality mattress cleaning services will enable you to ensure that guests making bookings in your establishment find it comfortable and relaxing, enabling them to enjoy their stay- which will reflect positively on your business image. Mattress Cleaning Services Dublin

  1. Cost friendly services

We offer a wide range of mattress cleaning services, and the pricing structure has been suitably tailored to address your particular needs. This ranges from the type of mattress itself, from Crib, and Twin mattresses, the Full, Queen, and King size options to the Memory foam variety, the number that you want cleaned plus their current condition, and even emergency cleaning sessions. Toddlers- and even adults at times- can have accidents. After all, we’ve all been there. You don’t need to endure the soiled mattress. Whether you want a routine cleaning to maintain your mattress or a fresh start from a great night where all that beer chugged in ended up finding its way out of your body in the middle of the night on your bed, our team has got covered. Smoke removal, from cigarette smoke to restoration after a fire incident, to cases where the mattress has built up mounds of grime from years of not being attended to, our personnel will employ the appropriate systems to allow you to sleep peacefully at night knowing that your mattress is clean- without denting your wallet in the process. Family homes, motels, hotels, nursing homes, boarding houses and dormitories, pre-schools, and even in prisons- wherever mattresses need cleaning, we will deliver professional results at affordable prices. You also get to save money by extending the life of your mattress. Mattress Cleaning Services Dublin

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