Clean Mattresses For Comfy Nights

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Clean Mattresses For Comfy Nights

Clean Mattresses For Comfy Nights

As other furniture items and surfaces around the home are washed, what about the mattress? Washing the sheets is not enough to keep the mattress clean. Over the course of its usage, it is exposed to sweat, drool and other body fluids, accumulated dead skin, carries hordes of dust mites and even pets. Over time, as the level of soiling builds up, the mattress begins developing odours, sleep becomes difficult due to increased allergic reactions ranging from coughs and sneezes, nasal blockage all through to itchy skin – it all affects your quality of life. Booking routine mattress cleaning services is key to maintaining it, to enable you to enjoy your nights.

Go The Pro Route With Your Mattress Care

When cleaning a mattress, you can’t just mix a laundry detergent in water, slosh it onto the mattress and start scrubbing away. It’s an intricate process, with different factors to consider. Top on the priorities is the compatibility of the cleaning agent with the material of the mattress – be it the foam, padding or the fabric. Here, you don’t want a case where harsh chemicals that are used that corrode the component parts of the mattress, or issues like colour bleeding when the dye the unit is treated with get leached out. Next is the machinery involved. For instance, when extraction systems are to be used, the capacity of the equipment will be a key determinant of the temperature and pressures that will be reached to ensure that the gunk that is within the mattress is effectively flushed out. The safety of the products used also matters. Working with chemicals that produce toxic fumes – perhaps those potent formulations that one turns to in a bid to remove the stubborn stains that are on the mattress, ends up putting the users of the unit at risk. You don’t want your loved ones breathing VOCs and other pollutants all through the night.

What of the drying time? One of the issues that DIYers face is too much moisture remaining in the mattress. This can be as a result of overwetting during the mattress cleaning, or the wet vacuums used not having sufficient power to suction out the bulk of the moisture. When the mattress remains wet for too long, it is an inconvenience since it disrupts your normal sleeping routine for more days than had been anticipated, and it also encourages mould to grow. A mould infestation in the mattress is a cocktail of trouble, with all the spores that are released into the indoor space, increasing allergic reactions, as well as the species that produce mycotoxins, which can affect the entire body organs like the liver. Your goal during the mattress cleaning is to get rid of the gunk that is riddling your unit, not turn the mattress into a health hazard. This can be avoided by leaving the task to qualified personnel.

Given that the professionals have invested heavily in high capacity machinery, they are able to complete the task in a fraction of the time that you would have taken had you gone the DIY route. This reduces the disruption to your day-to-day activities, while ensuring that the mattress dries fast. That way, you won’t have to worry about issues like fungal growth in the unit. Moreover, the pros have experience with dealing with the assortment of stains that can have wound up on the mattress – from the drink spills during the occasional breakfast in bed, to the urine stains for the household with kids. Here, they use the optimal agents that will break down the stains, and the content is washed out of the mattress with the rest of the gunk.

By hiring professional mattress cleaning services, you also get to benefit from the peace of mind that your unit will be worked on using safe products and processes, without compromising on the quality of the results. This, coupled with the fast turnaround, makes it the easier route to take compared to dealing with the hustles and risks of the DIY process.

Extra Tips To Take Care Of Your Mattress

Investing in a quality mattress cover from the word go will serve to protect it. These are fabrics whose main role is keeping out the moisture, dirt and stains from getting to the underlying carpet, and even helps in keeping out the bed bugs. This is key in reducing how fast the grime builds up in the mattress. In between the mattress cleaning sessions, there are steps that you can take to ward off the wear and prolong the life of the unit. These include:

Laundering your bedsheets weekly

Regularly cleaning the sheets reduces the build-up of dead skin and dust mites on your mattress. It’s recommended that you wash the bed linen in warm or hot water – basically the highest setting that is permissible for the particular linen material.

Flipping the mattress

Here the focus is evening out the wear. For instance, you can rotate it 180 degrees every 3 to 6 months. It also prevents too much dirt from collecting in one section. Definitely, the mattress cleaning will still be required to flush out the grime.

Deal with stains immediately

The mattress will readily soak them up, and the longer that spills are allowed to remain on it the deeper they go and the harder they set. When a spill occurs, blot out the excess liquid, then use a stain removal product to break down the spot. Are there too many stains on your mattress? Are you troubled with particularly stubborn spots? Don’t fret. With the services of a mattress cleaning professional, you can have your unit worked on, with tough stain removal products being used that will get rid of the spots without putting the underlying material at risk.

Vacuum often

This keeps the build-up of loose debris on the mattress low, as well as the allergens that could be triggering reactions as you sleep. It’s recommended that you vacuum the mattress with a HEPA system due to its higher efficiency for the process.

Clean Mattresses For Comfy Nights

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