What Is Your Mattress Hiding?

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What Is Your Mattress Hiding?

What Is Your Mattress Hiding?

Over the course of its usage, the mattress accumulates plenty of gunk, which is responsible that that odour that develops, as well as the deteriorated look. Routine mattress cleaning is necessary, otherwise the unit becomes a cocktail of germs, contaminants and bugs that take away your quality of sleep. Let’s delve into what could be lurking in your mattress.

Body fluids

They are a prime contributor to the grime that is in the mattress. Take sweat for instance. Even when you’ve come fresh from the shower and slipped into clean pyjamas, the body will still sweat overnight, and some of this will get to the sheets and seep to the mattress. Add saliva to this, especially when an individual drools. That’s not all. Blood stains in bed, sexual bodily fluids that wind up on the sheets as the steamy couples go at it – they can all reach the mattress. These spots actually form dirt collection sites, and odours develop over time. Without routine mattress cleaning, you will soon be sleeping surrounded by plenty of gunk that will gross you out just by the thought of it.

Dust mites

This tiny creature is too small to be seen by the naked eye but will thrive in the warmth of the mattress. It absorbs moisture straight out of the air, and especially thrives in humid environments. The dust mites feed on the dead skin that is on the mattress. While it doesn’t directly feed on you while you sleep, the mite produces droppings that have protein elements which trigger allergic reactions.


Do you find yourself with itchy bite marks on your body in the morning? Or perhaps you can barely catch a decent night’s rest because of feeling bugs crawling all over you. There can be a horde of pests on the bed, feeding on the organic residue, from the dead skin to food crumbs that are on the bed, as well as the dried remnants of sweat, saliva and other bodily fluids that were deposited on the sheets.

Take the infamous bed bug for instance. It burrows in the creases of your mattress, waiting for the dead of night to come and bite you. By morning, you can be covered in red bumps all over. It is easy to determine if you have bed bugs, due to their characteristic smell, as well as those groups of small black dots you notice when pulling back the sheets. Even carpet beetles can be found in mattresses, feeding on the fabrics.

There could also be fleas infesting the mattress. These usually get transferred to the bed from pets, such as when cats or dogs are allowed to hop onto the mattresses, as well as those that are allowed to sleep in the same bed as you. Neglecting to wash and change the bedding will encourage the fleas to remain in the bed, feeding directly on you and the pets, spreading all over the house as well. A thorough mattress cleaning helps in flushing out these bugs, allowing you to enjoy your nights of comfort.

Benefits Of Specialist Mattress Cleaning

They already have the equipment needed

Flushing out the gunk that is in the mattresses, while controlling the temperature and pressure of the cleaning solutions used, requires powerful and well-maintained machinery. Moreover, the different types of mattresses have their required cleaning methods depending on the type of foam, padding, and fabric used on it. The professionals have the complete set of machinery needed for the task, from high-capacity vacuum systems, to the extraction cleaning gear and drying units to remove the bulk of the moisture from the mattress and cut down the drying time. Sourcing for this equipment to take it on as a DIY

project is both costly and time consuming. In fact, due to the high price of the machines, and the fact that you won’t be cleaning your mattresses every other day, it makes it an unfeasible route. Sure, you can choose to rent the cleaning gear from the local dealership store, but you end up working with tools that have lower capacity compared to the industrial-grade machinery that the professionals use. There are also dealerships that don’t properly maintain the mattress cleaning machinery that is available for rent, which ends up compromising on the efficacy of the process. You can spend hours on the task and still end up with residue in the mattress structure. However, with the professionals, this is their livelihood, and they have already invested in high-capacity machinery that will enable them to carry out their day-to-day operations, since they have multiple clients waiting on them.

Ease your burden

While the professionals make it look easy, mattress cleaning is not a walk in the park. For starters, there is that intricate balance that is needed when determining the type of cleaning agent to use, where you want to work with a formulation that is potent when breaking down to the dirt and stains, but gentle of the mattress material. Given that there are different types of mattresses, there will be plenty of research needed here before you settle on the products that you will work with. The chemicals should also be safe to work with, otherwise you risk releasing VOCs and other toxic compounds into the bedrooms’ airspace, polluting environments in which you’re meant to spend hours sleeping at night. Next is getting the equipment needed for the task. There are cases where you end up waiting in line for long at the dealership store to rent the equipment. All this before you have even started the actual work. The equipment that is usually available for rent typically has smaller component parts to make it light and portable, to fit in the average family car and for the DIYer to manoeuvre it around the house easily – but this has the negative effect of reducing the power needed to ensure a deep clean. As such, the quality of the mattress cleaning task is compromised, where you end up being forced to redo it much sooner than you had anticipated. This is not how you want to spend your days off from work. Those moments are precious, and should be spent doing an activity that you actually enjoy. Call in the mattress cleaning pros and free up your schedule.

What Is Your Mattress Hiding?

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